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ApexDesk began with a vision of bringing to market an affordable line of standing desks.  Founded by two self-proclaimed “computer geeks,” and designed by Danish engineers, Apex Desk offers a full line of standing desks designed to stretch your budget, without making major sacrifices in quality or durability.

So with an Apex Desk, you can feel confident that you're getting all the things you need, and nothing that you don't.  They're all fast and easy to assemble, simple to use, and are backed by strong warranties. 

When you purchase an ApexDesk, you can feel confident that the desk is going to last.  And if anything goes wrong, we'll be there to help you fix it!

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ApexDesk Standing Desks and Desk Risers


ApexDesk Elite Series Adjustable Standing Desk

The flagship standing desk in the Apexdesk line is the ApexDesk Elite Series Standing Desk, which gives users the feel of an executive desk, at a price point blow $650.  The Elite Series comes in 60" and 71" wide sizes,  that feature an extra large workspace, reliable and quiet 2-stage motors, and a height adjustable desk range to fit users of nearly any height (29" - 48").  The ApexDesk Elite Series is also one of the easiest and fastest standing desks we've ever assembled... no tools required!  


ApexDesk Elite Series 71 Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Unbeatable Value!
Wow, the build quality of this desk is amazing, and exceeds that of any previous desks that I've owned. The lift/lower functionality is excellent. Would I recommend this? Absolutely. Assembly was pretty simple, but it will take about half an hour, and it is better with two people. Overall, this desk is a fantastic deal and it feels like it will last for quite some time. Also, mine came with a cable management system to help hide the wires. Definitely a quality purchase, and worthy of praise it receives.-Minn


ApexDesk Vortex Series Adjustable Standing Desk

The ApexDesk Vortex Series is another popular model, thanks to it's incredably affordable price point - $499 for a 60" desk.  The Vortex Series features a slightly smaller height adjustment range (28" -46") than the Elite Series, but is known as an absolute work-horse, capable of lifting up to 170 lbs. 

The Vortex is fast and easy to assemble, extremely durable, and features anti-collision top functionality - a rarity at this price point.


ApexDesk Vortex Series Standing Desk Converter


ApexDesk ZT Series Standing Desk Converter

ApexDesk ZT Series Electric Standing Desk Converter

The new ApexDesk ZT Series is an electric desk riser, designed to convert your current desk to a standing desk, without the cost or hassle of purchasing a full standing desk. 

The ZT Series Desk Riser features a space-saving straight up/down lifting system, a massive work surface, a retractable keyboard tray and a built-in USB charger.

The ApexDesk ZT series is wide enough to fit 2 monitors (36") and strong enough to lift up to 50 lbs., making it a great all-around desk converter for nearly any setup.



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