Standing Desk Chairs and Stools

Active Seats and Stools to Use with a Standing Desk

To some degree, a chair is a chair.  And while we will acknowledge that a Humanscale ergonomic chair is inherently better than the average desk chair at Staples, that doesn't necessarily mean it is a necessary purchase with a standing desk.

You could even make the case that an ergonomic chair has the exact opposite effect you're looking for when you purchase a standing desk: it promotes sitting.

Yes, they do put you in a healthier and more ergonomic sitting position.  But aren't you buying a standing desk because you want MORE movement in your day, and LESS sitting?

With that in mind, this list of chairs and stools for standing desks is a bit different from others you might see.  Everything on this list is designed to make more of your sitting, rather than make it more comfortable.  We calls these "Active Seats" because they keep your body in motion, and encourage engagement in the body, instead of relaxation.

That doesn't mean they are uncomfortable.  It just means that they give you the ability to stay active while you're sitting too - not just while you're standing.

Standing Desk Chairs and Stools


The Best Standing Desk Chairs and Stools (2021 Update)

#1 - Best Overall - InMovement Energy Stool

The Energy Stool is the quintessential active seat for a standing desk.  It features a concave bottom surface made of a tacky rubber that allows you to wobble, turn and move - but that won't slide on most surfaces.

It's not necessarily meant to act as a "chair" but it does give you 2 different seating options:

  1. Sitting - in a lower position
  2. Perching - in a more upright position (think of your legs and the stool as a tripod)

And unlike some other versions out in the market, the Energy Stool is made with quality steel and an adjustable gas spring that won't give out after a few uses.  It's also designed to be used on top of a treadmill desk, without damaging the belt surface.

InMovement Energy Stool

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#2 - For Kneeling - Varier Balans

This is a very different take on what an active stool can be, but if you're shopping with a greater focus on comfort than movement, then this is a great option for you.

The Balans is a kneeling chair, which spreads the pressure of sitting across your backside and your shins, and encourages a sitting position much like standing or perching.  You can't help but keep your body engaged and maintain good posture.

But the Balans can also be considered an "active chair" because of its unique rocking frame.  It won't allow quite as much movement as the Energy Stool - particularly side-to-side or twisting - but the front to back rocking is still quite helpful for keeping the body moving.

Varier Balans Chair

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