Rocelco ADR Adjustable Desk Riser

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Rocelco Adjustable Desk Riser

The Rocelco ADR Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk Riser is one of our more popular standing desk converters here at Standing Desk Nation, because it is a quick and economical way to turn your current desk... into a SIT/STAND DESK. 

At 32" wide, he Rocelco Adjustable Desk Riser is generally designed to fit 1 monitor set-ups, but can accommodate 2 smaller monitors in some cases (we strongly recommend that you measure to be certain).  The ADR also comes with retractable keyboard tray, which helps to save space in your office or cubicle, and keeps you the proper distance from your monitors.  The upper work surface comes with plenty of extra work space for notes, and the lower keyboard tray is quite large, with plenty of space to support an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Rocelco ADR Review

Rocelco ADR Features

  • Height Adjustable - Sit stand desk riser and standing desk converter, sits directly on top of your existing desk.
  • Comes With Enough Space - To fit 2 small monitors and your laptop
  • It Provides An Adjustable Height Desk - 32" x 20.5"
  • This Keyboard Tray - 24" wide x 11.75" deep, large enough to hold a keyboard or a laptop and retractable to offer the ergonomically correct position, whether sitting or standing.
  • The Gas Springs - Hold up to 50 lbs
  • There Are 5 Adjustable Heights – From 6.5" to 16.3" provide the proper height and working angle for sitting or standing.
  • It Has A Desk Footprint - 30" wide x 21.5" deep
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Available in Black or White


Rocelco ADR Adjustable Desk Riser Height Lever

Rocelco ADR Specifications

Manufacturer Rocelco
Model Number ADR
Width 32”
Depth 24.5” (important if wall or cabinets are behind desk)
Required Table Depth 21”
Work Surface 30"  x 21.5
Keyboard Tray 24" x 11.75"
Height Range 6.5” – 16.3”
Loading Capacity 50 Lbs
Weight 26.7 Lbs
Warranty 1 yr


Rocelco ADR Adjustable Desk Riser 3D View On The Table

Rocelco ADR Dimensions

Rocelco ADR Dimensions

Rocelco ADR Sell Sheet Manual

For More Detailed Information on Rocelco ADR please reference the Rocelco ADR Sell Sheet Manual

Rocelco ADR Sell Sheet Manual Pdf

Rocelco ADR Instruction Manual

Setting up your ADR is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the Rocelco ADR Instruction Manual

Rocelco ADR Instruction Manual Pdf

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