The Best Treadmill Desks of 2024

There isn't a better way to add movement to your daily life than with a treadmill desk.  Standing desks are great, but if you have the budget to upgrade to a treadmill desk, we strongly support and encourage you.

Most people worry that a treadmill desk will make them tired, or the coordination required will be too challenging to use.

But the truth is that walking while you work actually helps maintain and even increase energy, because it's nearly impossible to get into bad positions while walking - and because the subtle movement keeps all the body's systems pumping and functioning at full capacity.

This is why most users report feeling better with a treadmill desk, than using a stand-alone sit-stand desk.

But we didn't create this list to convince you to buy a treadmill desk.  This page is here to help you identify the best treadmill desk options available, and then choose between them.

If you already have a standing desk, and just need the best under desk treadmill, this list will still work for you.  All of the options listed below come with the ability to purchase the treadmill separately (except for one), and we list both options at the bottom of each review.

As a last point, we want to emphasize that we are not a blog or news organization.  We use to operate as a true dealer of treadmill desks.  For many years, we worked closely with almost every major manufacturer, we worked hand-in-hand with thousands of customers, and we test our products first-hand.  Our experience is real and practical, which allows us a different level of insight as compared to some other publications.  Let's dive in:


Unsit Treadmill Desk - Our Best Rated Treadmill Desk of 2024

Best Treadmills Desks of 2024:

  1. InMovement Unsit Treadmill Desk
  2. Lifespan TR5000
  3. Lifespan TR1200
  4. iMovR Thermotread
  5. Nordictrack

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#1 Unsit Treadmill Desk by InMovement

The Unsit Treadmill is easily our favorite, and really stands out from the rest of the industry because of it's unique shape.  As you scroll down the rest of this list, you'll notice a pattern to all the other treadmill desks: they all look like something that was taken straight from your local Gold's Gym.  They are long to accommodate running - which requires a long stride.  They're skinny, so you can pack a bunch of them side-by-side.  Perfect for a gym, but not ideal for use with a desk.

We love the Unsit because they were the first company to rethink the layout of the treadmill, and design it specifically for walking:


1- It's 50% shorter than a standard treadmill, because your stride length is shorter when you walk.  So why take up the extra space and create a trip hazard? 

2- It's 50% wider, so you have access to your whole desk and so you don't have to worry about stepping over the side of the belt while you're focused on your computer screen.  So it's great for both access and safety.

InMovement Unsit Treadmill Desk

We also appreciate that the Unsit was mechanically optimized for walking.  The standard treadmill motor is optimized for running (much like the shape), and takes a lot of strain at slower walking speeds.  This causes the motor to get hot, loud, and eventually fail.  The Unsit motor is designed to reach maximum efficiency below 2 MPH and features a unique gearing ratio - which is basically a fancy way of saying that it's most efficient at slow speeds.  This is how they made the motor so quiet, and what helps make the Unsit more reliable and long lasting than most of the other models.

We were a little bit unsure of the control box when we first setup the Unsit - but we've actually come to appreciate that as one of our favorite features.  With no display screen, it might look like a thing of the past, but it's actually quite intuitive.  It's a simple black brick controller with one knob/button.  To turn on or pause the treadmill, you just push the knob.  To adjust the speed, you simply turn the knob.  and everything from steps, calories, distance, speed and standing time can be tracked on their mobile app.  

The specifications of the Unsit are about what you would expect for a top end treadmill.  They have a very high weight capacity, they have TUV safety certification (which is actually harder to get than UL), and the warranty is exactly in line with the rest of the industry.


The Unsit is available as a stand alone under desk treadmill or as a full treadmill desk paired with a 48" Fully Standing Desk.  If you would prefer to pair the Unsit with any other standing desks, you can definitely do that.  Just make sure that the desk has 40" of clearance between both legs (which is rarely an issue).

If there is a downside to the Unsit, you would have to acknowledge the high price tag.  Obviously it would have been more cost efficient to manufacture a treadmill using the standard fitness chassis that most factories already use.  But we appreciate that they took a risk and created in a unique design of their own, For the benefit of users like you and me.  We feel strongly that the result is worth the investment. 

You're not going to regret purchasing an Unsit.  Users rave about them, and you can feel confident it's going to last.



✅ Extra width gives you better reach around your desk

✅ Shorter length takes up less space

✅ Enhanced safety features: extra wide and auto-stop

✅ Optimized for walking speeds - which helps with durability & noise reduction


❌ Expensive (although you get what you pay for)

❌ Width might not fit with some small desks (requires 40" W)


LEAD TIME: 2-3 Business Days

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thumbs Up on this Under Desk Treadmill
This treadmill is great! My mood and energy level is improved compared to when I sat all day. The dimensions of this treadmill are much different than a traditional fitness treadmill and it makes total sense when I put it at my standing desk. People told me it would be too short but its not. I walk slow so I never get near the back of the treadmill. It would be difficult to do desk work walking any faster so it’s perfect.



