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Electric Adjustable Standing Desks

If you’re looking for the electric standing desk that’s just right for you, then you’ve come to the right place!

We recognize that there are a lot of options out there, and it can be difficult to assess what makes these electric desks different, and which one will work best for you.  It may seem like there are a lot of factors to consider, but we want to help you cut through the noise, and get right to the desk options that are best for you to consider.

Before we start, we want to emphasize that we have zero bias toward any one brand.  As a dealer of sit to stand products, we work with nearly every major brand in the standing desk industry, which means we offer atruly objective opinion on all of our products.  Most manufacturers are going to tell you exactly whytheir desk is the best in the market.  Our goal is to help give you a “lay of the land” and guide you towards the best desk forYOU.

So let’s find the electric standing desk that is right for you, and let’s make it simple.  If you’ve made it to this page, you may already know that you want an electric standing desk.  But let’s take a quick moment to identify why one should consider purchasing an electric sit to stand desk over other options.

Electric Standing Desks


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Why Buy an Electric Standing Desk?

Let’s quickly get into the pros and cons of purchasing an electric standing desk, just in case you're still undecided:


  • Zero Lifting Required - we may be stating the obvious here, but it’s worth noting how much easier it is to raise and lower an electric desk vs a crank desk.
  • One Touch Controls - Most electric standing desks come with the option to include a memory keypad (or already come with one standard).  We STRONGLY recommend purchasing a desk with this option to make adjustment as easy as possible.
  • Lots of Options - When Compared to crank or pneumatic standing desks, electric desks simply offer more options, such as: 4-leg standing desks, corner standing desks, L-shaped standing desks, real-wood standing desks, etc.


  • Slow adjustment - Compared to a pneumatic desk.  Electric standing desks are much faster and easier to adjust than a crank desk, but nowhere near as fast as a pneumatic standing desk.
  • Tethered to power - Electric standing desks are limited in mobility, because the have to be located near a power outlet.  Pneumatic and crank desks will serve much better in flexible classroom or office spaces
  • Motor Failures - Most electric standing desk motors are pretty reliable (and you definitely get what you pay for), but it’s worth noting that electric motors do sometimes fail.

How to Choose the Right Electric Standing Desk:

Now that we’ve decided that an electric stand up desk is the right choice for you, let’s discuss the key features and specifications you should consider while shopping.  Some of these will be intrinsically obvious, such as: size, color, and other personal preferences.  But what about the more technical aspects of an electric stand up desk?  The lists below will help.

Key factors to consider when purchasing an electric standing desk:

  • Height Adjustment Range - Specifically, it’s important that you make sure your desk lifts tall enough for your height.  To find the max height you need from a standing desk, measure the distance from the floor to your elbow (while standing).  If you plan on using a keyboard tray, add another 5 inches.
  • Weight Capacity - There’s a good chance that this will never be an issue for most users, but if you feel that you have a particularly heavy set up of monitors or work items (more than 150 lbs.), then make sure the desk has the weight capacity to support it.
  • Ease of Installation - This is often overlooked in the evaluation process, but keep in mind that these desks will take some time and effort to assemble.  Desks that can be assembled easily and without the need for tools offer a tremendous value!
  • Warranty - If you want to understand the quality of a desk, look no further than the warranty.  Warranties vary from 1 to 10 years, and you probably don’t want to be doing this again 12 months from now, right?
  • Memory controller - We strongly recommend a standing desk with a memory controller

Factors NOT to consider:

  • Noise - You’ll find a lot of companies strongly tout how quiet their motors are - often supported by decibel ratings.  Don’t waste your brain cells on this. They all sound virtually the same, and none of them are louder than the person on the phone next to you.
  • Speed - Yet another way standing desk manufacturers attempt to differentiate from the competition.  Don’t be fooled… you’re not going to notice the difference.

Best Electric Standing Desks

Now you're armed with all the basic information you need to properly evaluate and electric standing desk, so let's get into some specifics.  Below is a curation of our top recommendations base on the style, budget or features of that you might need. 

If none of these feel like the right fit for you, you can always scroll down to the bottom and view ALL of our electric standing desks.  Or when in doubt, shoot us an email atinfo@standingdesknation.com, and we’ll be happy to help further!



iMovR Lander Electric Standing Desk


#1 Recommended Electric Standing Desk:

iMovR Lander Desk

If you were to ask any of the staff here at Standing Desk Nation which desk we would purchase for ourselves, almost everyone would choose a Lander Desk by iMovR.  These desks are manufactured to a quality standard that you won’t find with most other companies - and they’re made right here in the USA. This may not be visible to the average observer, but the benefit is obvious.  These desks won’t fail - as evidenced by their warranty: 5 years on the top, 10 years on the motors and LIFETIME on the base.

Here are a few other reasons we LOVE the Lander Desk:

  • Easy Installation - Assembly can be done in minutes… no tools required!
  • Unique Paddle Controller - Small and simple, and includes memory controls
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - With connectable smart phone app and health tracking

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Best "Value" Electric Standing Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk

If you’re looking for a quality desk at a lower price than the Lander Desk, it’s hard to go wrong with the ApexDesk Elite Series.  These desks are reliable, easy to assemble, and offer tons of work space (particularly the 71” model).

  • Memory Controller - Comes standard with every model
  • Easy to Assemble - Not tools required to assemble the base
  • Massive Work space

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ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Standing Desk

Vivistand Quattro 4-Leg Electric Standing Desk


Best 4 Leg Electric Standing Desk

Vivistand Quattro

Vivistand is a relatively unknown brand in the standing desk market, but we don’t think that’s going to last too long.  They’ve built this desk with a boatload of great features, and yet kept the price extremely reasonable for a 4-legged desk.

  • Vivitrack System - A unique track system that wraps around the desk, allowing you to attach accessories, manage cables, and generally customize your desk to your liking
  • Zero Wobbling - Most 4-leg desks have a bit of wobble to them - but the Quattro is as sturdy as we’ve seen
  • Built-in Power Strip
  • One-Touch Memory Controls

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Best Standing Desk for Gaming

Eureka Ergonomic E1 Racer

This desk doesn’t just look great… it has all the features a gamer needs, including a built in box for power strip, easy one-touch adjustment and an extra large gaming surface.  The work surface also comes with a unique carbon fiber texture and vibrant colors, unlike anything else we’ve seen in the sit-stand industry.

The E1 Racer supports up to 330 lbs, which means no gaming set up is too heavy for this beauty.

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Eureka E-1 Racer Electric Standing Desk for Gamers

VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Standing Desk Converter


Electric Standing Desk Converter

VersaDesk Power Pro

The terms “standing desk” and “standing desk converter” are often used interchangeably, so just in case you’re looking for something that can convert your current desk to a sit to stand, we’ve included the VersaDesk Power Pro on this list.


Compared to other electric desk risers, the VersaDesk is built like a tank.  It easily lifts up to 80 lbs (although we’re not sure why you would ever need to) and comes with a lifetime warranty!

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