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I like the rest of you reading this, read all the reviews I could find regarding this company/desk and their competitors. I chose to go with this desk because they had great reviews. Well I’m here to tell you they are true.

This is a well built desk! The quality is impressive. It was easy to assemble and works like it’s supposed too. It shipped in two days as promised.

A nice alternative

I’m loving this pivot seat. Now I’m not much of leaner and definitely not a sitter but this pivot chair is a fun alternative to play with your core or balance. It’s a fun thing to add to my day

Great stand

I was going to go with the bar as my footrest, less expensive but certainly looked like it’d do the job. But at the last second I decided to go with the humanscale foot rest and am super happy I did. It’s visually appealing, I use it not just with my lean stool but also as a Achilles stretch or leg muscle exercisers. I’m very impressed with it all. I’ve always “demanded to stand “ at work and now I point everyone to standing desk nation to make their dream come true too.

Nice Price for a Standing Desk

We have been looking for a standing desk for a little while, most are so expensive that we did not purchase it before. This is a great price for a standing desk, and as far as I can tell so far, the quality is just as good as the more expensive brands.

Love It!

I've only had this desk a week, but I love it already. Due to the type of work I do, I needed a standing desk that was 1 continuous flat surface. The rest of my office purchased the desk risers. Assembly was quick and easy. It moves up and down smoothly. It looks GREAT! I am extremely happy with this purchase.

I like the standing part, but I found that I did not have the strength in my hands
to raise the stand. So I keep it at one height and stand. Works for me.


My assistant has been wanting a standing for a long time. She ordered this model after doing a lot of research. It's a great, sturdy, quality product, at a fantastic price. She loves it!

great desk

The desk was easy to set up from the box to the desk will be back to purchase more. Very user friendly

Great Product for the Price!

I received my VIVO-Desk-V000K Height Adjustable Desk Converter last week and it has been great. It was easy to assemble (4 screws) and it has plenty of space for my monitor, laptop, keyboard, and mouse pad. It raises and lowers very quickly and easily. I'm very happy with my decision!

I received my standing corner adjustable standing desk and I already love the standing option. I tend to not move throughout the day and having an alternative has alleviated some of my aches and pains I typically get in a day. The ordering was easy, delivery was quick and set up is simple. It's heavy and feels sturdy. Having a corner desk limited my options and this model works great. So happy to have found this option.


Didn’t come with all the screws.Hard to lift and lower compared to other brands.

Hi Robert - Can you let us know which screws are missing? We should be able to get those out to you within a couple days!

I love my new adjustable desk riser!! I'm in my 60's and it has literally saved me from an aching back and neck from sitting all day. It may even have saved my life! Thank you!

Best Yet

I have purchased many of these desks from different company's and your is by far the best, this is coming from the users, not just the purchaser. Thank you,

desk is really nice

The desk looks great but it was hard to put the keyboard/mouse holder on. I didn't know my husband knew so many swear words. Now that it's together I love it.

Unbeatable value!

Wow, the build quality of this desk is amazing, and exceeds that of any previous desks that I've owned. The lift/lower functionality is excellent. Would I recommend this? Absolutely. Assembly was pretty simple, but it will take about half and hour, and it is better with two people. Overall, this desk is a fantastic deal and it feels like it will last for quite some time. Also, mine came with a cable management system to help hide the wires. Definitely a quality purchase, and worthy of praise it receives.

Perfect for the Office!

We just received our Standing Desk today and as an office, we are so excited to begin using them. It was really easy to set up because the desks were already assembled. My team mentioned how easy it was to adjust the desk to different positions. I honestly believe we won the jackpot on this purchase. :)

There are so many good things to say about this. I love that it is 100% manually controlled with no electricity or batteries required. It goes up and down very easily. The desk itself is very sturdy, and well constructed. The only assembly required was attaching the keyboard shelf. Since using the adjustable sit/stand desk, I have noticed that I'm more productive, and less tired during the work day, and my back does not hurt as much. Having the flexibility to sit or stand has definitely made an improvement with the amount of pain I feel daily from degenerative disk disease.


I really like the sit/stand and moving it is very easy. I have been using the desk for only a few days but it seams to be very well designed. my only complaint is with only 1 of the stabilizers it is still a little bouncy when typing. ordering a 2nd and will see how well it works with one on each corner. other then that no complaints and would recommend.

Karen D'Angelo -Northampton Community College

The standing desk is great- met my expectations. The only negative is the desk is heavy when bringing it up and down.
Great product. Thank you.

Really enjoying my desk

Ordered with ease on Monday, delivered and standing at my desk on a Thursday

Discovered my Vivo adjustable desk at Standing Desk Nation, website was easy to navigate and offered multiple solutions for my needs. Placed my order on a Monday afternoon and received by noon on Thursday. Nice to do business on-line with a company that extends an opportunity to address your needs expresses their gratitude for your business. Thank You, Brian!



First standing desk

I bought this desk converter for a home office. This is my first experience with one so I am still learning to dial it in. So far so good and I find myself craving to stand up and work.

I bought this particular desk because it had infinite stopping points, a tilting keyboard tray, monitor arm mounting hole, and comes with a standing pad, which I would have purchased separately anyway. While it cost more than others, I felt these features were worth the extra.

I purchased on ebay through the Standing Desk Nation and had excellent communication. They even sent out a few "Getting Started" tips which I found useful. Shipping was fast and it got here in one piece!

Great office tool

It’s been 3 days & it works as advertised. Very easy to raise & lower. Quite happy with my purchase.

Outstanding Customer Service