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As Adverised

A little bulky but works great

Standing Tall

Love my stand up desk. What a positive difference it makes working on projects Give this company a A+

LM Review

Getting this desk was an excellent decision. It is smooth and easy to raise and lower. I definitely recommend the VERSADESK to anyone considering a standing option. It adjusts with the touch of a button instead of manually pulling it up which allows me to get it easily into the right spot. I show the desk to all visitors that to my office. As a full time employee and a full time college student, I do significant computer work. Now I need one at home.

Versa Desk Power Pro Corner

Desk is very versatile and sturdy and has a clean appearance. The desk can be positioned to any height. This can be equated to the difference between a manual adjustable driver's seat compared to an electric driver's seat in a vehicle. This desk is strongly recommended.


We ordered this desk for two reasons: The employee has a bad back and cannot lift the competitors version and the price. On both of those issues the desk has been excellent and we will order again!

I've used my Versa Desk

I've used my Versa Desk for 2 weeks now and am amazed at how often I'm standing. The 30" desk, which rises straight up, fit perfectly in my limited space, which could not have accommodated a desk that lifted forward. The quality of the product is excellent. Would also recommend one of the mats designed to stand on when using a standing desk, as they offer ways to shift stance, which greatly lessen the fatigue of standing. I love my new Versa Desk.

Versa Desk Pro

I LOVE my versadesk. It took 10 minutes to put up and that time includes the amount of time it took to break down the box and walk to recycle it. I considered another brand that would require me to manually raise and lower the desk, but I am very happy to have made my decision with the versadesk. We are considering them for all of front office staff!

Stylish But Strong

Waited a few weeks before reviewing. The desk has a very nice appearance but I wanted to see how it handled its load. It is lifting and lowering about 75 lbs of monitors without a problem (1 HPZR30 horizontal flanked by 2 HP2740 vertical). I am typing this in the raised position. It does not shake (unless you press on it firmly). The large surface area is great for work papers, etc. Highly recommend!

Executive Assistant

I rate this 5 stars! The minimal depth of this sit/stand table fits so well with my reception desk which has an 14" shelf on it., so this appliance still fits on my reception desk, compared to any other on the market.

Great Desk!

Love this desk! Versatile and so easy to set up and use!

VIVO DESK-V000B Standing Desk Converter

Great Product and Service!!!

The product is with high quality and the service is great!!!

Early impressions are very good... belongs at the top of any walking treadmill shopper's list.

I've just set up my new ThermoTread GT that I preordered months ago.

First impressions of the treadmill are it is very solid, very quiet in operation at low speeds (I haven't tried to run it full, yet). The belt appears to be thicker than the one on my LifeSpan 2000e treadmill, the construction similar in quality... which is good.

The display/control unit is bigger than I expected. (I've included a dental floss dispenser in the photo for comparison.) There is a waiver window you have to agree to & click through but that takes seconds. The treadmill is very responsive to the control box. The display is large enough to read easily, the box is heavy to stay in place.

I was able to unbox and set it up by myself as an average sized older male, so I wouldn't think most people will need to pay extra for that service. It has wheels.

So far, I'm quite pleased. The ThermoTread GT belongs at the top of every walking treadmill shopper's list.

Will update after I get it all set up and some real time on it.

I absolutely LOVE this treadmill!!!

I absolutely LOVE this treadmill. It is "very" quiet as mentioned in reviews. It is a tad heavier than I anticipated but each time I move it, it becomes easier. Muscle building! I am working my way to a healthier me and it feels great. I have a lot more energy and it is surprisingly easy to type and talk on the phone etc. The thing I found funny is dialing the phone - that is a little trickier. Worth every penny!

P.S. I have to move it because I am still working on getting into shape and cannot make it a whole day walking.

Exactly what I expected, which is good.

Update after one year: I've had no problems with this treadmill, except some minor glitches with the display. I've lubricated it a few times, as recommended, and it stays quiet as ever. I really like being able to walk while working - particularly when reading web pages or talking on the phone. My one complaint is that in January 2016 they promised software updates by the end of the year. They still have no idea when (or if) those will ever come. Also note that the cumulative times on how long you've walked are lost on every power failure.

My original review:
I received this two weeks ago, and got it set up last weekend. I needed a couple of neighbors to help get it up the stairs into my office. Once on the correct floor, you can roll it around, but at 175 pounds, even two people might have a tough time getting it up the stairs.

I'm very happy with the treadmill overall. There are some minor things they could do to allow tracking my walking time easier, and they probably will in a future update. I love that I can get new software updates. That said, the screens are very clear and and straightforward, no need to use the manual.

The size is perfect - I haven't come close to walking off the backend. I can't compare this to other treadmills for working, as I've only used this one, plus running models at the gym. However, this is quite quiet - I make more noise setting my feet down then the motor makes, so I don't even notice the sound. It does take some adjusting to walking while working. I'm not quite as steady with the mouse, and writing on a pad of paper is a bit challenging, but I'm getting better.

