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Born from Life Fitness (one of the most popular manufacturers of fitness equipment on the planet), InMovement Desks leverage the company's deep knowledge and understanding of the human body, health and fitness.  So, you can be certain that when you sit or stand (or walk) in front of an InMovement desk, you're getting the best - and a lot of research and thought have gone into ensuring a healthy and active work experience.

InMovement aims to return movement to the modern workday - prioritizing human health, with the belief that healthy employees drive a stronger business. In doing so, InMovement helps create companies that are happy, healthier and significantly more productive.

InMovement also has a healthy understanding of the importance of design and the visual aesthetics in the office space.  A standing desk doesn't need to be an ugly black piece of equipment.  So all InMovement desks are designed with stunning lines and styles - designed to be visually appealing - so companies and employees are more likely to adopt and use sit-stand desks.


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InMovement Standing Desk DT2

The InMovement DT2 Standing Desk (also known as the InMovement Elevate Desktop DT2) is the flagship product of the InMovement Line.  With an expansive workspace, retractable keyboard tray, and a beautiful aesthetic, it's the ideal desk riser for any office.  Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Expansive Work Surface - supports just about any 2 monitor setup (41" wide x 26" deep)
  • Retractable Keyboard Tray - designed for convenience and to save space. Also helps to improve ergonomics
  • Built to Last - including using mechanical springs which are less likely to fail over time, when compared to traditional gas springs
  • 4 Beautiful Colors to choose from - Light Wood, Dark Wood, White and Black.  Each comes with the stylish silver base
  • Comes Fully Assembled

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InMovement Standing Desk Pro DT20 [NEW]

The InMovement Standing Desk Pro DT20 is the newest addition to the InMovement line, designed to offer a much slimmer profile than the larger DT2, while still accommodating 2 monitors. Here are some of the new features we love on the InMovement DT20:

  • Supports 2 Monitors - Despite the smaller and sleeker design, the DT20 will still support two 24" monitors
  • Straight Up/Down lifting - Saves space and won't push you away from your desk
  • Effortless adjustment - The DT20 comes with new gas springs that make the desk weightless in transition from sitting to standing
  • Modesty Panel - A first of it's kind, the modesty panel helps keep wires hidden underneath the desk riser
  • Comes Fully Assembled

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