Why Standing Desks?

Why standing desks?

(To be clear, we want to specifically promote Sit-to-Stand Desks.  Unfortunately, “Sit-to-Stand Desk Nation” didn’t sound as cool as “Standing Desk Nation,” but more on that later) 

The dangers of sitting are as apparent as ever.  Thanks to extensive research, we now know conclusively that sitting (and sedentary living) contribute to chronic disease (i.e. obesity, diabetes, heart disease, liver & kidney function, etc.).  Sitting all day can impair arterial function, slow blood circulation, reduce LPL activity, hinder our metabolic pathways… and generally make you feel like $#!t+.

We also know that sitting creates several negative physiological adaptations to our tissues.  Hunching causes unhealthy forward spine curve, leading to neck and back pain.  Tight hips pull the pelvis out of alignment, often leading to back pain, disc hernias, or Sciatica.  Atrophy in the lower body leads to a variety of injuries and deficiencies.  And for those of us that like to work out before or after work, pain and injury plague us – often leading to dependence on painkillers.

Lastly, if you’ve ever used a standing desk, you know that standing (and movement) helps shoot your energy and mental focus through the roof!  You feel better, you think clearer, and your productivity improves dramatically.  The results can be astounding, and can have a profound impact on our business, and long with your state-of-mind.

And despite all of this, the average American worker sits 13-14 hours per day! 

So if you want more out of your workspace, and more out of your life, we hope you’ll join the Standing Desk Nation.  And we hope you’ll share your journey with others who need our help, as well!