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3 Monitor Stand Up Desk Converters

You need a triple monitor standing desk, and on this page we want to help you find one that will work for you!

Before we get started, you should know that there aren't many options out there for a stand up desk that holds 3 monitors.  While 3 monitor and even 4 monitor set ups are becoming more and more popular in the workplace, convertible standing desk manufacturers haven't really followed suit.

If you're looking for a desk riser for 3 monitors (a la Varidesk or Flexispot), they simply don't exist.  The widest desk riser that we know of is our Loctek LXR48 Standing Desk Converter - and even at 48" wide, it's unlikely to hold 3 monitors side-by-side (unless they are very small).

Having said all that, we do have some great 3 monitor standing desk options!  You'll notice that we have a particular affinity for the Innovative line of Winston Workstations.   In our opinion, nobody does a better job of making standing desks for 3 monitors (or 4 monitors).  

So let's walk you through a couple of your options, and find the right 3 monitor standing desk converter for you:

3 Monitor Standing Desk Converters

#1 Recommended 3 Monitor Standing Desk Converter

Winston Workstation 3 monitor standing desk converter

Innovative Winston Workstation
Triple Monitor Standing Desk Converter

The Winston Workstations is the ultimate stand up desk for 3 monitors.  It has an 17" height adjustment range - which means it can support taller users above 6' - and comes with a separate monitor height adjustment, so you can find the perfect posture while sitting or standing. 

The desk is carefully counter-balanced, making it almost effortless to lift up and down (even with 3 monitors).  The design is sleek and minimal, to help save space on your desk and keep your workspace looking nice.  And despite it's slim look, the Winston Workstation is extremely sturdy, and won't shake during use.

  • 17" of vertical adjustment - supports taller users well over 6'
  • Separate monitor height adjustment - for perfect posture
  • Freestanding base - makes installation fast and easy
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • Can be used as a corner standing desk converter

Winston Workstation Triple

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Every bit as good as you think
I'm not a stranger to standing desks, but I've never seen an adjustable desktop solution that I liked, until now. Even with two 26" monitors it adjusts smoothly and is stable in use. Aesthetically, it is the nicest object in my office. As Marie Kondo might say, "It brings me joy when I use it." It arrived very quickly. It does need assembly, but if you are comfortable assembling IKEA furniture it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for a great product! -Richard Fritzson


More 3 Monitor Standing Desk Recommendations:

Electric Standing Desk Converter
for 3 Monitors

Winston-E Triple Monitor Standing Desk Converter

Winston-E 3 Monitor Standing Desk Converter

*Electric lifting w/ 1-touch memory controls
*Full depth and tilt monitor adjustment


For Large 27+" Monitors:

Innovative Winston Workstation Quad

Winston Workstation Quad Standing Desk for 3 Monitors over 24"

*Can be used as a 3 monitor standing desk converter
for large monitors over 24" (40 lbs max)



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