Compact Standing Desk Converters

Small Standing Desk Converters for Compact Spaces

If you're looking for a small desk riser to fit your tight workspace, we can help.

With workspaces coming in all shapes and sizes - cubicles, counters, returns, booths, etc. - it's important to have options.  And thankfully, the assortment of options for compact standing desk converters has grown over the past couple of years.

"Compact" can mean different things to different people, so on this page we're going to break our recommendations down into two key categories:

  1. Compact standing desk converters with short DEPTH
  2. Compact standing desk converters with narrow WIDTH

Compact Desk Risers and Standing Desk Converters


Shallow Standing Desk Converters (Depth)

We Recommend:  Flexispot M7 Series Alcove Risers

If you click around our site, it will come as no surprise that we are big Flexispot fans.  The M7 series was specifically designed to be a "Lite" version of their extremely popular Classic Series.

The M7 desks are uniquely shallow in depth, with a base depth of only 15".  To our knowledge, this is the shallowest desk in the industry.  When you measure the full work surface and keyboard depth of an M7, the complete measurement comes out to 24".  But the keyboard tray on the M7 series is designed to hang over the front of your desk surface, so 15" is all you really need to fit one of these small desk risers in your work space.

It should also be noted: these desks are not as nice as the Flexispot Classic Series.  Because of the way most compact desk risers are designed, they often shake a bit more than a typical desk riser, and come with less work space.  That said, we don't think you'll find a better desk under the circumstances.

And as an added bonus, Flexispot makes an M7 compact desk riser for nearly every setup, including an electric standing desk converter (EM7) and several standing desk converters for dual monitors.


For 1 Monitor

Flexispot M7 Compact Standing Desk Converter




Dual Monitor

Flexispot M7M Compact Standing Desk Converter




For Large Monitors

Flexispot M7L Compact Standing Desk Converter





Flexispot M7C Compact Standing Desk Converter





Flexispot EM7 Compact Standing Desk Converter




If these desks don't suite your eye, there are certainly more options below.  As a general rule, It's best to look for desks with the "X-style" base - specifically the ones where the X is visible from the front (not the side).  Note: each compact desk riser will have detailed measurements and drawings on the product page, so if you click through you will have a chance to verify that the desk will fit for you.


Narrow Standing Desk Converters (Width)

Finding a convertible standing desktop to fit a narrow workspace is much more cut and dry, and frankly there are tons of options out there in the 27-30" range.  But what if you have a really narrow space?  Here are two options that need only 25" wide of width:

#1 Recommended:

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Junior compact desk riser for narrow spaces



For Tight Budgets:

VIVO DESK-V001G Compact Desk Riser