Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro

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Focal Upright Locus Standing Desk Bundle Pro

The Focal Upright Locus Bundle Pro gives all the items you need for a perfect Focal Locus Workstation: Locus Desk, Locus Seat, Locus Monitor Shelf, Cable Management Tray, and built-in Task Light - all at a bundled price to help you save.  No wonder it's our top selling Focal Upright standing desk package.

Locus Desk

The desk is extremely functional and well designed.  It combines high quality materials (assembled in the US), with a design that fits the human body better than the traditional rectangular desk - thanks to features like a curved front edge, tilting table top (up to 15º), built-in cup-holders - and customizable additions, like a monitor shelf and cable management.

Locus Seat

To understand the foundation of the Locus Seat design, imagine yourself floating in outer-space.  When your body is free to fall into its natural position, your waist bends at about a 135º angle.  And what a coincidence, when you sit (er... "lean") in a Focal seat, your waist bends at that exact same angle - and your back, legs and hips love every second of it.


  • Movement:  Never stop moving - even when you "sit"
    The science is very clear: excess sitting and a sedentary lifestyle deteriorate health and shorten life-span, and even an hour-a-day of exercise isn't enough to counteract the effects.  To be truly active and healthy, you have to maximize your non-exercise activity.  Pair the Locus Seat with your Locus Desk, and you now have the ability to move and stay active for ALL hours of your work day.

  • Posture:  That chair is killing you... try "Leaning" instead
    Even with a sit-stand desk, we all have to sit for large portions of the day.  A typical chair puts your hips into a 90 degree angle, and encourages your neck and shoulders to lump - resulting in tight hips, bad backs, soar necks, and a general loss of circulation in the body.  When you replace your chair with a Locus Seat, you gain the ability to "Lean" at a more natural position - with your hips at a natural 135º and your torso upright and strong.  Your posture will instantly improve, and your body will slowly recover it's natural condition.

  • Design:  No desk fits as well as this one
    Both the Locus Desk and Locus Seat are extremely customizable to your size and style, thanks to features like a tilting desktop, adjustable seat-base, the Locus Shelf (for your monitors), and a built-in task light.  The desk also includes thoughtful design features like a curved front edge and built in cup-holders, that allow the desk to function better than any standard rectangular desk can.  And it's all built with high-quality materials, backed by a bold warranty. 

Locus Desk

  • Height Adjustability:36" - 48"
  • Desktop Dimensions:
    • Locus 4- L 30" x W 48" 
    • Locus 5- L 30" x W 60" 
    • Locus 6- L 30" x W 72"
  • Weight Rating:180 lbs
  • Lifting Ratio:1:2 - One turn equals 1/4"
  • Country of Origin:Desk top made in North Carolina, component parts sourced globally, assembled in Rhode Island
  • Warrenty:Limited lifetime
    • 1 Year Warranty: Desk Mat
    • 5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
    • 10 Year Warranty: Desk Top

Locus Seat

    • Height Adjustability: 31" - 41"
    • Weight Rating:300 Lbs
    • Warranty:Limited lifetime
      • 5 Year: Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip tape
    • 5 Year: Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip tape
      • 10 Year Warranty: Seat base

Anti-Fatigue Mat

    • Dimensions: L 26.25" x W 24.25"
    • Warranty: 1 year

LED Task Light

    • Adjustability: Multiple dimming levels
    • Warranty: 5 year

Locus Shelf

    • Dimensions: L 58"" x W 10" (.75" thick)
    • Warranty:Limited Lifetime (10-year shelf-top)

Cable Management Tray

    • Dimensions: L 4" x W 6" x H 27"
    • Warranty: Lifetime 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Maria G
Great All in One Option

This is a complete set up for your standing desk needs. It's a high quality product, with nice desk top space in a fairly compact format. The shelf is perfect for dual monitors, height adjustment is by a crank but very smooth and easy to do. The stool seating is great for healthy seating posture and provides flexibility. I am very happy with my purchase. The only aspect I feel could be improved is the channel for computer wires. It's a little far from the desk edge to capture wires from one of my monitors.

John Oman
Best desk I've ever owned!

I've had this desk for five years, and it's easily the best desk I've ever owned! It's beautifully designed, elegant, and always a conversation starter. I got this desk in response to back pain of sitting hours on end at my desk job and this has been the single best device I've ever gotten for my back. Working at it is a joy for long hours in front of the computer, my legs are engaged my core is engaged. I can move while I work. Transitioning between standing and leaning is easy and seamless. I love it!

Due to the COVID crisis I've had to work at home and I realize how good this desk was for my body now that I've been at home for a few weeks. I miss it every time I 'sit' down at my home work station. Seriously this desk is the best thing you can do for your body and your long term health if you have a desk job. I cannot recommend it enough, it's worth every penny.

Peter Dowling
Transformation perfected

My Locus Bundle Pro is beautifully designed, thoughtfully engineered, and very well made -- and Focal Upright charges accordingly. I've been using it for 16 months -- and I can't imagine going back to a traditional desk and chair. The Locus leaning seat is the key to my better posture, less fatigue, and more energy.

Given the proportion of time you spend at your desk ... when you amortize the cost of this furniture over its life, it's a compelling investment in your health and productivity. Focal Upright has transformed my workday -- and for that I'm very grateful.

Kevin Hodge
Rocking my day job!

The Locus Desk top looks great. Black Walnut is beautiful stuff.

Aaron McHugh - blogger/podcaster
It's bad ass

1. I feel better - I genuinely feel physically better at the end of each work day. Instead of low backache, I feel stronger from the trifecta of sitting, standing and core stabilization.
2. I feel more creative - Maybe it's because my brother is an architect. He creates buildings that you can touch and walk through. My Locus Workstation can take on the profile of a draftsman's workbench. I prefer the slightly tilted position of the desk as if I was an architect shaping the skyline. Instead, I write, market & sell software (which I happen to love). My newfound workstation makes me feel like creating a-new.
3. The transition from sitting-to-standing is quicker - This might seem like a minor nuance benefit. It's not. The ability to quickly jump up and walk around or change positions quickly is like Usain Bolt (he's really fast) running a tenth of a second faster in 100 meters. It's bad ass. The result is that you get up more often to move around. Instead of sitting stagnant for an eight+ hour workday, you move about more often.