Loctek Standing Desks & Monitor Arms

Loctek Ergonomic is now our most heavily recommended line of standing desk converters.  Traditionally known for their TV and monitor mounts, Locktek now boasts a full line of desk risers that are feature rich, and designed with every situation in mind.

Every Loctek standing desk converter is designed with the user in mind, and features:

  • An extra large work space & keyboard - so you have room for more than just your monitors
  • Straight up and down lifting - to help save space, keep you close to your desk, and remove the risk of tipping
  • Built in USB - so you can charge your phone or tablet right on top of the desk
  • Hidden Wire Management - To keep all your monitor cables clean and clutter-free

    Compare Loctek Standing Desk Converters:

    Loctek LX30
    for 1 monitor

    Loctek LX30 Standing Desk Converter Mahogany

    Loctek LXR36
    for 2 monitors

    Loctek LX36 Black Standing Desk Converter with laptop and 2 monitors

    Loctek LX48
    2 large monitors +

    Loctek LX48 Black Standing Desk Converter with 2 monitors and laptop

    Loctek LXR41 Corner
    for 2 monitors

    Loctek LXR41 Corner Standing Desk Converter in Black with 2 monitors

    Loctek PL36
    for 2 monitors

    Loctek PL36 Standing Desk Converter in mahoganyLoctek PL36 Adjustable keyboard tray animation

    *The PL36 features a height adjustable keyboard (that can sit below desk level), and a built-in document holder.


    Loctek also features a full line of monitor arms, and the Loctek Standing Desk Mat, which pair perfectly with any Loctek standing desk converter (or any other standing desk, for that matter).

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