I had worried that a top speed of 2 mph would be too slow, but it isn't. I've been walking at 1.2 mph and 1.6mph mostly, with the latter feeling fast enough. I'm not trying to break a sweat, just keep moving. It is different walking this slowly, but I do think it is optimal for working. Just standing at my desk gets tiring after a bit, but walking is a goo...

my work environment now complements vs competes with my active lifestyle

The Lander Treadmill desk is an absolute gamechanger for me.

I've dealt with intermittent back pain for most of my adult life. I've also chosen a profession which requires me to spend a lot of time behind my desk. I got serious about improving my health 9 years ago. I lost 40 pounds and became a runner and triathlete, but my work environment continued to compete with my otherwise active lifestyle. The running and triathlons weren't enough to keep me healthy. I continued to wrestle with back pain and I think that it was largely due to the effects of sitting. I began to track my step count and noticed that on days I wasn't running, I would sometimes track as few as 2K steps (less than 1 mile). I wasn't moving nearly enough and I hated to get up from my desk when I was in the middle of a task.

After researching the topic, I settled on the Lander Treadmill desk. I didn't just want to stand, but move. I was initially worried that it would be difficult to think and type on the treadmill. I found the opposite to be true. The SteadyType keyboard tray makes it really natural to stand and type, even when walking. I'm feeling better, thinking more clearly, and definitely moving more too; my average step count per day has increased 7x.

I couldn't be happier with my investment.

Easy setup and great first week!

I have been using my Lander treadmill desk for a week now and I absolutely love it. My favorite feature is the steadtype keyboard tray that makes typing while walking very pleasant. I also appreciate the ability to adjust the height of the desk with my phone and how easy it was to assemble the desk. I had a question about mounting the monitors that was answered right away by the support team. Very happy customer so far!

Best Standing Desk Available

I've received and been using my Lander desk for about a week now, and I am extremely pleased with it and the various accessories I added (e.g. premium mat, monitor arm, advanced cable management extras, caster wheels). This desk is very, very well built and extremely stable, even at higher settings with the caster wheels on it, which have hard polyurethane-like wheels, so they are soft on hard floors which can cause some "give", but not enough to make it unstable at all! I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. I would also like to add that the online chat support team went above and beyond answering questions prior to my purchase, they were super helpful and readily available.

- Well built, excellent materials, and desk surface is best I've seen. I was even impressed that the wiring holes in the corners were finished to match the surface of the desk, not just bare wood cut-outs!
- Motor system is nice and quiet and smooth, control "paddle" is ingenious and super easy to use. iPhone bluetooth connection is a nice perk that works very well.
- Packaging was superb and there were no damages whatsoever. Delivery service was helpful as well.
- Nice and heavy and sturdy. Welded legs, no screws to be cause wobbling or loosening with time.
- Assembly was the easiest desk setup I have ever experienced.
- Premium standing mat is lovely to the feet and well worth the add-on.
- Monitor arm is well built, flexible and well designed. Also, worth the add-on.
- Caster wheels are very nice, I can move it out to adjust wiring and whatever I want very easily, and the have locks to keep it in place.
- Advanced wiring accessory kit has a lot of nice items to keep everything nice and tidy and easy to reconfigure, definitely a must add.

- Honestly, I cannot come up with a single negative on this desk. Some may say it's expensive, but I've always believed you get what you pay for.

Thanks iMovR for building the best desk I've ever owned and will own for...

Awesome Desk!

I received this desk about a week ago and I absolutely love it. Install was a snap and I was up and running within ~20 minutes or so. I got the white table top and it's great from a thickness and a material standpoint. I can definitely see it wearing well over time. From an electronic standpoint, the motors are whisper quiet. Compared to the SteelCase I use at work, the Lander is quieter (although higher in pitch) and faster. I only have two small complaints about the unit. First, I like the simplicity of the paddle to lower/raise the unit, but I've activated it accidentally more times than I'd like to admit. Second, I have the 59 inch unit and horizontal stability could be better. I'm not worried about it falling over or anything, but I would've liked a crossbar for a bit more rigidity. Overall, a very happy customer and I'd buy another in a heartbeat.

Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter

VersaDesk Power Pro 36 in Electric Standing Corner Desk

After opening the box and removed desk noticed that the desk was chipped on the right side and the leg was damaged. The plastic cover was cracked and will not go back on the top of the leg. Didn't want the aggravation of putting it back in box and returning so we just kept it.

We love these desks!

I have had my desk for about a year now. I have several pinched nerves in my left side, so when I sit too long my leg goes to sleep. As a bookkeeper, I'm desk bound most of my day.
A co-worker received her desk last week and she loves it. Today another co-work has asked me to order him one, as he has back issues and sitting all day causes him pain.
These desks transition from standing to sitting so easily. The desk is large enough for two monitors and still has sufficient work space remaining.

Corner Desk

Very good product and works very well.


Good day
I have received both my desk and monitor arms. The arms are not what i was expecting but am hoping they will do. I have asked twice now for an invoice and have received nothing. I can got reimbursed from my workplace until I get one.
Please send one to


Sit-Stand Smart Mat

Great product and use it daily.