Focal Upright Locus Seat

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Focal Upright Locus Seat

The unique design of theFocal Upright Locus Seat has completely broken the mold from traditional ergonomics and your old-fashioned desk chair - adding new elements of movement and posture that completely remove the health risks associated with sitting.  You don’t sit on the Locus Seat - you lean into it, and move with it, and the results are invigorating!

    • Movement:  Never stop moving - even when you "sit"
      The science is very clear: excess sitting and a sedentary lifestyle deteriorate health and shorten life-span, and even an hour-a-day of exercise isn't enough to counteract the effects.  To be truly active and healthy, you have to maximize your "Non-Exercise Activity".  Pair the Locus Seat with your standing desk, and you now have the ability to move and stay active for ALL hours of your work day.

    • Posture:  That chair is killing you... try "Leaning" instead
      Even with a sit-stand desk, we all have to sit for large portions of the day.  A typical chair puts your hips into a 90 degree angle, and encourages your neck and shoulders to lump - resulting in tight hips, bad backs, soar necks, and a general loss of circulation in the body.  When you replace your chair with a Locus Seat, you gain the ability to "Lean" at a more natural position - with your hips at a natural 135º and your torso upright and strong.  When you lean into your Locus Seat, your body naturally falls into that relaxed & upright position that creates a perfect equilibrium between your back and core muscles.  Your posture will instantly improve, and your body will slowly recover it's natural condition and energy.



See how the Locus works in action:

Galen Cranz, Ph.D., the woman who literally wrote the book on the chair, says it best, "the fundamental problem in chair design is the right angle seated posture. No amount of ergonomic tinkering will solve the problem. The right-angle paradigm itself needs to be challenged.” The Locus Seat shatters the right-angle paradigm. You don’t sit on the Locus Seat; you lean into it. When you do, your body is supported in a neutral posture that will have you saying, “Ahh…" 

Here's a little more info about the concept of Focal Upright's Active Seating:


  • Includes anti-fatigue matt for added comfort
  • Height & length adjustable to fit any and all sizes
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Wheels for easy portability

  • Height Adjustability: 31" - 41"
  • Weight Rating: 300 lbs
  • Country of Origin: Sourced globally, assembled in Rhode Island
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime (with the following exceptions)
    • 5-year – Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip Tape
    • 10-year – Seat base
  • Anti-Fatigue mat:
    • L 26.25” x W 24.25 x H 0.8”
    • 1-year warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Seat needs to be more maneuverable in its tilt down.

It is a quality standing seat made with quality materials. The seat itself is not comfortable for long periods because it cannot be adjusted flipping down enough. It stops at a point where you always have to use it like a bike seat sitting on it, but it would be better as just a support against your cheeks (not everyone has the same size rear for this seat). It might even benefit from a padded rail that supported your lumbar/lower back with a hip support (a comfortable, supported lean). The foot rest is good and the pad very thick.


I was instantly thrilled with how much more active and alive I felt sitting at this new, higher desk with the rock & roll backless seat. I stand up more during my work day and it feels like a welcome departure from being "stuck" in a chair and desk. Thanks again from a very happy customer to have ventured to buy a new, architectural space age work platform.

Love my Locus Seat!

I love my Locus seat!! It's awesome. I work from home and I use it all day, every day. Love love love!!!

Locus Seat - LOVE IT!

I have had major back problems over the past year and the company I work for purchased me a Locus Seat and desk. I was recently unable to use my seat for a few of weeks until a replacement seat could be shipped out directly from Focal. Honestly, my back gave a sigh of relief when I sat on this chair again. I never want to be without it again! I would not hesitate to purchase one of these seats if you have any type of back problem. It really worked for me!! Focal customer service rep (Amanda K) was the most pleasant and accomodating person to deal with! I was amazed at the efficient service we received! I would gladly deal with Focal Upright for any of their products! If it was possible, I would give them a ten star rating rather than five!!