Focal Upright Furniture

Focal Upright Standing Desks and Active Seats

Focal Upright designs and builds office furniture designed to make you feel human again.  The body was built to move throughout the work day, and that's just what Focal Upright Furniture will do for you with their unique line of active seating and standing desks.

While traditional ergonomics employ the use of expensive ergonomic chairs and traditional standing desks, Focal Upright takes workplace health a step further.  Focal desks and seats remove the traditional chair altogether, and keep you in an upright and leaning position (with your hips at a 135º, instead of 90º).  This keeps your hips open and your legs and core engaged, which helps to prevent and reverse back problems.  Focal seats are also designed to pivot and move, which helps to keep the body active, promoting improved circulation throughout the body and brain, increased energy and focus, and "thermogenesis."

Focal Upright Office with Focal Locus Seat and Desk

Focal Upright Stools and Seats

The foundation of the Focal Upright Seat design is two fold:

  1. Open the hips to a more natural 135º, and create a healthy upright posture
  2. Allow the seat to pivot and wobble, so the user stays activated and in motion

The traditional form of sitting at a 90º angle is tightening your hips and hamstrings, pulling your back out of alignment, and placing the body into a sedentary state.  Focal Active Seats put you in a healthy neutral posture that takes the stress of your tissues and joints, and forces you to stay engaged and active.  Once you try one, you'll never go back.

Focal Upright Locus Seat black facing left

Focal Upright Locus Seat


Focal Upright Mobis II Seat blue facing left

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat


Focal Upright Pivot Seat black

Focal Upright Pivot Seat


Focal Upright Mogo Seat red

Focal Upright Mogo Seat


Focal Upright Locus Desks and Bundles

The Locus Desk is extremely functional and well designed.  It combines high quality materials (assembled in the US), with a design that fits the human body better than the traditional rectangular desk - thanks to features like a curved front edge, tilting table top (up to 15º), built-in cup-holders - and customizable additions, like a monitor shelf and cable management.

But to truly get the full Locus Desk experience, we strongly recommend pairing it with the Locus Seat (see the Focal Locus Bundle), and with the Locus Monitor Shelf (see the Focal Locus Bundle Pro).

Focal Upright Locus Workstation Features
Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro features
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Focal Upright Locus Desk Walnut facing left

Focal Upright Locus Desk


Focal Upright Locus Bundle black walnut facing left

Focal Upright Locus Bundle


Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro black walnut facing left with monitor

Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro


Focal Upright Sphere Desks and Bundles

The Focal Upright Sphere has all the same features as the Locus desk, but with a unique crescent shape designed to expand your work surface and keep everything within reach.  With the Sphere's curved shape, the desk wraps comfortably around your body, so you're work never extends beyond the length of your arms.  Click here to see an info graphic with more features of the Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro

And just like the Locus Desk, we strongly recommend pairing the Sphere Desk with the Locus Seat (see the Focal Sphere Bundle), and a Monitor Shelf (see the Focal Sphere Bundle Pro).

Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro desk dimensions from top

Focal Upright Sphere Desk black walnut from top right

Focal Upright Sphere Desk


Focal Upright Sphere Bundle black walnut from top right

Focal Upright Sphere Bundle


Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro black walnut from top right

Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro


Focal Upright Reviews

Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro - Transformation Perfected
My Locus Bundle Pro is beautifully designed, thoughtfully engineered, and very well made -- and Focal Upright charges accordingly. I've been using it for 16 months -- and I can't imagine going back to a traditional desk and chair. The Locus leaning seat is the key to my better posture, less fatigue, and more energy.

Given the proportion of time you spend at your desk ... when you amortize the cost of this furniture over its life, it's a compelling investment in your health and productivity. Focal Upright has transformed my workday -- and for that I'm very grateful.
-Peter Dowling

Focal Upright Pivot Seat - A Nice Alternative
I’m loving this pivot seat. Now I’m not much of leaner and definitely not a sitter but this pivot chair is a fun alternative to play with your core or balance. It’s a fun thing to add to my day.

Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro - A Nice Alternative
I was instantly thrilled with how much more active and alive I felt sitting at this new, higher desk with the rock & roll backless seat. I stand up more during my work day and it feels like a welcome departure from being "stuck" in a chair and desk. Thanks again from a very happy customer to have ventured to buy a new, architectural space age work platform.

Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro Review

SDN review of the Locus Workstation

Focal Upright Mogo Seat - Human Kickstand Does it's Job
This thing is pretty awesome. Having stood at work (9+ hr days) for over a year, my feet/back/neck could get pretty tired. I'd find myself slouching or reaching for the not-so-ergonomic drafting stool. I just got this, so I can't speak to long term use, but at first try it seems great. Construction/functionality are solid. Takes the weight off the feet, keeps the back in a solid position, keeps the hips open, engages the abs.... it's awesome.

Be sure to hit their website ([...] for tips on how to use it properly. I played with it for a bit then read through the site again and decided to try on a lower click- much better. I'm 5'2" and use it on the second click. I'm going to use it for a while before deciding, but I'm already thinking about getting a second one for my home workstation. It's portable, but not so small that I'd want to carry it back/forth every day.

Pros- Pretty portable. Easy to set-up/use. Very comfortable. Takes the weight off the feet and keeps the hips open.

Cons- Could use a bit of a shock- something to give it a little squish. The shape of the seat allows a bit of tush to mush through. Comfortable? yes. Flattering? no. If you're planning on using this at work, it's something to consider. Not a big deal in jeans or other thicker pants/skirts, but in anything thin there are some extra bits on display.