Loctek Ergonomic Standing Desks & Monitor Arms



Loctek is all about creating a healthier way to work, by designing and manufacturing products that help increase movement and activity, and improve posture in the workplace.  Known primarily for their quality line of monitor mounts and TV stands, Loctek has recently joined the sit-stand revolution, creating some of highest quality desks on the market.  In fact, Loctek has fast become our #1 most recommend line of standing desk converters, thanks to all the great design features they've packed in.

Some of their more popular monitor mounts include the Loctek D7 Monitor arm and the Loctek D5D dual monitor arm.  The Loctek D7 comes in several models, including the Loctek D7H which can hold monitors up to 63 lbs., and the Loctek D7D, which can hold two 20 lb. monitors.  Each D7 is built with high grade aluminum and premium gas springs that can hold nearly any monitor - truly designed and built to the highest quality - while the Loctek D5D utilizes lesser materials to help keep costs down.  In either case, there is a mount for everybody, in the Loctek line (even 3, 4 and 6 monitor configurations).

 Loctek Standing Desk and Monitor Arm

Loctek Standing Desks

Every Loctek standing desk converter is designed with the user in mind - offering practical and well-thought-out features, such as:

  • An extra large work space & keyboard - so you have room for more than just your monitors
  • Straight up and down lifting - to help save space, keep you close to your desk, and remove the risk of tipping
  • Built in USB - so you can charge your phone or tablet right on top of the desk
  • Hidden Wire Management - To keep all your monitor cables clean and clutter-free

Shop Loctek Standing Desk Converters:

Loctek LXR36

Loctek LXR36 Standing Desk Converter black with 2 monitors

*Ideal for most 2 monitor setups
(up to 24" monitors)


Loctek LXR36

Loctek LXR48 XL

Loctek LXR48 Standing Desk Converter black with 2 monitors

*Extra-large for large monitors and
extra work space


Loctek LXR48

Loctek LXR41 Corner

Loctek LXR41 Corner Standing Desk Converter black with two monitors

*Ideal corner solution -
Supports 2 monitors


Loctek LXR41

Loctek PL36

Loctek PLE36 Standing Desk Converter with ipad in tilting keyboard tray

*Height-adjust keyboard
*Built-in document holder


Loctek PLE36


Loctek Monitor Arms

Loctek features a full line of monitor arms and stands, to fit nearly any setup or need. 
Here are some of their most popular options:

Loctek D5D

Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Mount from the back

Affordable Dual Arm


Loctek D5D

Loctek D7D

Loctek D7D Dual Monitor Arm empty

Premium Dual Monitor Arm


Loctek D7D

Loctek D7L

Loctek D7H Super Heavy Monitor Arm facing right and away

Heavy Monitor Arm


Loctek D7L

Loctek D7A Review