iMovR ZipLift+ HD 42 inch Standing Desk Converter

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The iMovR ZipLift HD 42" Standing Desk Converter takes all the amazing ergonomic features of the Ziplift Desk, and puts them into a larger and stronger version - capable of holding two large monitors, and carrying a little extra weight. The Ziplift HD has the same sloping keyboard tray, which allows you to adjust the slope of your keyboard to fit your comfort level and preference specifically enabling a negative slope, which has been shown to improve wrist and hand comfort in the standing position.

The ZipLift is fast and easy to set up, and offers an especially clean look, thanks to it's unique hidden spring design.


Limited time Special: FREE Vive Portable Standing Mat with every desk! [$49.95 value]

Take care of your feet and get the most out of your new standing desk converter! A good anti-fatigue mat means more hours standing in full comfort, and less strain on your back, legs, and feet.

Included with your ZipLift+ comes a free 18" x 24" Portable Standing Mat. It's 3/4" thick and 100% polyurethane for extra standing endurance!

iMovR Ziplift+ HD 42 Inch Vive Portable Standing Mat



  • Premium Hand And Wrist Comfort - Thanks to sloping keyboard tray (+10º to -15º)
  • Unlimited Height Adjustments - Including max height of 20.5"
  • Wire Grommets Remove Clutter
  • Wide Enough - For 2 large monitors
  • Sleek And Low-Profile - thanks to hidden spring design
  • Effortless To Adjust
  • Fast And Easy Setup - Just remove from the box and GO

    iMovR Ziplift+ HD 42 Inch Features

    IMOVR ZIPLIFT+ HD 42 INCH Specifications

    Manufacturer iMovR
    Model Number ZipLift+ HD 42
    Width 42"
    Depth 15.7"
    Required Table Depth 22.2” (23.2" if wall behind desk)
    Work Surface 42" W x 16" D
    Keyboard Tray 26.4" W x 13" D
    Height Range 6.2” – 20.5”
    Loading Capacity 45 Lbs
    Weight 45 Lbs
    Warranty 5 years

    iMovR Ziplift+ HD 42 Inch Side View Standing

    IMOVR ZIPLIFT+ HD 42 INCH Dimensions

    iMovR Ziplift+ HD 42 Inch Dimensions

    IMOVR ZIPLIFT+ HD 42 INCH Installation

    Setting up your ZIPLIFT+ HD 42 INCH Standing Desk Converter is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the ZIPLIFT+ HD 42 INCH Standing Desk Converter User Instruction Manual

    ZIPLIFT+ HD 42 INCH Standing Desk Converter User Instruction Manual Pdf

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Corey Bruce

    At first service was a bit complicated with communication. However once communication was established everything went smooth. From the time of Purchase to Shipping to Delivery eta. Everything was great

    Cathy Manovi
    iMovR 42" standup desk review

    I love this stand-up desk! Its generous space for the keyboard and mouse make working long hours easy on my upper body--no cramped fussing around to reposition the mouse! It's easy to adjust up and down --very smooth and light to lift even though the product is not light, but rather sturdy and stable. It can go very high up for taller people. The look of it is impressive: my husband jokingly calls it "the aircraft carrier." It does give that impression. I love this stand up desk!

    iMovR ZipLift+ HD 42 inch Standing Desk Converter

    The Standing Desk Converter does as keeps me "STAND ING" as I work on the computer. I have a Groin/Hip issue. Sitting for even a brief period aggravates the pain, especially in the groin. The Standing Desk mitigates that pain significantly.
    Only problem my BACK gets tired from so much standing...need to find a happy medium...haven't found that yet.

    You'll get there John! I just encourage you not to try to do too much. If you get to the point of a back ache, you've probably been standing for too long. Just sit when you start to feel tired, and stand up again when you're ready. If you only stand for an hour in a day, that's still a huge step in the right direction, and it may take some time for your body to adapt and build back your stamina.

    And when you're standing, make sure you stay active and engaged (don't lick your knees or slouch). Good luck!

    Robert Woodall

    Exactly as described and it is perfect

    David Gledhill
    Changed my work like!

    I started out the new year redesigning my home office around getting the iMovR ZipLift. I did a fair amount of research online and found some good, side-by-side comparisons before deciding which model to purchase. I couldn't be happier with my decision. It it excellent quality, provides room for a large monitor, and is very easy to raise and lower to any height within its range. That is something that many other models do not have. I now spend no more than a couple of hours sitting per day and am feeling better at the end of each day.