Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing Desk Converter

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Flexispot M1B 27" Single Monitor Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot 27" Overview

If you're looking for a smaller desk riser for only 1 monitor, or one that won't take up too much space on your desk, then the Flexispot M1B is the perfect solution for you.  At 27 inches wide, the M1 is designed to fit in offices and cubicles where space is at a premium.  And yet despite it's narrow width, the M1B still offers a surprising amount of work surface, thanks to it's 24 inch deep upper work surface, with plenty of room for a notepad and documents.  And if you need 2 monitors, but really want to save space on your desk, you can always add a dual monitor arm to your M1 to create a nice 2 monitor workstation.

The Flexispot M1 also saves space, thanks to it's vertical lifting motion.  Unlike other desks that push out and in front of your desk when they are raised, the Flexispot lifts straight up and down (which also reduces the risk of tipping).

Raising and lowering the M1 is smooth and easy, thanks to two gas springs to assist in the movement.  And with 12 different height settings, up to 20 inches high, the M1 can accommodate users of all sizes (even over 6').

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Flexispot M1B Features

  • Lifts Straight Up & Down - Saving space, keeping you closer to your desk, and reducing the risk of tipping.
  • Deeper Desktop Work Surface - Despite being only 24" wide, the M1 still features a deep and user-friendly work surface.
  • Smooth Adjustment - Two quality gas springs help counter-balance the desk riser, and make raising and lowering your desk fast and easy.
  • 20 inch Maximum Height - with 12 different height settings that support users over 6 feet.
  • Small Desk Footprint - At 27 inches wide, the Flexispot M1B won't crowd your current desk, the way that other models do.  And it fits any desk with 24" of depth, or more.
  • No Assembly Required - And no tools necessary.  Click the keyboard into place, and you'll be working in less than a minute.
  • Compatible with any Monitor Mount - Comes with a dedicated thru-hole for safely mounting any monitor arm or stand.
  • Available in four size options:
    • Flexispot M1  27 inch (for 1 monitor)
    • Flexispot M2  35 inch
    • Flexispot M3  47 inch (for large monitors and extra work space)
    • Flexispot M4  41 inch corner desk

Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing Desk Converter top view

Flexispot 27 Specifications

Manufacturer Flexispot
Model Number M21B
Width 27 inches
Depth 31 inches (including keyboard tray)
Required Table Depth 23 inches
Work Surface 27 inches x 24 inches
Keyboard Tray 26.6 inches x 12 inches (narrows to 8 inches at sides)
Height Range 6 inches - 20 inches
Loading Capacity 35 lbs.
Weight 46 lbs.
Warranty 5 years


Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing Desk Converter Height and Dimensions

Flexispot M1B Dimensions

Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing desk Converter Dimensions


Flexispot M1B Setup and Installation

The Flexispot M1 is fast and easy to set up a minute or less, without the need for any tools.  For more detailed instructions, please reference the Flexispot M1 Assembly Instructions

Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing Desk Converter Installation Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
horrible experience

We ordered a FlexiSpot height adjustable desk and it stopped working the very next day it was delivered. The packaging box was taken by the trash recycler already. We emailed FlexiSopt and we called FlexiSpot but NO Rsponses in either way.

Tony Hertz
A great addition to home my office

This is something I wish I had invested in a long time ago. It seems to be high quality and very functional. This is a great purchase for me.

Lorenzo Maya
Flexispot M1B 27 inch Standing Desk Converter

Very happy with the Flexispot. Received on time, very easy setup and works as expected. Very easy to elevate and lower. Great product!

Linda Rothenberger

I like the standing part, but I found that I did not have the strength in my hands
to raise the stand. So I keep it at one height and stand. Works for me.

Lauren Harpst
The perfect width for a 27" iMac

Had been looking for the perfect standing desk converter to use with my single monitor, 27" iMac. I recently changed desks so a smaller, 57" white desk space and wanted to be able to have a converter that would easily fit and lift my monitor and keyboard while still leaving me room to decorate my desk. The majority of the converters I found were 35" and above, which would've taken up an awkward majority of my desk. This 27" option has proven to be the perfect fit. It's sturdy and stable and easily accommodates my monitor and wireless keyboard + mouse. I think the full-length keyboard (+ numerals) would be a tight fit on this model, but the shorter size works well along with a mouse/mousepad.