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Ergodriven Standing Desk Mats

Ergodriven is a small company, with a big purpose - to make standing healthier!

As more and more standing desks are being used in the work place, we've solved one big problem... too much sitting.  But now that we're spending more time standing, how do we ensure that don't create new health problems associated with sedentary standing, locked joints and poor posture?  Anti-fatigue mats have become common, and they do a great job of properly cushioning the joints, feet and spine - but they don't help to keep the body in proper posture and motion.

Meet the Ergodriven Topo and Ergodriven Topo Mini - the "Not flat" standing desk mats.  These unique anti-fatigue mats are designed with carefully engineered high and low points, designed to encourage you to move and shift your weight throughout the day, and help you stretch your feet and calves.  The result is a more active work day, lubricated joints, and a pain-free standing experience.


Ergodriven Topo Mat

Ergodriven Topo Mat features and high points

The Topo Mat by Ergodriven is the original anti-fatigue mat to feature calculated terrain variations, designed to promote movement, stretching and improved posture while you work.


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Ergodriven Topo Mini


Ergodriven Topo Mini top view


Topo Mini by Ergodriven is the little brother of the original Topo, with a slimmed down shape designed to fit in smaller offices or cubicles.


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