Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro

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Focal Upright Sphere Standing Desk Bundle Pro

The unique design of theFocal Sphere Standing Desk Bundle Pro has completely broken the mold from traditional ergonomics and standing desks - adding a new standard of movement, posture and design - that no other desk can rival.  Here's why you need a Focal Upright Sphere Bundle Pro:

    • Movement:  Never stop moving - even when you "sit"
      The science is very clear: excess sitting and a sedentary lifestyle deteriorate health and shorten life-span, and even an hour-a-day of exercise isn't enough to counteract the effects.  To be truly active and healthy, you have to maximize your non-exercise activity.  Pair the Locus Seat with your Sphere Desk, and you now have the ability to move and stay active for ALL hours of your work day.

    • Posture:  That chair is killing you... try "Leaning" instead
      Even with a sit-stand desk, we all have to sit for large portions of the day.  A typical chair puts your hips into a 90 degree angle, and encourages your neck and shoulders to lump - resulting in tight hips, bad backs, soar necks, and a general loss of circulation in the body.  When you replace your chair with a Locus Seat, you gain the ability to "Lean" at a more natural position - with your hips at a natural 135º and your torso upright and strong.  Your posture will instantly improve, and your body will slowly recover it's natural condition.
    • Design:  More usable space, and no desk fits as well as this one
      The Sphere desk is an amazing design, even for Focal Upright standards - and thanks to it's unique curved shape, it creates 50% more usable desk space, than an average rectangle desk - while still keeping everything within arms reach!  Both the Sphere Desk and Locus Seat are extremely customizable to your size and style, thanks to features like a tilting desktop, adjustable seat-base, and the Sphere Shelf (for your monitors).  And it's all built with high-quality materials, backed by a bold warranty.

Let Focal Upright Founder, Martin Keen, introduce you to Sphere - as he designed it...


The Sphere Desk provides an immense amount of desk space - but thanks to it's curved shape, no point of the desk ever extends beyond the reach of your arms.  The sphere desk can fit comfortably in any office corner, but is also stylish enough to stand alone in the middle of the room.  The Sphere also includes thoughtful features like a tilting desktop, built in cup-holders - and add-ons like the Sphere Monitor Shelf, cable management tray, and built in task light.  The Sphere is made of extremely high grade materials, and backed by a strong warranty.


To understand the foundation of the Locus Seat design, imagine yourself floating in outer-space.  When your body is free to fall into its natural position, your waist bends at about a 135º angle.  And what a coincidence, when you sit (er... "lean") in a Focal seat, your waist bends at that exact same angle - and your back, legs and hips love every second of it!  

Watch the video below to learn more about Focal's Leaning design philosophy.  



Sphere Bundle Pro Includes:

    • Sphere Standing Desk
    • Locus Seat (with Nubuck Seat Cushion)
    • Anti-Fatigue Mat
    • Locus Shelf
    • Cable Management Tray
    • and LED Worklight



Sphere Desk

    • Height Adjustability:36" - 48"
    • Desktop Dimensions:L 31" x W 78"
    • Weight Rating:180 lbs
    • Lifting Ratio:1:2 - One turn equals 1/4"
    • Country of Origin:Desk top made in North Carolina, component parts sourced globally, assembled in Rhode Island
    • Warranty:Limited lifetime
      • 1 Year Warranty: Desk Mat
      • 5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
      • 10 Year Warranty: Desk Top

    Locus Leaning Seat

      • Height Adjustability: 31" - 41"
      • Weight Rating:300 Lbs
      • Warranty:Limited lifetime
        • 5 Year: Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip tape
      • 5 Year: Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip tape
        • 10 Year Warranty: Seat base

    Anti-Fatigue Mat

      • Dimensions: L 26.25" x W 24.25"
      • Warranty: 1 year

    LED Task Light

      • Adjustability: Multiple dimming levels
      • Warranty: 5 year

    Sphere Shelf

      • Dimensions: L 58"" x W 10" (.75" thick)
      • Warranty:Limited Lifetime (10-year shelf-top)

    Cable Management Tray

      • Dimensions: L 4" x W 6" x H 27"
      • Warranty: Lifetime



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Andrew Chen
    I am a fan!

    Received my Sphere Pro Bundle last Wednesday. Really fantastic set up. That workstation is one solid piece of engineering.


    I was instantly thrilled with how much more active and alive I felt sitting at this new, higher desk with the rock & roll backless seat. I stand up more during my work day and it feels like a welcome departure from being "stuck" in a chair and desk. Thanks again from a very happy customer to have ventured to buy a new, architectural space age work platform.

    Paul Nagen
    Sphere Bundle

    I love this desk. Setup was easy. Lots of micro-adjustments to get it right, but once I figured it out, I adjusted to standing very quickly.

    Standing while working has an odd psychological effect. Instead of being nestled down and stooped over in a chair, I am standing in a command position. Somehow it makes me feel more important and more in control.

    For me this desk is a life-saver. I have lots of age-related spine issues, all of which make sitting at a traditional desk very uncomfortable. With the Sphere my posture has greatly improved and my carpal tunnel symptoms have basically disappeared. That's huge!

    My wife noticed that there is a carryover into the rest of my daily activities. I am much more aware of my posture and don't slouch nearly as much as I used to.

    Overall: The Sphere desk makes my workday much more tolerable. It is beautiful and ergonomic. The Focal team has been uniformly friendly and easy to work with.
    Only problem is now my wife wants one too.