Our Story

Does work life balance really exist?

For most people, the answer is probably no... and this was the realization that helped to launch Standing Desk Nation.  There's no getting around it - most of us have to spend 8-10 hours of our day in front of a desk.  It can be rough... but that's just life.  Thankfully, we still have the power to make the most of that time, and the way I figure it, that comes down to two keystone actions: 

  1. Try to find a sense of purpose in our work
  2. Make those 8-10 hours happy, healthy and productive

We created Standing Desk Nation to help others like you accomplish #2 - to be happy, healthy, and productive in the workplace.

And in the process, we found our own purpose...

Brian and Alison Angel, Founders of Standing Desk Nation
(Founders Brian & Ali Angel)

Why standing desks are so important to us.

My kids running and playing
(So I can keep up with these guys!)

In 2014, I was personally suffering from recurring and debilitating back injuries.  At one point, the problem became so bad I had to stay home and recover for nearly 2 weeks.  I've always been a fitness guy, so along with the ongoing pain, I was struggling to maintain my fitness regimen.  It doesn't sound like much, but I found the effects of missing workouts extended beyond just strength and endurance - it ultimately effected the way I worked.  When I wasn't keeping active, my mood and focus suffered... and my productivity followed.

The change that finally reversed the trend came when I convinced my boss to purchase a standing desk converter for my office, and it wasn't long before my normal function began to come back.  After reading more about the effects of sitting, and discussing the subject at length with my chiropractor, I learned that sitting was the primary reason for my back issues. 

To put it in the simplest terms, extensive sitting (in the car and at my desk) was causing my hip muscles and hamstrings to shorten.  That may sound fairly harmless, but when I would stand up and move, my tight hips and hamstrings would pull my pelvis and spine out of alignment, which would in turn compress my vertebrae and discs - and ultimately pinch the nerves in my spine.  The body has an unbelievable knack for adapting to it's environment, and that's exactly what it was doing... adapting to sitting as my normal position.  Bad news!

Thanks to the standing desk, I was able to sit less and stand more, which helped my body to reset back to normal, and remove the stiffness from my hips and hamstrings - which were pulling my back out of alignment.  As an added benefit, the increased movement helped to keep my joints and vertebrae properly loose and lubricated.  Before long, I felt like my old self again.  I even found that some of my other lingering issues (including a nagging wrist injury) began to subside, as my spine fell into proper alignment.

Anterior pelvic tilt caused by excessive sitting
(rudimentary drawing of the cause of my back pain)

But that wasn't the best part...

I also experienced some benefits that I didn't expect - benefits that I ultimately found to be the most important changes that resulted from purchasing a standing desk.

My energy shot through the roof, my focus increased, my mood improved... I felt amazing!  The increased movement in my day was so stimulating, that I became more productive and focused than I had ever been.

With the "wheels turning," it wasn't long before the idea for Standing Desk Nation was born.  It dawned on me that my "purpose" could be to help others experience the same changes.


 Standing Desk Nation Family
(we're a family business)

Our Mission

I officially launched Standing Desk Nation in early 2016, with my wife Alison, and to this day, we remain a family business, focused on helping people find health and happiness in the workplace (just as I did).  We've never worked harder in our lives, but we've also never been happier.  The missions that guide us are quite simple:

  1. Help workers across the country realize the potential life-changing benefits of using a standing desk
  2. Make purchasing a standing desk easy, by offering a wide selection of desks to meet every possible need, while simultaneously offering the insights and customer service needed to choose the best one for you

Today, Standing Desk Nation is the #1 standing desk dealer in the US

We offer the best selection of products, all carefully curated to avoid selling any products that don't meet our standard of quality (beware of Amazon!).  We maintain close strategic relationships with ALL of the best brands, so we can be sure to offer you the best prices, and the best possible experience.  Our industry knowledge and service are 2nd to none, and you can be certain that we will always put you first.


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Come find out what makes standing desks so great!

Brian Angel
Founder & CEO - Standing Desk Nation