Rocelco DADR Platinum Ergonomic Bundle

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Rocelco DADR Ergonomic Bundle
DADR Desk Riser + DM2 Dual Monitor Arm + Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Rocelco DADR Ergonomic Bundle offers one of our best selling standing desk converters, And now you can save when you bundle it with a DM2 Dual Monitor Stand and an Energizing Anti-Fatigue Mat!  Even when standing, low monitor height can create painful upper back problems related with forward head tilt.  To create the ideal posture, your monitor needs to be at eye level.

By combining these three products together, you have the ability to create the perfect sit-stand workstation that properly pads your joints/back/feet, ensures that your monitors are in that proper ergonomic position, and allows you to move effortlessly between sitting and standing!  And when you buy them together, you SAVE $$$!

The Rocelco DADR is a quick and economical way to turn your current desk... into a Sit-to-Stand DESK.  But with the DADR, you have some added features:

    1. Adjustment is MUCH Easier - This desk adjusts similar to a Varidesk, or any other standard desktop unit.  Simply pull the handles on either side of the surface, and move up or down.
    2. Larger Desktop- The surface of the DADR is 36" wide (or 4" wider than the ADR), allowing plenty of room for two large monitors.  The keyboard platform is wider, as well.
    3. Wire Management Grommet - The DADR features a new grommet hole on the back of the surface, which normally helps keep clutter under control, and ensures your monitor isn't pulled off the back during adjustment.  With the DADR Bundle, you simply install the DM2 Dual Monitor Stand right into that grommet whole, for a perfect and stable fit!

 And just like the ADR:

    • It sits right on top of your current desk and converts it to a sit/stand desk
    • Includes a retractable keyboard tray, to helpget you in the correct ergonomic position - sitting or standing.
    • Comes fully assembled



Rocelco DM2 Dual Monitor Arm is a flexible and affordable monitor attachment for any desk or surface - especially a sit/stand desk or converter.  It offers the size and strength to support up to 27" monitors, and the flexibility and adjustment to manage your monitor configuration, exactly as you like it!

  • Includes clamp mount and grommet mount
  • Fits perfectly with Rocelco DADR
  • Supports monitors, size 13" - 27"
  • Supports monitors or TV up to 17.6 lbs
  • Height adjustable
  • 360º swivel
  • 180º monitor pivot
  • 15º monitor tilt
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs
  • Height: 18.6"

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