Inmovement Energy Stool For Treadmill Standing Desks

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For pairing with a treadmill desk or standing desk, this "Active" seating choice is ideal. Why not take some of the advantages of standing, and when you sit, add them?

The base's unusual concave form allows the seat to rotate and move with the body, helping to encourage the perfect position of the upper body and enabling you to swing and move as as though you were standing.

To help hold your hips open and minimize the pressure of sitting on your back, use it in a sitting or perching position.

To prevent damage to the treadmill belt, the stool is designed with a "grippy" rubber base to ensure that the stool retains good contact and grip with the floor or treadmill - even when in a position of leaning or perching.

For when you need a break from walking and standing, the Energy Stools are an ideal accessory to the Unsit Treadmill Desk. Or pair it with a standing desk, and make the most out of your sitting time.

Inmovement Energy Stool For Treadmill Standing Desks Front Side View


Energy Stool Features

  • Allows you to stay mobile and active, even while seating
  • Encourages good posture and core engagement
  • Allows you to sit with your hips more open than traditional chairs - great for avoiding back problems
  • Ideal for perching or sitting

Energy Stool Specifications

Manufacturer Inmovement
Model Number Energy Stool For Treadmill Standing Desks
Diameter 14" (top and bottom)
Height Range 22" - 32" high
Weight 13.5 lbs
Color White frame - Gray upholstery
Warranty 2 years



Inmovement Energy Stool For Treadmill Standing Desks Top Front Side View

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