Flexispot M3B 47 Inch Standing Desk Converter

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Flexispot M3 47" XL Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot 47 Overview

The FlexiSpot M3 Standing Desk Converter is the perfect desk for users with extra large monitors, or who just need more work space on their desk riser.  At 47 inches wide x 24 inches deep, the upper work surface of the M3 is almost like having an entire desk move up and down with you, which means ALL your work can move up and down with you, as you move from sit to stand.  The M3 should easily fit two 27" monitors, two 32" monitors, or 2 smaller monitors and a laptop.

The M3 also features extra strong gas springs designed to support more weight than the standard desk riser - up to 45 lbs weight capacity - which makes it a great option for users with heavy monitors, or triple monitor arms.

And unlike other popular standing desk converters that swing away from your desk in the top position, the Flexispot M3 adjusts straight up and down - allowing you to stay close to your work and maximize your desk space (and avoid dangerous tipping).  The lifting motion is smooth and easy, with twelve height adjustment settings up to 20" high - ideal for taller users over 6'.  The M3 also comes with a dedicated thru-hole for safely mounting monitor arms and stands of all types.

*Now with a new, larger keyboard tray!  (no more sliding keyboard tray)

Flexispot 47 Features

  • Massive work surface - thanks to the largest desktop surface of any sit-stand desk converters.  Supports 2 large monitors, and more.
  • Extra large keyboard tray - will fit any keyboard and mouse, and more.
  • Straight Up & Down Movement - For a more efficient use of space that keeps you closer to your desk and avoids the risk of tipping.
  • Industrial Strength Gas Springs - Support up to 45 lbs, yet smooth and easy to adjust.
  • 20 inch Maximum Height - Great for taller users, with 12 different height settings in between sitting and standing.
  • No Assembly Required - Simply click the keyboard tray into place - no tools necessary.
  • Compatible with any Monitor Mount - Safely mount any monitor arm or stand using dedicated thru-hole in the back of the upper work surface
  • Available in four size options:
    • Flexispot M1 - 27" wide
    • Flexispot M2 - 35" wide
    • Flexispot M3 - 47" wide
    • Flexispot M4 - 41" corner unit
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Flexispot M3 47 inch Standing Desk Converter Work Surfaces

Flexispot M3 Specifications

Manufacturer Flexispot
Model Number M3B, M3W
Width 47 inches
Depth 31 inches (including keyboard tray)
Required Table Depth 23 inches
Work Surface 47 inches x 24 inches
Keyboard Tray 35 inches x 12 inches (narrows to 8 inches at sides)
Height Range 6 inches - 20 inches
Loading Capacity 45 lbs.
Weight 54 lbs.
Warranty 5 years

Flexispot M3B Standing Desk Converter Heights and Dimensions

Flexispot 47 Dimensions

Flexispot M3 47 inch Dimensional Illustration

Flexispot M3 Setup and Installation

Installation of your Flexispot M3 Desk riser is quick and easy to install in less than a minute (no tools required).  Follow these instructions for more details: Flexispot M3 Assembly Instructions

Flexispot M3 47 inch Standing Desk Converter Installation Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Tabitha’s new Desk Converter

She loves it. Others in her office are asking about it, including someone that has a different brand and is not happy with it.
It holds all of her equipment sturdy. She likes how easy it adjusts.

Sturdy solution for reducing strain

The Flexispot M3B 47 is nice and big so that you can raise your whole working surface. It is very sturdy with 2 monitors and an adding machine on top, with plenty of room for paperwork as well. The single lever on the side makes it easy to raise and lower. It was very simple to set up and it arrived within 2 days after I hit the submit button! My staff is enjoying lots of standing time on the squishy rubber mat and are glad to be able to adjust the height so that they aren't straining their necks when working with stacks of paperwork. Also the customer service has been exceptional! The keyboard may sit a little too high when in the sitting position for someone short, but if you use a wireless keyboard & mouse with a pullout keyboard drawer on your existing desk, you can still have a comfortable option when in the lowered position.


I love my standing desk. I sit at a computer all day and don't get to take much time to stretch. This allows me to get up and still be productive. It is easy to use and very sturdy. Everyone I have dealt with at the company has been very helpful. I would absolutely recommend this company and their products.

In Love with this! Best purchase ever and it is "Julie Proof"

I am very strict on quality and well made products. I have looked over the last few years at different stand up conversions, makes and models. I have found that the Flexispot not only fit my needs for desk size work space, but I LOVE the up and down of the converter instead of the up and forward. I am very hard on things and break things easily. This is fool proof. I also have permanent Nerve damage in my arms/hands and I am able to lift with one hand and put it down. I still use two hands, but it is smooth, not jerky.
I loved the quality so much I brought the seat cushion as well as the standing mat !!!!
This equipment has my "Julie Proof" seal of approval.
Not too many items Fit this brand and I am not one who does reviews much on products!
I am proud to own one of these and it was well worth the cost. I am super pleased with this and in love with this product!
Working from home, our schedules changed to 10-12hr shifts and I could no longer sit for that time. Within a few days this has already lifted my pain levels by standing. Thank you for making such a great quality product!

Mark Fitzgerald

Excellent just what I needed and expected!

Love my new desk!

I finally ordered my standing desk converter after thinking about it for a long time! Was originally looking at a more expensive option and then my co-worker advised I look at Flexispot. Love it! Easy to put together, great quality and easy to move up and down. Thanks for the great product!