Ergodriven Topo Mini Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat

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Ergodriven Topo Mini Mat Anti Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks

The Ergodriven Topo Mini is the slimmed down version of the Topo Mat - the next generation of anti-fatigue mats. The mini is specifically designed to take up less space in your office or cubicle, so you don't have to worry about tripping over it when you aren't using it. 

The Topo Mini improves your standing desk experience by providing an uneven surface that promotes activity and varied stances, as it naturally causes unconscious movement for a more active work experience. 

The Topo Mini is also specifically designed to be easily moved with one foot when the user is switching between standing and sitting.  Slide it forward when you want to sit, and slide it back when you want to stand... no bending over necessary!


Ergodriven Topo Mat Mini Features

  • Slimmed Down - Specifically designed to fit in smaller office spaces where space might be an issue.
  • Sit Less and Stand More - Promotes activity and varied stances while standing, providing a better standing desk experience.
  • Easily Moved - Specially designed to be easily moved with one foot when adjusting from standing to sitting.
  • Raised Terrain - Causes your brain to subconsciously engage movement in your feet, promoting a more comfortable standing experience with less fatigue.
  • No Distractions - Unlike a bike, treadmill or balance board, the Topo Mat will not distract you from your work as all movement is unconsciously done throughout the day.

Ergodriven Topo Mini Features



Ergodriven Topo Mat Mini Specifications

Manufacturer Ergodriven
Model Number 8005
Width 25.2 inches
Weight 8 lbs.
Warranty 7 years

Ergodriven Topo Mini 3D View Dimension

Ergodriven Topo Mat vs. Topo Mini

Ergodriven Topo Mini Comparison

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very comfortable

The pad works great, feels good with or without shoes. Enough support. I really like the different angles/ elevations, makes it easy to stay on your feet.

Paul Braun
Anti fatigue mat

Exactly what we expected when we ordered it.

Paul Braun
Anti fatigue mat

Exactly what we expected when we ordered it.

Robert Mulligan

Very disappointed. Was told I would have it by Christmas and it’s not here. Also was told it ships in 24-48hrs. It didn’t ship for 5-6 working days. How do you expect me to give a review when I don’t have it yet.