Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter

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Flexispot M2B and M2W 35 inch Classic Standing Desk Riser

The FlexiSpot M2 Standing Desk Converter is truly the best all around desk converter on the market.  Unlike other popular standing desk converters that swing up and away from your desk in the top position, the Flexispot 35 offers a more intelligent vertical lifting system that, that helps keep you closer to your work, saves space in your office, and removes the risk of tipping. The Flexispot was also designed with a comparably deep work surface and a wide keyboard, to allow room for things like note taking, reference documents... or maybe just a cup of coffee!  The point is, you don't have to leave your work on the table next to you - It can move up and down with you, for better work efficiency.  This may not sound like much, but over the course of days and weeks, you will be thankful you have it.

The lifting motion on the Flexispot 35 is quite smooth and quiet, thanks to 2 quality gas springs, and the desk offers 12 height adjustment settings up to 20" high.  That's one of the highest adjustment ranges in the industry.  So, for those of you around and over 6' - the Flexispot has you covered.

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Flexispot M2B Features

  • Straight Up & Down Movement - For a more efficient use of space, lower risk of tipping, and to keep you closer to your desk.
  • Deeper Desktop Worksurface - Gives you space for important work tools like notepads, tablets, documents, calculators, and more.
  • Smooth Adjustment - Easy to lift, thanks to quality gas springs and single handle adjustability.
  • 20 inch Maximum Height - 12 height settings allow you to adjust the desk to fit any user - even those taller than 6 feet.
  • Small Desk Footprint - Despite the massive workspace, the M2 has a relatively small base that can fit on any 24" deep desk.
  • No Assembly Required - Just click the keyboard tray into place, and get to work. (no tools required)
  • Compatible with any Monitor Mount - Dedicated thru-hole allows you to safely mount any monitor arm using clamp or grommet mount.
  • Available in four size options:
    • Flexispot M1  27 inch (for 1 monitor)
    • Flexispot M2  35 inch
    • Flexispot M3  47 inch (for large monitors and extra work space)
    • Flexispot M4  41 inch corner desk
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Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter lifting vertically


Flexispot M2B Specifications

Manufacturer Flexispot
Model Number M2B, M2W, M2MG, M2RW
Width 35 inches
Depth 31 inches  (including keyboard tray)
Required Table Depth 23 inches
Work Surface 35 inches x 24 inches
Keyboard Tray 35 inches x 12 inches  (narrows to 8 inches at sides)
Height Range 6 inches - 20 inches
Loading Capacity 35 lbs.
Weight 50.6 lbs.
Warranty 5 years


Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter Large Work Space


Flexispot 35 Dimensions

Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter Dimensional Illustration

Flexispot 35 Setup and Installation

Setting up your Flexispot 35 is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the Flexispot M2 Assembly Instructions.

Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter Assembly Instructions


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 111 reviews
    Just as I hoped!

    I had been looking at many reviews for many different standing desks over the last 6 months, and so I was anxious to actually place an order, knowing there are so many things to consider when choosing a standing desk converter. This product is exactly as I hoped it would be! I opened the box, put it on my desk, slid in the keyboard tray, and I was in business! The raising and lowering mechanism is very smooth and easy-- I do it multiple times each day. And the standing mat was a worthwhile addition!

    A new season!!

    It's been great...I move around alot more and I can really feel the difference...having the option to stand and work has been incredible. The Flexispot is very sturdy and has room for files as well. It has worked out better than I thought.


    The standing desk is amazing, specially for the people with the back problems


    Flexispot M2 35 inch Standing Desk Converter


    Love it!!!

    Best sit stand desk for less money!

    My boss finally was able to "afford' this sit stand desk for me after getting a Dr. script for my bad back(from 10 years sitting at desk compressing your spinal disks). It was on a really good sale (+no shipping) and literally cost 1/2 as much as the top recognized name brand out there, so my boss agreed. I've been using it for a week and a half and i love it. I got the 35" since that is my whole work space area in front of me at my L -shaped desk, so it fits my monitor, desk calendar, electric and non electric calculators, and paper document holder on top of the desk. The keyboard holder is large enough to fit my keyboard(and wrist rest pad) and mouse (and mouse pad) no problem. I did have to move my computer tower with all the chords from under my side desk to under the desk in front of me but i still have 16" wide leg room. i do have a supermaster plug in extension with 6 plug ins only a foot or so from the wall so i am lucky there. i can easily stand up the desk with no problem with normal chords here. i did have to bump up my chair a little to sit down to have good ergonomic posture with the slightly now raised keyboard area like only 1/2 inch higher. He also bought me a standing mat from like Costco type store which is light to move to the side when sit back down(may get a topo mat later on my own since they're more expensive--Topo mini by Ergodriven seemed like the best one for me. The one funny thing to note is that my boss and i were trying to lift up the desk for like 20 minutes with no luck before he pressed down on the desk first and then it released so that we were able to lift up the desk.Which of course you remember to do after, but it's not really told to you to do so in the beginning that i can recall seeing on video or reading about. Can't beat what you get in this desk for the money, and i researched them all. Looking forward to less back problems.Thank you Flexispot and Standing Desk Nation!