Loctek LXR30 Standing Desk Converter

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Loctek LXR30 30 inch Standing Desk Converter


The next generation of desk risers is here - in a 30" size for single-monitor users!  With vertical lifting, an extra large workspace, and USB connectivity, the Loctek 30 finally brings new features and value to a classic design, and makes you feel as though your sitting (or standing) at a normal desk.  

No more fumbling back and forth between the desk riser and you the desk.  The Loctek LXR30 puts everything where you need it. right in front of you!

The Loctek Desk Riser also comes fully assembled - so it's ready to go right out of the box!



Loctek LXR30 Standing Desk Converter Side View Close Up

Loctek LXR30 Features

  • Usb Connectivity - Keeps all your devices right at your fingertips
  • Vertical Up/Down Lifting - Keeps you close to your desk, and your work within reach
  • Lots Of Work Space - Thanks to an extra deep top surface
  • Extra Large Keyboard Tray - Will accommodate any combination of keyboard and mouse
  • Available in Black, White, or Dark Wood
  • Use On Any Existing Desk - That is at least 22 inches deep
  • Easy And Smooth Lifting - thanks to two gas springs
  • No Assembly Required
  • Available in Four Model Options:



Loctek LXR30 Standing Desk Converter Wide Keyboard Tray

Loctek LXR30 Specifications

Manufacturer Loctek
Model Number LXR30
Width 30”
Depth 31” (including keyboard tray)
Required Table Depth 22” x 30
Work Surface 23 x 30
Keyboard Tray 13 x 30
Height Range 6” – 20”
Loading Capacity 35 Lbs
Weight 40 Lbs
Warranty 5 years


Loctek LXR30 Standing Desk Converter Height Setting

Loctek LXR30 Dimensions

Loctek LXR30 Dimensions

Download the LXR30 Dimensional Illustration

LXR30 Dimensional Illustration pdf

Loctek LXR30 Installation

Setting up your LXR30 is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the Loctek LXR30 Installation Manual

Loctek LXR30 Installation Manual pdf

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carolyn Hammond

The only bad thing about the Loctek was the shipping. Fedex was super slow on the delivery. It was scheduled to arrive on 4-2 and the tracking showed out for delivery, but then at 10 pm the tracking updated to "Delivery could not be made". I as confused so I called Fedex on Saturday and they informed me that the hub in Cal was backed up and they did not know when the desk would be delivered. It did arrive the following Monday and I have been using it since and I LOVE it. No more back or shoulder pain and I really feel more productive standing up. I leave work not feeling tired or hurting. Excellent desk. I have already recommended this to several people.

Great converter!

It's been just under a week since I got my desk converter and so far, I love it! I ordered this converter because it moves up and down vertically and has a large working surface. I have two 22" monitors and they fit nicely.
-It came almost fully assembled (only had to snap the keyboard tray on)
-It is really sturdy... barely moves when typing
-It is easy to raise/lower
-It is quiet when changing the position

If there was anything I could change, it would be the keyboard tray - it would be more comfortable if there was enough room for the mouse to align with the keyboard. Because of the cutout on the tray, the mouse sit closer to my body than the keyboard.

Florin Ilia
I overlooked one thing

The product itself works as advertised, no complaints. But, I bought it to hold 2 heavy 32" monitors, about 40 lb total. I did not realize that the product's spring can only lift a small fraction of that weight, and I am left lifting the rest in a very awkward position. My back started to hurt and I had to abandon the LXR48. I have now purchased an electric desk converter.

I wish there was a warning somewhere about this.

Rich Bardol
Corner Desk

Very good product and works very well.

Rich Bardol
Pricing/Purchasing & Delivery

All of the above aspects in the process of getting the units procured for my place of employment went very smooth, from getting a quote to shipping and delivery. Of course the only delay was on our end to get the quantity of stand up desks needed. We will be adding to the original order. I will personally like to thank each and everyone of you for your due diligence to make this happen.

Thanks again!

Becky T.
Love it!

I love my new Loctek Workstation! It has made a huge difference in my day and the way I feel physically at the end.