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Outstanding Service & an even better product! VIVO Multi Motor Electric Corner Desk Base

Ordered the VIVO Multi Motor Electric Corner Desk Base - DESK-V133E and it arrived in 48 hours!!! Used it on my existing Ikea corner desk and with a little retrofitting on the desk it is amazing. My back thanks you! Absolutely love it.

VI VO Desk V000B

I am very pleased with my standing desk purchase. It is sturdy and fits both of my 24 inch monitors. I chose the white one to brighten up my office area. The price fit my budget and assembly was super easy.

Perfect for narrow desk

This standup desk is a standout! Purchased for a narrow desk and was a bit skeptical about whether or not it would work. Product was well made and perfect for intended use.

Great desk

Was shipped the wrong wood color but they quickly shipped the correct color. Having trouble getting the old (wrong) desk returned...still working on it.

Good product took 2 month longer to arrive due too covid

The emergency stop works fine. It also stops when you step off. Seems to detect if there is weight which is nice. I noticed if you have a dominant foot when walking the track that you walk on drifts slightly. I have used it for 1 month now around 6 hours a week in 2 hour intervals and had to do Rollerblade like walk and slide to shift the track back while it is running.

Good in concept, but hope you don't have any issues.

My unit is less than a month old and already squealing motor and console that will not calibrate. My first tip off should have been when I took it out of the box and tipped it up to roll it and heard stuff slide inside, like either metal or plastic or even manufacturing debris. They sub out support to Spirit Fitness and that is where the issues go bad. Long hold times, poor follow up, etc. And if you think their return policy will protect you, think again. 20% restocking and they want to shipped back on a pallet. That will eat up close to half the cost of the unit. They are smart they know once you take delivery you are stuck. When the thing is not squealing it is not bad, would be nice if the deck were 2-3 inches wider and I question how well this thing is lubbed from factory as if you don't walk dead center you can hear the belt dragging. Next time I might go with a cheap more disposable treadmill hoping to get a few years out of it and toss it when it acts up, vs. this very expensive unit that has been a hassle since day one. My experience has not been good.


The only bad thing about the Loctek was the shipping. Fedex was super slow on the delivery. It was scheduled to arrive on 4-2 and the tracking showed out for delivery, but then at 10 pm the tracking updated to "Delivery could not be made". I as confused so I called Fedex on Saturday and they informed me that the hub in Cal was backed up and they did not know when the desk would be delivered. It did arrive the following Monday and I have been using it since and I LOVE it. No more back or shoulder pain and I really feel more productive standing up. I leave work not feeling tired or hurting. Excellent desk. I have already recommended this to several people.

Standing Desk - THANK YOU

i knew what i wanted but did my research online and decided to buy from Standing Desk. They kept me informed about delivery time and i received the product earlier than expected.


So happy I purchased. I am no longer experiencing back pain. Love the affordability of this. Highly recommend.

Love my Standing Desk - yee haaa - finally

I love my standing desk; my back no longer hurts. It has made all the difference in the world

Nice but would love a larger platform.

I like the standing desk converter but would prefer it to have a deeper platform. This is my second one. I actually modified this one replacing the platform to include a larger movable desktop. The original 24" x 28" one had me standing / sitting too close to my large display (34” LG curved monitor). I built a new top out of furniture grade plywood that is 31" x 28" Otherwise, it would be a 5 star product.

Just what I wanted

The AirDesk turned out to be exactly what I wanted: a solid adjustable height desk at a reasonable cost that didn’t require electricity. It was easy to assemble and worked perfectly from the start.

FedEx Playing Pong with Package

I haven't received my product yet. It was shipped by FedEx 8 days ago, bounced around to a couple of locations, and is now back where it shipped from 8 days ago.

My First Purchase

This was my first purchase I had from this place. The delivery took well over a month, but that was because of a shortage on the product I wanted. The longer time went on, the more I felt uneasy about it. I did not know about this place too much to be completely certain. Thousands were on the line after all. Thankfully, I contacted them several times throughout the wait for shipment and they always responded in a timely manner and helped ease my paranoia. Excellent customer service. After they received my order's product, they shipped it the very next day. The treadmill desk setup is running great and I am glad all that worrying was for nothing.

VIVO DESK-V000VC Corner Standing Desk Converter

Very happy with my new treadmill and the speedy delivery!

My treadmill arrived WAY before it was estimated, which was a delight for me. It came in as advertised except that it had the old console that didn't include the Bluetooth link to the app, which the Lifespan company promptly replaced for me. I've been using it daily during my work hours and am very pleased with Standing Desk Nation and Lifespan.

Solid desk

Great desk frame. Was able to build in about an hour with very simple setup. No issues so far despite being used in my home studio with lots of gear on it. This is a great company to purchase from and they gave constant updates on shipping etc.

Lifespan TR5000 DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

School Administrative Assistant

Love it works well for what we needed.

Fast Delivery, Great Desk

Ordered my DESK-V133E on Wednesday, had it in hand that Saturday. I assembled it by myself in a couple hours. Unfortunately the documentation is not great, and the video on youtube made by Vivo showing assembly of this desk actually shows a different model desk, but you can muddle through it, it just takes time. One thing to be careful of; if at all possible you want to have a buddy to help move the completed desk into position, because assembled it will weigh a couple hundred pounds easily; It's very sturdy That said, the desk itself is fantastic, and easily rivals its much more expensive competitors. To test the lift capacity, I placed an 88lb desktop on it (1.5 inch thick birch) and then sat on it (I weigh 220) and lifted the desk to full height. Impressively, the desk didn't stutter at all when lifting, and gave me the impression it could handle much more. The digital control takes some getting used to, so don't lose the instruction manual, but it has several useful features like presets and screen locking. All in all, a solid desk, and Standing Desk Nation is a solid company to purchase it from.

InMovement - Unsit Treadmill Desk

Pros: very stable, packs down very slim, looks nice. Cons: highest setting still isn't quite tall enough for a tall person with a laptop. For people with upper-back/neck issues, this may be a concern. May need to use a separate keyboard and sit a box on the riser for the laptop. Overall a good value. Happy I bought it.

Standing Desk

Due COVID 19, we have not gain control of the Standing Desk Converter yet; therefore, a rating can not be provided.

So far very good

Awesome service and great product

Exactly what I wanted for my tight space. Perfect and elegant.