VIVO DESK-KIT-2E1B 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk

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VIVO 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk

We’ve coalesced the electric height adjustable table frame, DESK-V102EW, and spacious table top DESK-TOP1B / DESK-TOP1W, for the complete Electric White / Black Standing Desk with Table Top Package (DESK-KIT-2E1W) / (DESK-KIT-2E1B) from VIVO! The frame sanctions you to find that much needed salubrious balance between sitting and standing throughout the long work day, and height adjustment is made facile with the smooth, powerful motor. The desktop may be a fashionable matte white color with a incurvate, trendy form therefore your new table enhances any surroundings. With a frame created of solid steel, it supports up to 176 lbs and is made to last. The table top’s integrated cable management system ascertains that cords and cables are orderly organized and obnubilated from view for an orderly work space that emboldens concentration. The desk platform comes packaged in 3 sections, and all compulsory hardware is provided to get your desk frame put together and mounted to your desktop in no time!

VIVO 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk Features

  • Sit-Stand Combo - Go from sitting to standing in an instant with this complete desk frame and table top combo for your very own ergonomic workstation providing comfortable viewing angles and customized user heights.
  • Spacious Work Area - The large table surface measuring 63.1” x 31.5” offers plenty of room for a variety of monitor and laptop setups along with important work projects and office supplies.
  • Frame Height Adjustment - Enjoy a height range of 28.7” to 48.5” with this frame’s powerful motor and strong legs using telescopic height adjustment that lets you transition from sitting to standing in seconds.
  • Solid Steel Frame - With all steel construction, this desk frame is able to support up to 176 lbs with maximum stability and sturdiness. The desktop is made of solid particle board that is scratch resistant and guaranteed to last.
  • Simple Assembly - The desk platform comes packaged in 3 sections for easy assembly, and all necessary hardware is provided to get your desk frame put together and mounted to your desktop in no time!

    VIVO Black 63 Electric Height Adjustable Desk Height

    VIVO 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk Specification

    Manufacturer Vivo
    Model Number DESK-KIT-2E1B,DESK-KIT-2E1W
    Table Top Dimensions 63.1” x 31.5” x 0.75” 
    Desk Frame Length 40” to 61” 
    Desk Frame Height 28.7” to 48.5”
    Maximum Speed 1.5” / second
    Input 100V - 240V
    Duty Cycle 10%, Max. 2 minutes on/18 minutes off 
    Desktop Weight Capacity 176 lbs
    Warranty 3 year

    VIVO Black 63 Electric Height Adjustable Desk Touch Control


    VIVO 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk Dimensions

    VIVO White 63 Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame

    VIVO 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk Installation

    Setting up your 63" Electric Height Adjustable Desk is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the VIVO DESK-V102E Assembly Manual

    VIVO DESK-V102E Assembly Manual Pdf

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kody Day
    Perfect desk. Must buy.

    I was in the market for a PC gaming desk. After hours of online shopping, I went to a high end PC store to buy a desk. I was greatly disappointed because the desk wobbled so much. And while playing competitive games or typing, it would look like I was going through an earthquake, So I returned that desk and became very picky when it came to my next desk. A friend highly recommended his desk (which is what I have now), and I went over to his house to check it out. It was perfect so I made the purchase that night. And this desk is absolutely amazing. The description tells you everything you need to need know about the desk. It is advertised as a work desk, which is truly is, but it is great for gaming too. And most importantly it doesn't wobble. They put a lot of thought into the design in this desk. The instructions are easy to follow and the delivery took just a few days (even during COVID). If I had one negative remark, there is a set of bolts they don't ship you and you will likely have to go out to a hardware store to buy them yourself. It is a known issue (researched online) and my friend also had to buy his own bolts. But that is very simple and I promise you could figure out what you need. Don't let that scare you away from the desk because I promise you won't find another desk like this one, believe I looked.

    Jon Niiro
    Great table

    Came quickly , easy to assemble

    Stand & Sit Desk

    I have only had it a few days but I am enjoying it very much. The set up is easy, the electronics work smoothly and I am delighted that the height is adjustable with the ability to save it in memory. Thank you for having a more reasonable price sometimes it does pay to purchase from the company that makes the item.