iMovR Standing Desks

iMovR Ziplift and Lander Standing Desks


Since 2013, iMovR has been on the bleeding edge of the active office movement, designing standing desks, treadmills and ergonomic products engineered to keep workers healthy and moving.  Known for their Ziplift standing desk converters, Thermotread GT treadmills, and more recently for the Lander Desk, iMovR always keeps ahead of the industry, utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing techniques.

With the iMovR Ziplift, they were the first to introduce the negative sloping keyboard tray for advanced ergonomics while standing.  With the Thermotread GT, they were the first to completely retool the treadmill specifically for all day walking.  And with the new Lander Desk, iMovR was the first to design and build a full standing desk that can be snapped together in minutes, without the use of any complicated tools.

Most iMovR products are manufactured with quality right here in the US, and assembled to order in their Michigan plant - allowing them to maintain a larger selection of colors, sizes and shapes.  And every product ships within 5 business days.

iMovR Standing Desks - Creators of the Ziplift and Lander Desk


iMovR Ziplift

iMovR Ziplift Standing Desk Converters feature some of the most advanced ergonomic features found in any desk riser on the market, including an absolutely effortless lifting system, that has yet to be paralleled.  They were also the first and only desk risers to include a negative sloping keyboard tray, allowing users to stand with their arms at a more neutral and healthy position.  Here are a few more of their popular features:

  • Unlimited height adjustment
  • Rock-solid stability
  • A low profile that fits in nearly any space


iMovR Lander Desk

iMovR Lander Desk is the first full standing desk designed to be assembled in minutes, without the use of any tools.  No more expensive installers or time consuming projects.  Just snap it together and go!

The Lander Desk also comes with an advanced and low-profile paddle style controller, as well as a bluetooth smart app designed to make adjustment easy, and give recommendations throughout the day - all from the touch of your phone.

  • Comes 98% pre-assembled - no tools required!
  • Advanced paddle controls and syncs with smart phone app
  • Made in the USA - with superior quality and stability

iMovR Lander Desk with 1 monitor facing right

iMovR Lander Desk


iMovR Lander Desk with SteadyType facing right

iMovR Lander Desk
w/ SteadyType


iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk facing right

iMovR Lander
Treadmill Desk


iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk with SteadyType facing right

iMovR Lander Treadmill
Desk with SteadyType



iMovR Energize and Cascade Desks

American-made quality at import prices.  The Energize and Cascade line of desks feature all of the quality and precision manufacturing of the Lander, but at a lower price point.  Featuring iMovR's famous 3D Laminate tops that are highly configurable, and virtually impermeable to any liquids.  NEAT certified and Made in the USA.

The Cascade line are the first to feature iMovR's innovative SteadyType keyboard tray, for advanced ergonomics while standing.

iMovR Energize Standing Desk facing right

iMovR Energize
Standing Desk


iMovR Energize Corner Standing Desk facing right

iMovR Energize Corner
Standing Desk


iMovR Cascade Standing Desk with SteadyType Keyboard facing right

iMovR Cascade
Standing Desk


iMovR Cascade Corner Standing Desk with SteadyType facing right

iMovR Cascade Corner
Standing Desk



iMovR Treadmills and Treadmill Desks

The iMovR ThermoTread GT Treadmill was the first treadmill designed and built specifically for walking and office use.  The motor of the ThermoTread GT was quite literally designed with a high torque at low walking speeds, to withstand use for long periods of time - something that would usually place a great deal of wear and tear on a normal fitness treadmill.  The result is a durable, low-maintenance, ultra-quiet and easy-to-use office treadmill.

The ThermoTread GT can paired with the iMovR Lander Desks, as well as the Energize or Cascade desks, to complete a Treadmill Desk workstation.

    iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk facing right

    iMovR Lander
    Treadmill Desk


    iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk with SteadyType facing right

    iMovR Lander Treadmill
    Desk with SteadyType


    iMovR Energize Treadmill Desk facing left

    iMovR Energize
    Treadmill Desk


    iMovR Cascade Treadmill Desk with SteadyType Keyboard Tray facing left

    iMovR Cascade Treadmill
    Desk with SteadyType


    iMovR ThermoTread GT Treadmill view from left side

    iMovR ThermoTread GT



    iMovR Reviews from Standing Desk Nation Customers

    iMovR Ziplift - First Standing Desk
    I bought this desk converter for a home office. This is my first experience with one so I am still learning to dial it in. So far so good and I find myself craving to stand up and work.

    I bought this particular desk because it had infinite stopping points, a tilting keyboard tray, monitor arm mounting hole, and comes with a standing pad, which I would have purchased separately anyway. While it cost more than others, I felt these features were worth the extra.

    I purchased through the Standing Desk Nation and had excellent communication. They even sent out a few "Getting Started" tips which I found useful. Shipping was fast and it got here in one piece!
    -Josh Corbin

    iMovR Lander Standing Desk - Awesome Desk!

    I received this desk about a week ago and I absolutely love it. Install was a snap and I was up and running within ~20 minutes or so. I got the white table top and it's great from a thickness and a material standpoint. I can definitely see it wearing well over time. From an electronic standpoint, the motors are whisper quiet. Compared to the SteelCase I use at work, the Lander is quieter (although higher in pitch) and faster. I only have two small complaints about the unit. First, I like the simplicity of the paddle to lower/raise the unit, but I've activated it accidentally more times than I'd like to admit. Second, I have the 59 inch unit and horizontal stability could be better. I'm not worried about it falling over or anything, but I would've liked a crossbar for a bit more rigidity. Overall, a very happy customer and I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
    -Allen K

    iMovR Ziplift - Love it!
    We recently purchased 30 of these desks and our employees are very happy with them! Very easy to literally take it out of the box and put it on your desk. The customer service is also excellent! Brian at Standing Desk Nation was very responsive to my questions and made the whole process very easy for us. I would highly recommend the ZipLift and Standing Desk Nation!
    -Kari G

    iMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill - I absolutely LOVE this treadmill!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this treadmill. It is "very" quiet as mentioned in reviews. It is a tad heavier than I anticipated but each time I move it, it becomes easier. Muscle building! I am working my way to a healthier me and it feels great. I have a lot more energy and it is surprisingly easy to type and talk on the phone etc. The thing I found funny is dialing the phone - that is a little trickier. Worth every penny!

    P.S. I have to move it because I am still working on getting into shape and cannot make it a whole day walking.
    -Susan G

    iMovR Ziplift - Perfect for the Office!
    We just received our Standing Desk today and as an office, we are so excited to begin using them. It was really easy to set up because the desks were already assembled. My team mentioned how easy it was to adjust the desk to different positions. I honestly believe we won the jackpot on this purchase. :)
    -Bethany Mellum

    iMovR Ziplift - Love the desk and the mat is great too!
    Love, love, love my new desk. It is very sturdy and easily accommodates my monitor, laptop on a stand and my notebook/to do list, etc. The mat is great too. I kick off my shoes, put on my headphones and have a little dance party every day at work.
    -Darin Lockert