Focal Upright Mobis II Seat

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Focal Upright Mobis II Seat

The Focal Upright Mobis II Seat is another innovative active seat from Focal Upright, that breaks the unhealthy mold of your traditional chair - adding Movement and Posture like no desk chair can.  You don’t sit on the Mobis Seat - you lean into it, and move with it... and the results are invigorating!

The Mobis II functions much like the famed Locus Seat, but without the anti-fatigue mat and foot rest.  This makes the Mobis a more mobil option, or a great option for areas where space might be limited (retail counters, reception desks, meeting rooms, etc.).

When compared to the Pivot Seat, the Mobis can be used as a much more stable option - offering more support, but less movement.

For a comfortable and healthy experience, we strongly suggest adding a footrest to go with it!

Movement:  Never stop moving - even when you "sit"
The science is very clear: excess sitting and a sedentary lifestyle deteriorate health and shorten life-span, and even an hour-a-day of exercise isn't enough to counteract the effects.  To be truly active and healthy, you have to maximize your "Non-Exercise Activity".  Pair the Mobis Seat with your standing desk, and you now have the ability to move and stay active for ALL hours of your work day.

Posture:  That chair is killing you... try "Leaning" instead
Even with a sit-stand desk, we all have to sit for large portions of the day.  A typical chair puts your hips into a 90 degree angle, and encourages your neck and shoulders to lump - resulting in tight hips, bad backs, soar necks, and a general loss of circulation in the body.  When you replace your chair with a Locus Seat, you gain the ability to "Lean" at a more natural position - with your hips at a natural 135º and your torso upright and strong.  When you lean into your Mobis Seat, your body naturally falls into that relaxed & upright position that creates a perfect equilibrium between your back and core muscles.  Your posture will instantly improve, and your body will slowly recover it's natural condition and energy.

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat 3D View


Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Features

  • Built In Handle - For easy portability
  • Non-Slip - Easy to clean seat cushion reduces pressure points
  • Ellipse Shaped Base With Non-Slip Rim - Provides stability for active postures
  • Pivoting Seat Leg Encourages Dynamic Movement
  • Easy Adjust Handles - To lift and lower the seat


Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Specifications

Manufacturer Focal Upright
Model Number Mobis II 
Height Adjustability 25” – 35”
Weight Rating 300 Lbs
Base Footprints 16" Elipse
Weight 15 Lbs

Limited lifetime (with below exceptions)

5-year Seat cushion & Piston

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Back Side View

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Dimensions

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Dimensions

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Product Specs

Download the Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Product Specs

Focal Upright Mobis II Seat Product Specs Pdf

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