Innovative Winston E Triple Monitor Electric Sit Stand Workstation

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Innovative Winston E Triple Monitor Electric Standing Desk Converter

The Winston E Triple monitor sit stand desk has all the great features of the Winston E while accommodating three monitors. Adjust the height of your workstation with the touch of a button and watch the desk quickly and quietly raise to your desired height. Further simplify the process by programming your ideal ergonomic height into the desk so it returns to your ideal height every time.

This desk offers individual movement of the monitors, further customizing your set up to your most ergonomically comfortable position. Further adjust the monitors with the ability to swivel them to their best position. This desks expansive workstation easily fits your full sized keyboard and mouse as well as any of your favorite desk accessories.

The Winston E Triple Compact sit stand desk has identical features to the regular desk, but a much more compact workstation for those looking for less of an impact at their desk or who do not have enough space to accommodate the full sized desk.


Innovative Winston E Triple Features

  • Single Touch Adjustment - Adjust the height of your desk with the touch of a button and program your ideal ergonomic height into the desk, further simplifying the process.
  • Triple Monitor - Use three monitors up to 24" wide.
  • Ergonomic monitor adjustment - All monitors move independently, allowing you to further customize your sit stand desk experience.
  • Quickly install to any desk or table - Installers can get the desk up and running in less than 20 minutes. No need to move or replace furniture.
  • Expansive work surface -A large work surface allows you to fit a full sized mouse and keyboard as well as any desk accessories.
  • VESA Compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapter included.
  • Winston-Eis available in a single, dual, or triple monitor configuration.
Innovative Winston E Triple Height Setting

Innovative Winston E Triple Specifications

Manufacturer Innovative
Model Number WNSTE-3
Width 30 inches
Depth 30 inches
Required Table Depth 16 inches
Work Surface 30 inches x 22 inches
Height Range 0 inches - 18.4 inches
Loading Capacity 40 lbs.
Warranty 5 years



Innovative Winston E Triple Dimensions

Innovative Winston-E Triple Dimensional Illustration
Winston E Triple Dimensional Illustration

Innovative Winston E Triple Installation

For more detailed information and setting up your desk riser, please reference the Innovative Winston E Triple Assembly Instructions

Winston E Dual Assembly Instructions

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