Rocelco Standing Desks & Accessories

Rocelco Standing Desks are the perfect sit-stand solutions for the budget-conscious user.  Rocelco Adjustable Desk Risers are all built to be simple and practical - giving you the features you need, and saving on the ones you don't.

Rocelco standing desks are lightweight and feature a small footprint, which means they are easy to install and will fit just about anywhere.  They also each come with a retractable keyboard tray, which allows for greater adjustability and ergonomics, and also helps to save space when the desk is not being used.  They're great for cubicles or for using on your smaller desk return.

Compare Rocelco adjustable desk risers:

Rocelco ADR
Rocelco adjustable desk riser with 2 monitors

Best for... 1 monitor
Lifting..... Difficult

Rocelco EADR
Rocelco EADR with one monitor

Best for... 1 monitor
Lifting..... Easy
Includes wire management

Rocelco DADR
Rocelco DADR with two monitors

Best for... 2 monitors
Lifting..... Easy
includes wire management

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