Standing Desk Monitor Mounts

Monitor Mounts for a Standing Desk

After a standing desk mat, a quality monitor arm is the next most important accessory you should consider purchasing with your standing desk. 

It doesn't really matter how tall you are, or how many monitors you use.  If you're using any monitor on it's normal stand, your screen isn't high enough.  If you're head is tilted down while you work, you're doing damage to your neck and spine, and you're likely in some amount of pain (even if you don't realize it).

So on this page we'll offer some of the best options for positioning your monitor screens in the ideal ergonomic position, and share our top recommended products in each category.

But first, let's answer a couple key questions that we often get asked.

Standing Desk Monitor Mounts


Do You Need a Monitor Mount?

"Need" might be a strong word, but we strongly recommend it.  The desk will function perfectly well without it, and we would argue that the vast majority of your health benefits will come from simply sitting less.

But there are real and long-term negative effects on your body, caused by slouching your head for hours and hours at a time, and it would be best to avoid that.


What are the benefits of a Monitor Mount?

  1. Proper screen height can help you stop slouching and improve posture, which will improve your overall spine health and reduce neck and back pain.
  2. A good mount will also allow you to adjust the depth of your monitor (the distance between your eyes and the screen), to help reduce eye strain and slouching.
  3. It can free up the space on your desk to reduce clutter and make room for other more important items
  4. Some monitor arms and stands allow you to adjust the angle and rotation of your monitor screens


The Best Standing Desk Monitor Mounts (2021 Update)

#1 - Best Overall Monitor Arm - Loctek D7 Monitor Arm

The Loctek D7 is made with high grade aluminum, high quality adjustable gas springs, a relatively high range of adjustment compared to cheaper mounts on the market.  It's configurable for single, dual, or triple monitor setups, and if you have a single large monitor, they also have a heavy option that supports up to 33 lbs.

The Loctek D7 is does come at a bit of a price, but considering the overall quality and versatility of this arm, we still consider it to be one of our top recommendations.

Loctek D7 Monitor Mount

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#2 - Best Budget Monitor Arm - Fleximount F7

If you're looking for something to fit a slightly lower budget - but you still want to feel confident that it will work - then we typically recommend the Fleximount F7 (or F8 for the heavy version).

The F7 isn't made of the same high grade materials as the Loctek, but you can feel confident that it's going to work.  One of the telltale signs of a cheap monitor arm is that the springs fail or under-perform (causing your monitors to lag).

The F7 is available in a single or dual monitor version.  For larger or heavier monitors, the F8 is essentially the exact same arm, but with heavier duty springs.

Fleximount F7 and F8 monitor arms

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