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Anti fatigue mat

Exactly what we expected when we ordered it.

Anti fatigue mat

Exactly what we expected when we ordered it.

Excellent Tool for the Office

The Flexispot is well thought-out and designed. The up-down mechanism works easily and smoothly. The construction is solid, with no concerns about tipping. The product arrived within days and was up and being used in about 10 minutes.

Very comfortable

A coworker ordered one of the Ergodriven Topo mats and let me stand on it. it was very comfortable and I was able to stand on it all day without leg or foot fatigue. I had to buy my own and will recommend it to anyone I meet that stands in one place at work or play.

DeKalb County Auditor's Office

The desks we ordered are phenomenal! The customer service back and forth was seamless as I worked out what model to get. I was very firm with wanting and electric model that had a LARGE workspace and that is exactly what we got! My office staff LOVES their desk converters and sing their praises daily when using them.

Awesome!!!!! Wish I had purchased it sooner.

This was the best decision! I love the flexibility it offers me while working. What a huge difference this has made. Highly recommend this product.

excellent product

The shipping was fast and the look and quality of this product is great. I would recommend this companies product to everyone. I am very happy with my Purchase.

Flexispot F7D

Easy to assemble and set up with multiple mounting options.Position your monitors exactly in the optimal position whether mounted on the desk or a desk converter. Highly recommend this product.

Disappointed with the movement

Not very happy with how hard it is to lift the standing desk. The pressure/slide coming down is smooth, but lifting is very difficult and not at all smooth. It takes a lot of strength to do so and extremely straining. The look of it is cool, but I wouldn't recommend to anyone else. Sorry, but not sorry.

Hi Wayne - If you're having trouble lifting the desk, then I'm thinking there might be something defective causing the issue. We're going to reach out to you directly to see if we can help, and possibly get the desk replaced. Talk soon!
Really is the best standing mat

I used to have one of those cheap kitchen mats, but it fell apart and it was annoying to switch back and forth between standing and sitting. This Topo Mat was really the best option out there. It's super easy to move back and forth and it's really solid. I think it'll last a long time. The contours are a nice bonus.

The only caveat is that it's not as soft as kitchen mats. I prefer it this way, but some people may want something with more cushion.

Great gift for a gaming hubby!

I thank Standing Desk Nation for their prompt response when I asked for shipping updates. The desk looks nice and clean. The only “complaint” closest to being a complaint is it has a lot of “open space” so wirings can’t be hidden unless behind a curtain. However, my husband did choose this specific model so not much to complain really. Height and space is great as well. Thanks

So far, so good. I have only had it a week and still adjusting. I do notice I am able to type better and no wrist problems now, and am using for back issues and able to stand for 1 - 2 hrs with no pain added to back.

staff standing desks

This is a wonderful product. The cost was minimal, the set up was minor, shipping was prompt. I have no issues. I ordered for 4 employees and everyone is thrilled with the standing desk. VERY GOOD BUY!

Inadequate screws in telescope bar

I received the frame today and wanted you to know that, on the very first step of assembly, I was disappointed.

The telescope bar has two very tiny screws to be tightened with the allen wrench. Unfortunately, there is no indicator on the bar as to how far it can be expanded. When I stretched it out entirely, and attempted to tighten the screws, the far reaching screw fell right into the bar. After many many minutes trying to get the screw to come back through the hole in the bar, I gave up in frustration.

I'm continuing to assemble the frame without that second screw now, knowing that it will be less than optimally supported.

I'm letting you know that you should fix this design flaw. You could put a stopper internally, so that the bar cannot extend beyond that interior hole or you could put a marker on the bar, beyond which the assembler knows not to extend it. You could also use screws that do not fall into the hole. Those are my ideas.

In the meantime, could you please mail me a replacement screw?

Shane Yonston

AirDesk Pneumatic Standing Desk

I ordered the black desk (~47" width), and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I have had it for less than a week - so I can't comment on durability at this time. But it's a very sturdy and solidly made desk. I despise assembly of most items. But the directions on this item were pretty straightforward. Once assembled, you simply pull the lever (located underneath the desk) and it glides up with ease. Use the same lever to lower the desk , which requires a bit of pressure from the top (but quite manageable for me). I elected not to go with an electronic sit/stand desk due to concern of malfunction/breakdown. One suggestion for newer models would be to add some type of panel/backing to hide wires from electronic equipment. Other than that, I am very satisfied with my purchase and rate it 5 of 5 stars.

Absolutely Fabulous!

First off, I must say Standing Desk Nation has phenomenal customer service. Started off with a demo and loved the functionality of the desk so much ordered the same model for most employees in the office. Even the employees who elected not to receive the desk converter at first are asking when the next order will be placed. Highly recommend!!

Deluxe Standing Desk Converter is outstanding and very functional and sturdy. Recommend this to all and my staff members.

Sturdy solution for reducing strain

The Flexispot M3B 47 is nice and big so that you can raise your whole working surface. It is very sturdy with 2 monitors and an adding machine on top, with plenty of room for paperwork as well. The single lever on the side makes it easy to raise and lower. It was very simple to set up and it arrived within 2 days after I hit the submit button! My staff is enjoying lots of standing time on the squishy rubber mat and are glad to be able to adjust the height so that they aren't straining their necks when working with stacks of paperwork. Also the customer service has been exceptional! The keyboard may sit a little too high when in the sitting position for someone short, but if you use a wireless keyboard & mouse with a pullout keyboard drawer on your existing desk, you can still have a comfortable option when in the lowered position.

Great addition to my new standing desk!

So comfortable to stand on. Forgot to put it down on a busy day and I sure felt the difference. Love the wellness mat!!!


Love this desk converter. Easy to set up and fits perfect on my corner desk. Very easy to lift and put down. Great quality! . Have had it only a day and I am loving it. I believe I am the envy of our organization! Everybody wants one now!!

I love my standing desk. I sit at a computer all day and don't get to take much time to stretch. This allows me to get up and still be productive. It is easy to use and very sturdy. Everyone I have dealt with at the company has been very helpful. I would absolutely recommend this company and their products.

Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing Desk Converter

Very happy with the Flexispot. Received on time, very easy setup and works as expected. Very easy to elevate and lower. Great product!

Stand & Sit Desk

I have only had it a few days but I am enjoying it very much. The set up is easy, the electronics work smoothly and I am delighted that the height is adjustable with the ability to save it in memory. Thank you for having a more reasonable price sometimes it does pay to purchase from the company that makes the item.

In Love with this! Best purchase ever and it is "Julie Proof"

I am very strict on quality and well made products. I have looked over the last few years at different stand up conversions, makes and models. I have found that the Flexispot not only fit my needs for desk size work space, but I LOVE the up and down of the converter instead of the up and forward. I am very hard on things and break things easily. This is fool proof. I also have permanent Nerve damage in my arms/hands and I am able to lift with one hand and put it down. I still use two hands, but it is smooth, not jerky.
I loved the quality so much I brought the seat cushion as well as the standing mat !!!!
This equipment has my "Julie Proof" seal of approval.
Not too many items Fit this brand and I am not one who does reviews much on products!
I am proud to own one of these and it was well worth the cost. I am super pleased with this and in love with this product!
Working from home, our schedules changed to 10-12hr shifts and I could no longer sit for that time. Within a few days this has already lifted my pain levels by standing. Thank you for making such a great quality product!

New Standing Desk

This is my second standing desk from Standing Desk Nation. They are well made, quite stable and the mechanism to raise and lower the desk is smooth and fairly effortless. My second desk included a dual monitor mount that was very easy to install and easy to adjust to the proper height. All in all, I am very pleased with the products.