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Fellowes Standing Desks and Accessories

If these desks look familiar, it's probably because you've seen the Fellowes Sit Stand Commercial on TV.  Fellowes Brands has been known for building quality products for over 100 years now, with a special eye towards designing unique and user-friendly products.  Fellowes products are not designed for the price sensitive shopper.  Rather, these products are designed and built to be the best in their class, with features and quality that provide real and long-term value the user.

Fellowes Lotus Sit Stand Desks

Just as you would expect, the Fellowes Lotus line of standing desk converters and accessories are packed full of advanced and unique design features.  Every inch of each Fellowes Standing Desk is utilized with a purpose in mind - from advanced cable management to wireless phone charging.  And with a clean and sleek look on every product, these desks will look great in any office.

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Fellowes Lotus Sit Stand Workstation


The Fellowes Lotus Sit Stand Workstation sets the tone for the Lotus line.  It features a unique waterfall design, connecting the upper tier to the lower tier - making the space more adaptive and practical by allowing you to prop up a phone, tablet or notebook.  It also features

  • Smooth Lift Technology - with adjustable lift tension for effortless sit or stand adjustment
  • 17" of vertical adjustment - bringing your monitors up to 22.5" above your desk (best in the industry)
  • Advanced wire management - to maximum organization
  • Tablet & Phone channel - For convenient device storage, without the wiry mess
  • Straight up and down lifting - to save space and reduce the risk of tipping
  • Comes fully assembled

Fellowes Lotus DX Sit Stand Workstation

The Fellowes Lotus DX Sit Stand Workstation offers all the same features of the standard Lotus - waterfall design, cable management, smooth lift technology, and more - but also includes:

  • Built-in wireless charging - for phones and tablets
  • Microban® antimicrobial technology - to help fight the spread of bacteria and germs in the work place