iMovR Cadence Standing Desk Converter

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iMovR Cadence Sit Stand Monitor Arm Workstation

 The iMovR Cadence converts your regular desk into a sit to stand workstation. It holds your monitor and a two tiered workstation above your desk to create the best ergonomic position while freeing up valuable desk space. The arm is easily moved left, right, up, down, forward and back, giving this sit stand workstation unparalleled flexibility and adjustability.

This standing desk is equipped with a two tier setup. The bottom tier holds your keyboard and mouse and drops below your desk when sitting to provide you with the best ergonomic position possible for typing. The Top tier holds all your favorite desk accessories for easy access.

This iMovR comes in black silver and white models as well as a dual monitor option.

iMovR Cadence Features

  • Range Of Motion - Range of motion anywhere inside a 52 inch hemisphere is the greatest adjustment of any product on the market.
  • Collaborate -Easily share your screen with a coworker or client with unlimited adjustments in a 52 inch hemisphere.  
  • Independent Monitor Movement-Independently move your monitor up and down as well as pan, tilt, and rotate.
  • Dual Worksurface -  The two tier design ensures you are always typing at the most comfortable position while having more than enough space for any desk accessories for easy access.
  • Free Your Desktop -The Cadence hovers above your desk, freeing up valuable real estate on top of your desk so you never run out of room. Fold your keyboard up when not in use to free up even more space.
  • Built To Last -Tested to 20,000 cycles and is backed by a five year warranty.
  • Cable Management -Equipped with cable management channels that route cables into the arm and out of the way.



iMovR Cadence Side vIew Height Setting

iMovR Cadence Specifications

Manufacturer iMovR
Model Number



Height Adjustment
9.5 Inches
Maximum Height

Keyboard Tray: 18.1 inches

Top Work Surface: 22 inches

Work Surface Dimensions

Keyboard Tray: 9 inches x 28 inches

Top Work Surface: 9 inches x 28 inches

Base Dimensions
5.5 inches x 8 inches
Weight Capacity

Total: 25 lbs.

Monitor Weight: 20 lbs.

Unit Weight

Single: 37 lbs.

Dual: 42 lbs.

Warranty 5 years




iMovR Cadence 3D View Silver

iMovR Cadence Dimensions

iMovR Cadence Dimensional Illustration

iMovR Cadence Installation Manual

For more detailed information on how to install your Cadence Express, please reference the iMovR Cadence Installation Manual.

Cadence PDF

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