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#2 Lifespan TR5000-OMNI

The TR5000 is the top end model of the Lifespan treadmill desk line.  Lifespan makes 3 different versions of walking treadmill:

  1. The TR800 - which is a slim light use model for home
  2. The TR1200 - which is beefed up slightly for heavier use
  3. The TR5000 - for heavy commercial use

We'll cover the TR1200 in a little more detail later, and we don't typically recommend using the TR800, unless you only plan to use the treadmill sparingly at home.


Compared to the other Lifespan models, we're impressed by how well the TR5000 is built, with a very strong 3 HP motor and a heavy duty belt/deck combo that can hold up well to heavy use - almost as sell as the Unsit and iMovR.  It also has a self lubricating feature, but the jury is still out on how long that will last.

The #1 problem with the TR5000 treadmill is the noise.  Compared to the two models above, it's considerably louder in use.

Lifespan TR5000 DT7 Treadmill Desk

The other thing that concerns us is the speed range.  In its standard setting, the TR5000 only goes up to 2 MPH, but it comes with a built in setting to change that to 4 MPH.  In order to do that, Lifespan had to keep the gearing ratio high and optimize the motor for slightly higher speeds.  We think this is part of the reason for the extra noise, and a sign that the treadmill won't last as well over the long-term.  On the plus side, it does give you the ability to power walk when not working.

Most of the standard specifications are in line with the other leading treadmills already mentioned.


Lifespan offers 3 different desk options for pairing with the TR5000:

  1. DT3 - which stands for treadmill only (so this model would be the TR5000-DT3)
  2. DT5 - which is a manual height adjustable desk secured using tension bolts on each leg
  3. DT7 - an electric height adjustable standing desk

We favor the electric DT7 model for the flexibility and ability to sit or stand.  The DT5 desk functions just fine while walking, but adjusting the height of the desk is very cumbersome, and the last thing you want to do is give a reason not to adjust the desk to its proper height (or even worse: not use the treadmill at all).

On the plus side, the Lifespan desks come with cable management built into the legs of the desk, and they are one of the few companies that integrate the controller right into the desk itself.  On the flip side, the controller is out-dated and a bit clumsy to use.  The desks also feature a padded armrest.

In summary, we're clearly bigger fans of the Unsit and iMovR treadmills, but you could do worse than the Lifespan TR5000.  That probably sounds like a back-handed compliment, but it's not really meant to be.  This is a quality treadmill that can hold up to heavy use - but it's also a bit out-dated and lacks the features of the treadmills higher on the list.



✅ Built for heavy use

✅ Controls and cables integrated into the desk

✅ Self-lubrication

✅ Ability to walk at higher speeds (Not recommended)


❌ Noisy compared to other models

❌ Control system is out-dated and "clumsy"

❌ Longer footprint than other models takes up space


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A LIFE -saver!
I have a job where I am sitting at my computer ALL day. I got the TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk a few weeks ago and I could not be happier!! The automatic adjustable desk is a must have, I didn’t think I’d adjust it as much, plus my kids like to hop on once in a while too, so that’s a great feature. It has literally become my permanent desk, I still have my other desk and big comfy chair, but I use this 98% of the time. I have had it for 3 weeks and have already lost 3 pounds, and I haven’t even made that drastic of a diet change. The constant moving is making me healthier already. It’s expensive, but well worth the investment. I didn’t want to have a treadmill I had to lubricate or take care of. This one is very sturdy as I am 6’5” 280lbs. The height the desk adjusts to is perfect for me!!! It doesn’t wobble when you’re walking at a fast pace, it’s plenty big too! I don’t feel that it’s too noisy, not anymore noisy than a typical treadmill at a gym. Seriously, I could not be more thrilled with this treadmill desk. Most days I end up walking 3 or more hours. Sometimes at a brisk 3 miles an hour, or just a casual 1 mile and hour stroll. Just the fact that I’m ALWAYS moving makes this one of the favorite things in my house!!! — review source -



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#3 Lifespan TR1200-POWER

The TR1200 is the most popular of the Lifespan walking treadmills, designed for every day use, but without the same durability and heavy use capacity as the TR5000.  (we outlined the 3 Lifespan under desk treadmills above)

NOTE: Lifespan has recently launched a similar model - the TR1000.  We have some suspicion that this model is designed to eventually replace the TR1200, but we have not been able to confirm.  We will review the TR1000 soon.


The popularity of the TR1200 stems largely from its price point.  Despite being much closer in quality and durability to the TR5000, the price is actually much closer to the lesser TR800 (and $500 less than the TR5000).  

It's built relatively well, and capable of holding up fairly well to regular daily use.  The motor isn't quite as powerful (2.25 HP) and the weight capacity (350 lbs.) isn't quite as high as the first three treadmills on this list, but we still consider this a daily use treadmill.  Just not quite as heavy duty and probably not durable enough to function well in common spaces. 

We also found this model to be noticeably quieter than the TR5000, although not quite on the level of the Unsit or iMovR.

Lifespan TR1200 DT5 Treadmill Desk

The controls of the TR1200 are basically the same as the TR5000 - which is to say that they are a bit out-dated and not very user friendly.  But it is nice that when paired with a desk, the controls are integrated right in to the work surface.


The desk options for the TR1200 Treadmill are exactly the same as the TR5000.  Choose between the DT3 model (no desk), the DT5 model (manual hight adjustment) and the DT7 model (electric height adjustment).

We strongly recommend going with the TR1200-DT7 (electric), as the DT5 desk is not very convenient to adjust.  If you expect to have multiple users, then the choice should be a no-brainer: go with the easy adjusting DT7.

Both of the desk options come with the built in cable management and integrated control system.



✅ Good price for a daily-use treadmill

✅ Controls integrated into the desk

✅ Quieter than the TR5000


❌ Not built with the same heavy duty durability as the 1st three treadmills

❌ Won't last in public or communal settings

❌ >Out-dated control system is not user-friendly

❌ Long footprint takes up a lot of space


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Movement at Work
Needed to increase my daily exercise and help with focus. This worked like a charm. Very quiet and easy to use. Helped me with back pain that I sometimes got on just a regular standing desk. Now, I either sit down or walk. About 6 miles a day, actually. I am on my third week as I write this review. — review source -



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iMovr Thermotread GT *DISCONTINUED*

The iMovR Thermotread doesn't have all the unique qualities of the Unsit Treadmill, but it is the only other under desk treadmill we know of that was specifically optimized for walking - which is why it's #2 on our list.  Frankly the Unsit and the iMovR should in a tier of their own.  The gap between these two treadmills and the others that follow is quite wide.


The iMovR uses a similar motor and gearing system to the Unsit, along with an enhanced fan to keep the motors cool and efficient at low speeds.  This helps keep the noise level extremely low, and ensures that the treadmill is going to last for a long time compared to others on the list.

The iMovR uses a touch-screen control system that sits on top of your desk.  It feels a little clunky in use, but we hear that they might soon integrate the controls into their Lander desks.  So, we're excited to see how that works.


But where iMovR really starts to differentiate from other treadmill desk manufacturers is with their SteadyType desks.  The SteadyType system is a proprietary keyboard tray built directly into the desk.  It allows you to slope the keyboard at a negative angle, which in turn gives you the ability to use desk at a lower height.  The theory is that the lower you can keep your hands, the better the ergonomics will be (and the lower the strain on your arms and hands).

iMovr Lander Treadmill Desk

We're not sure this system is for everybody, but there is a subset of the population that swears by it.  If you're going to purchase a SteadyType desk with your treadmill, just make sure that you also purchase a monitor arm - and preferably a very tall one.  By virtue of keeping your hands low, it's extremely important that you offset that by adjusting your monitors up to eye level.  This isn't necessarily any different than any other treadmills or standing desks - it's just even more crucial and a bit more difficult with the SteadyType.

iMovR also offers a variety of other desk options to go with they ThermoTread, and also give you the added option of purchasing an extra wide desk (up to 80" W) - so you can essentially have 2 workstations side-by-side on one desk surface (one side with a treadmill and the other side for just sitting or standing).  Again, this makes it vital that you have a monitor arm, because you don't want to be dragging monitors back and forth if you use this configuration.

Lastly, one thing you can always count on from iMovR is top quality.  We've worked with them for years, and they are obsessive about the quality of every product they sell.  We find that the Thermotread Treadmill Desks are no different.



✅ Optimized for walking speeds

✅ Very quiet in use

✅ Highly durable for heavy use

✅ Available with SteadyType and extra wide desks


❌ 20% restocking fee on all returns

❌ Walking surface is a bit narrow

❌ Expensive - particularly when you add an iMovR desk

UPDATE: In October of 2022, iMovR decided to discontinue production of their Thermotread GT treadmill. 
*iMovR now recommends the Unsit Treadmill Desk on their website.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My work environment now complements vs competes with my active lifestyle
The Lander Treadmill desk is an absolute gamechanger for me.
I've dealt with intermittent back pain for most of my adult life. I've also chosen a profession which requires me to spend a lot of time behind my desk. I got serious about improving my health 9 years ago. I lost 40 pounds and became a runner and triathlete, but my work environment continued to compete with my otherwise active lifestyle. The running and triathlons weren't enough to keep me healthy. I continued to wrestle with back pain and I think that it was largely due to the effects of sitting. I began to track my step count and noticed that on days I wasn't running, I would sometimes track as few as 2K steps (less than 1 mile). I wasn't moving nearly enough and I hated to get up from my desk when I was in the middle of a task.
After researching the topic, I settled on the Lander Treadmill desk. I didn't just want to stand, but move. I was initially worried that it would be difficult to think and type on the treadmill. I found the opposite to be true. The SteadyType keyboard tray makes it really natural to stand and type, even when walking. I'm feeling better, thinking more clearly, and definitely moving more too; my average step count per day has increased 7x.
I couldn't be happier with my investment. — review source -



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NordicTrack Treadmill Desk *DISCONTINUED*

The primary value proposition of the NordicTrack is that it can function as both a walking and standard treadmill.  Unlike most other treadmill desks that top out between 2 MPH - 4MPH, the Nordick track can reach 6 MPH on the standard model and 8 MPH on the platinum model (which also comes with an electric height adjustable desk).  It also offers an adjustable incline up to 10% and has an extra long 60" belt - so you can effectively think of the NordicTrack as a fitness treadmill attached to a desk.

On the other hand, the NordicTrack kind of finds itself in "No man's land" between being a walker and a runner.  6 MPH - 8 MPH is relatively low for avid runners - and because of it's optimization for higher speeds, it doesn't function very well as a walking treadmill either.  It's relatively noisy, and simply isn't built for regular or heavy use.


Unlike the other models on this list, it's a bit difficult to separate the treadmill from the desk in the case of the NordicTrack.

On the positive side, we love how the NordicTrack folds up and out of the way when you're not using it.  The process is a little quirky (you have to swivel the desk top out of the way, to fold the platform up), but you can't argue how nice it is to be able to fold the treadmill out of the way.

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk

And that really speaks to what this treadmill is all about: it's a light-use treadmill desk, designed to function well in a home or private office space.  It's not built to hold up to regular use, and it has no place in an open office setting.  It's also a bit expensive for this type of function.  But if you're looking for something to stick off to the side and only use occasionally - this treadmill desk can work really well.


The Nordick track comes with two desk options:

  1. A standard manual-adjust desk that uses tension bolts to adjust the height of the desk
  2. An electric height adjustable desk (as part of the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum package)

Both feature built in controls and display screen, as well as grip pulse heart rate monitors.  The desks do not allow you to attach a monitor stand to improve the ergonomics of the desk, which we don't like.  Although you can make the case that this treadmill is only designed to be use as an ancillary desk for short periods.  So, maybe that's not such a big deal.

The NordicTrack isn't the highest quality treadmill desk on the market, but if you understand what you're buying, we feel that it can provide nice value.  It's a hybrid fitness/walking treadmill, that won't hold up to much use, but can be very convenient of you don't need it to.



✅ Hybrid running / walking treadmill can be used for fitness

✅ Folds neatly out of the way when not in use

✅ Controls and display integrated into the desk

✅ Looks really nice


❌ Not built to withstand regular daily use

❌ Not really ideal as a fitness treadmill (low max speed)

❌ Cannot attach a monitor stand for ergonomics

❌ Expensive for a light-use treadmill desk




I recently started working from home twice a week. I purchased the Treadmill desk so that I can walk while I work. This model is very sturdy and provides a very large workspace. It even has a flash port on the right, from which you can charge your cell phone while you work. It only shows basic stats such as distance, calories burned, and time walked. But, that is all the stats that I need, so I am 100% satisfied with my purchase! — review source -



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Buying a Treadmill Desk in 2024

2021 was a tough year for treadmill desk manufacturers, as every major company went long periods of time without inventory because of shutdowns, container shortages, part shortages and more.  The good news is that 2022 appears to be off to a much better start, and almost all major sellers are now back in stock.

We anticipate a relative return to normal in 2022, with our eyes on a few things: 

  • Prices went up in 2023, and we'll be watching for any further increases
  • Shipping lead times will be highly variable as Fedex, UPS and the major carriers continue to adjust to new normals
  • How will the supply chain handle future outbreaks and labor shortages (if they come)?


Wrap Up

We hope you found this list helpful as you consider which treadmill desk will work best for you.  We've tried hard to include all the important characteristics of each product, but there are obviously a lot more details that might be important to you.  With each listing, you can click through to a more detailed product page with specifications and details, or you can always reach out to us if you need help.

Please don't let this decision overwhelm you.  Yes, this is a highly technical purchase, but there are people here to help, and you are more likely to regret waiting than to regret purchasing.  We spoken to some customers that have scrutinized buying a treadmill desk for years (this is not an exaggeration), and the reaction is typically the same: "Why did I wait so long."

So if you need any help, or just want someone to talk through this decision with you, please email us at the address below.  We're happy to answer all your questions.

Happy shopping!



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