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In Love with this! Best purchase ever and it is "Julie Proof"

I am very strict on quality and well made products. I have looked over the last few years at different stand up conversions, makes and models. I have found that the Flexispot not only fit my needs for desk size work space, but I LOVE the up and down of the converter instead of the up and forward. I am very hard on things and break things easily. This is fool proof. I also have permanent Nerve damage in my arms/hands and I am able to lift with one hand and put it down. I still use two hands, but it is smooth, not jerky.
I loved the quality so much I brought the seat cushion as well as the standing mat !!!!
This equipment has my "Julie Proof" seal of approval.
Not too many items Fit this brand and I am not one who does reviews much on products!
I am proud to own one of these and it was well worth the cost. I am super pleased with this and in love with this product!
Working from home, our schedules changed to 10-12hr shifts and I could no longer sit for that time. Within a few days this has already lifted my pain levels by standing. Thank you for making such a great quality product!

New Standing Desk

This is my second standing desk from Standing Desk Nation. They are well made, quite stable and the mechanism to raise and lower the desk is smooth and fairly effortless. My second desk included a dual monitor mount that was very easy to install and easy to adjust to the proper height. All in all, I am very pleased with the products.


I like desk but was not happy with the instructions on assembly. The Assembly Guide was not intuitive and the pictures and diagrams were small and difficult to read. As such, it took me much longer to assemble than expected.

Just as I hoped!

I had been looking at many reviews for many different standing desks over the last 6 months, and so I was anxious to actually place an order, knowing there are so many things to consider when choosing a standing desk converter. This product is exactly as I hoped it would be! I opened the box, put it on my desk, slid in the keyboard tray, and I was in business! The raising and lowering mechanism is very smooth and easy-- I do it multiple times each day. And the standing mat was a worthwhile addition!

Mark Fitzgerald

Excellent just what I needed and expected!

Winston E Single

The Winston E is wonderful. Your service was great.

We have not recieved our desks yet.

VIVO DESK-V001A Standing Desk Converter

Love my new desk!

I finally ordered my standing desk converter after thinking about it for a long time! Was originally looking at a more expensive option and then my co-worker advised I look at Flexispot. Love it! Easy to put together, great quality and easy to move up and down. Thanks for the great product!

Does not slide on carpet as advertised

Gave a 3-star rating because this mat does not slide on carpet while only using my foot, as advertised. The mat will slide, but I have to use my hands to maneuver it. Other than not being able to move it with only my foot, I like the size and feel of it.

Rocelco ADR Adjustable Desk Riser

A new season!!

It's been great...I move around alot more and I can really feel the difference...having the option to stand and work has been incredible. The Flexispot is very sturdy and has room for files as well. It has worked out better than I thought.

Great converter!

It's been just under a week since I got my desk converter and so far, I love it! I ordered this converter because it moves up and down vertically and has a large working surface. I have two 22" monitors and they fit nicely.
-It came almost fully assembled (only had to snap the keyboard tray on)
-It is really sturdy... barely moves when typing
-It is easy to raise/lower
-It is quiet when changing the position

If there was anything I could change, it would be the keyboard tray - it would be more comfortable if there was enough room for the mouse to align with the keyboard. Because of the cutout on the tray, the mouse sit closer to my body than the keyboard.

This is worth the money

After making the mistake of purchasing a few less-expensive stand-up desks on Amazon, I tried out the iMover Cadence Express in hopes that it would be sturdier and less shaky than the thin metal ones we owned. It turns out that the Cadence Express is much more stable when typing and it looks better, too. The only piece of advice i would give when purchasing this product is to make sure your monitors are not too heavy. We tried using this with two monitors that weighed about 32 pounds, and it wasn't able to accommodate that weight.

LOve it so far

Just got it and I love it. This has the weight capacity to fit my 2 large monitors very well.

Great equipment!

Very smooth to go up and down.


I got this standing desk and I just love it The option of being able to stand up
is so relieving I sit for 9 to 10 hours a day this way I can stand up .
I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you Bridget

Great Service

The ordering process was easy and we received the products sooner than expected. Very happy with the experience!

Flexispot M7 28 inch Alcove Standing Desk Converter

Every bit as good as you think

I'm not a stranger to standing desks, but I've never seen an adjustable desktop solution that I liked, until now. Even with two 26" monitors it adjusts smoothly and is stable in use. Aesthetically, it is the nicest object in my office. As Marie Kondo might say, "It brings me joy when I use it.".

It arrived very quickly. It does need assembly, but if you are comfortable assembling IKEA furniture it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for a great product!

It is wonderful!!

It is wonderful!! I love that I can stand up and work. I feel so much better at the end of the day!

Great Desk Converter!

This was the best priced desk converter and it is heavy duty and works great! Highly recommend!!


I've had the desk converter for 2 weeks now and am really liking how easy it is to go from sitting to standing and I do so several times during the day. It's also forcing me to have better posture while both sitting and standing.

VIVO Desk-V000B

Found this wonderful company from a search on the internet for standing desk converters. They are great to work with and free shipping is always a plus! Will continue to order!

I overlooked one thing

The product itself works as advertised, no complaints. But, I bought it to hold 2 heavy 32" monitors, about 40 lb total. I did not realize that the product's spring can only lift a small fraction of that weight, and I am left lifting the rest in a very awkward position. My back started to hurt and I had to abandon the LXR48. I have now purchased an electric desk converter.

I wish there was a warning somewhere about this.