Best Standing Desks of 2024

The Best Standing Desks of 2024 by Standing Desk Nation

Finding the Best Standing Desk is a slightly more complicated exercise than it once was (so many choices), but this article is going to make that process much easier for you.

First, let's acknowledge that a blanket list of "Best Stand Up Desks" doesn't really work any more.  With so many different types and use-cases, it's important that we get a bit more granular than that. 

So on this page, we've broken standing desks into several distinct categories, and then given you our top 3 stand up desks for each one.  

Next, let's make an important distinction between our list of best standing desks, and some of the others.  We are not a blog or media outlet.  We are former dealer of sit-stand and ergonomic products, and we get our hands dirty testing our products, talking to customers, working with manufacturers, and using these desks ourselves.  We have practical and real-world experience with everything you find on these lists, and we offer real insight.


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Best Overall Standing Desks

Before we get into any specific categories, we thought we would first recommend some of OUR favorite desks.  These are the best of the best, based on our own use and testing.  They may not be the most popular or most affordable, but of all the desks on the market we feel these give the absolute best experience (for varying reasons).

All of the desks in this section are unique or special in some way, and as such they might not fit perfectly into the sections below.  But we would be remiss if we didn't mention them.


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Best Electric Standing Desks

Electric motorized standing desks have long been the standard in the industry, and still remain the most popular type of sit to stand desk, by a wide margin.  Unfortunately, it's become harder and harder to tell the difference between desks.  Instead of finding ways to innovate and make these desks better for users, most manufacturers have been focused solely on driving down costs, and the result has been a flood of low quality desks that don't last and don't perform.

So, on this list we're going to focus on models that haven't been caught up in this race to zero.  We will have a section below for cheap standing desks, so if you're particularly focused on keeping costs down, we will have some good options for you.  But for now, let's focus on the best overall electric standing desks:


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Best Manual Standing Desks

Manual standing desks are generally regarded as an affordable alternative to their electric counterparts - but it's also worth noting that a manual standing desk can have its advantages: flexibility, reliability, no need for power, etc.

There are 2 types of manual standing desks: crank adjust (most common) and pneumatic standing desks.  If you've every used a Varidesk, Flexispot or standard standing desk converter, then you've experienced a pneumatic desk.  They use springs to counter-balance the weight on your desk surface, allowing the desk to float up and down without the need for true "lifting."

If you're in the market for a manual standing desk, we strongly recommend that you give this pneumatic lifting style some serious consideration.  Crank standing desks are cheap, but they're also very slow to adjust and can be a bit tiresome.  A pneumatic standing desk is fast and easy to adjust, which will encourage you to move between sitting and standing more often!


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Best Affordable Standing Desks

Sometimes we just don't have the budget to buy our perfect standing desk, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck in your chair.  What really matters here is that start standing now, so all of the options below are designed to get you 80% of the benefits of a great standing desk - at an extremely affordable price.

So what's different between these models and some of the other top-of-the-line models?  Build quality primarily.  That's not to say that these are poor quality.  They are just manufactured with less precision, which means they might be less stable, louder, have shorter life spans, not look as nice, etc.  They also often require a bit more work to assemble.


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Best Standing Desks for Home Office

What makes an ideal standing desk for home?  That's probably a bit subjective, but here are some of the things we considered when when we chose the best models for this category:

1- Is it easy to assemble yourself?

2- Does it have the styling to fit in a living space, and not stand out like a sore thumb?

3- Is it available in (smaller) sizes and colors ideal for home?

These may not be universal to everyone, but in general these seem to be the most important criteria for standing desks for home according to our customers.


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Best Standing Desk Converters

The term "standing desk" is often used interchangeably to refer to both standing desks and standing desk converters, but the difference is significant.  Put simply, a standing desk is a full desk with legs going all the way down to the floor.  A standing desk converter (sometimes also referred to as a desk riser) is designed to be placed on top of an existing piece of furniture (a table, desk, counter, etc.) and "convert" that furniture to a sit to stand desk.  These desk converters have become so popular, that they now out sell the standard standing desks!

Standing desk converters have become such a large category, that we actually built a whole page listing all the Best Standing Desk Converters in the market (similar to this page).  We strongly recommend that you check this page out if you're truly in the market for a desk converter, so you can see all of the best options available, broken down by category.  Here is a sampling of our top 3:


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The Best Standing Desks of 2024 are:

We hope that this page has helped you narrow down the choices and find a standing desk that will work for you (or your employees).  Above all, please don't forget that priority #1 is to sit less.  So when in doubt, take a leap of faith.  Very rarely will you ever find a bad review on our products, which happens for 2 very good reasons:

  1. When you sit less you feel better.  Period.  When someone purchases a new desk, we find that they are so happy with how their body and mind feel, that they often don't even pay attention to some of the small details of the desk.  When push comes to shove, it's not the details that matter.  It's the feeling and benefits you get from standing!
  2. We're pretty careful about curating our products, and we simply won't sell a desk that doesn't perform.  AND if anything goes wrong, we always fix it or send you a new one.

So just keep in mind that while you might feel like all these choices are overwhelming, there's really only one choice that matters.  The decision to start standing.