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Very happy with my new treadmill and the speedy delivery!

My treadmill arrived WAY before it was estimated, which was a delight for me. It came in as advertised except that it had the old console that didn't include the Bluetooth link to the app, which the Lifespan company promptly replaced for me. I've been using it daily during my work hours and am very pleased with Standing Desk Nation and Lifespan.

Solid desk

Great desk frame. Was able to build in about an hour with very simple setup. No issues so far despite being used in my home studio with lots of gear on it. This is a great company to purchase from and they gave constant updates on shipping etc.

Lifespan TR5000 DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

School Administrative Assistant

Love it works well for what we needed.

Fast Delivery, Great Desk

Ordered my DESK-V133E on Wednesday, had it in hand that Saturday. I assembled it by myself in a couple hours. Unfortunately the documentation is not great, and the video on youtube made by Vivo showing assembly of this desk actually shows a different model desk, but you can muddle through it, it just takes time. One thing to be careful of; if at all possible you want to have a buddy to help move the completed desk into position, because assembled it will weigh a couple hundred pounds easily; It's very sturdy That said, the desk itself is fantastic, and easily rivals its much more expensive competitors. To test the lift capacity, I placed an 88lb desktop on it (1.5 inch thick birch) and then sat on it (I weigh 220) and lifted the desk to full height. Impressively, the desk didn't stutter at all when lifting, and gave me the impression it could handle much more. The digital control takes some getting used to, so don't lose the instruction manual, but it has several useful features like presets and screen locking. All in all, a solid desk, and Standing Desk Nation is a solid company to purchase it from.

InMovement - Unsit Treadmill Desk

Pros: very stable, packs down very slim, looks nice. Cons: highest setting still isn't quite tall enough for a tall person with a laptop. For people with upper-back/neck issues, this may be a concern. May need to use a separate keyboard and sit a box on the riser for the laptop. Overall a good value. Happy I bought it.

Standing Desk

Due COVID 19, we have not gain control of the Standing Desk Converter yet; therefore, a rating can not be provided.

So far very good

Awesome service and great product

Exactly what I wanted for my tight space. Perfect and elegant.

Good job

Thanks! Think I’ll use it a lot!

Had this for 2 years now

Amazing desk, have had it for 2 years now and still not a single problem with it. Couple tips:
- Make sure you get extra cord length so you can seamlessly move up & down
- USB extenders could mess up a camera (mine started flickering, had to get a new camera) FYI
- Make sure you have good desk depth or it'll hang off the back, it's fairly deep


Great product, speedy delivery and great price!

Great product!

I am enjoying the desk tremendously!

Works well with a single flaw

The desk arrived as expected, and it was simple to assemble.
The product is sturdy and well made.
The electric up/down mechanism is smooth and quiet.

I have one caution for prospective buyers:
When you attach the keyboard tray with the supplied, round head screws, please be aware that the round head screws can scratch the surface on which the unit sits if you slide it without lifting the tray.

flexispot mat

The mat is comfortable and makes standing on hard surfaces (cement floor) more tolerable. I would recommend purchasing the mat. It can be easily moved to accommodate a chair of needed.

VIVO DESK-V000B Standing Desk Converter

Sturdy, well made desk

The desk is came with easy instructions and was easy to assemble. The product is sturdy and well made. The electric up/down mechanism is smooth and quiet. I’m very satisfied with this Prost so far.

Great office space addition

I love having the option to stretch and stand at my desk. It’s really easy to raise and very sturdy. Definitely recommend

Great Product & Great Service

Great 3 motor to support all you have on your desk. And fast delivery as well.

Outstanding product and customer service!

Standing Nation was incredible to work with! They answered questions promptly prior to purchase through delivery and set up. I purchased the Winston E Dual Monitor Compact Workstation and I am already so much happier at the end of the day! Being able to move around, standing and sitting so easily, has made all the difference in the world. Thank-you Brian & Team!

Waited Too Long!!!

If you are working from home, do yourself a favor and get a stand up desk. While you’re at it, get one from these folks. Excellent product, excellent service, no regrets... save one. I should’ve bought this a long time ago.

horrible experience

We ordered a FlexiSpot height adjustable desk and it stopped working the very next day it was delivered. The packaging box was taken by the trash recycler already. We emailed FlexiSopt and we called FlexiSpot but NO Rsponses in either way.


I love the versatility of it. Easy to assemble. love the white color.

Standing Desk

Purchased two of these desk converters...very fast delivery, product is exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend!