Standing Desk Converters

Find the right Stand Up Desk Converter for you

Help is on the way!  We've created this page to help you find the perfect adjustable standing desk converter for YOU.

With so many options out there to choose from, we recognize that shopping for a standing desk can feel a bit daunting, which is why we're going to make this simple and clear.

On this page, we're going to quickly introduce you to the 6 basic types of stand up desk converter you need to know and consider, so we can narrow your choices down to a select few.  When you find a collection that looks right for you, click the link to learn a bit more, and to find a carefully curated collection of those desk converters.  Don't worry if multiple collections apply to you.  Many of these styles overlap with one another, and you should feel free to explore as necessary.

In case you're unfamiliar with us, we are Standing Desk Nation - one of the leading online retailers of standing desks in the United States.  We work with nearly every major brand in the sit-stand industry, and we spend countless hours testing products, talking to customers, and working with our manufacturers.  So you can feel confident that we know our stuff, and that all of our knowledge and insight is truly objective and independant of any bias.

Standing Desk Converters

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desk converters are an easy and affordable way to turn your existing desk into a sit-stand desk.  Although there are many different types and styles, a standing desk converter can basically be defined as any product that sits on top of your current desk and allows you to adjust the height of your keyboard and monitors from sitting to standing.  

[note: Standing desk converters are also sometimes referred to as just "Standing desks."  Confusing, right?!]

The vast majority of sit to stand products sold today are desk converters, because compared to a full standing desk, they are much more affordable and considerably easier to purchase and assemble

If you want to buy a full standing desk, there is much to consider: color matching and decor, dimensions and fit (particularly in a cubicle), proximity to electricity, etc.  Plus, you have to figure out what to do with your old desk (that one you've probably already invested a pretty penny in), and you may need some help assembling a new one.

Standing desk converters remove a lot of this complexity, and still give you all the wonderful benefits of sit to stand adjustment.

Let's introduce you to the 6 most common standing desk converter types you should be familiar with:


Flexispot Standing Desk Converter

Desk Risers

Desk risers are by far the most popular style of standing desk converter, because they are the easiest to setup and most affordable to buy.  Most desk risers come fully assembled, and range in price from $150 - $500.  If you've ever seen a Varidesk or a Flexispot Standing Desk Converter, then you're quite familiar with this style.

Desk risers typically feature a two-tier design, which helps to help bring your monitors up to eye-level while typing - improving posture and helping to reduce neck strain.

Pros: Affordable, easy to buy, easy to install

Cons: Less ergonomic than the column-style (next), bulky, can be ugly




Column-Style Standing Desk Converters

Column-Style Standing Desk Converters (sometimes referred to as "post & base" converters) offer the best ergonomics of the standing desk converter family.  Compared to a desk riser they offer a greater range of adjustment, typically allow you to adjust the monitor height independent of the keyboard tray, and they come in a sleeker design that takes up less space on your desk.  

Column-style converters are also one of the few styles that support three or four monitor setups.

Pros: Advanced ergonomics, saves space, looks nice, supports taller users

Cons: Expensive, some assembly required


Innovative Winston Workstation - Column Style Standing Desk Converter



Humanscale Quickstand Lite - Floating Arm Standing Desk Converter


Floating Arm Standing Desk Converters

Floating Arm Standing Desk Converters are much less common than the other two styles, but work really well for three specific needs:

  • When space is VERY limited
  • If there will be a need to easily swing your monitors out of the way
  • If you will need to share your screen with customers or coworkers

Down sides to the floating arm style include a general lack of stability and the inability to rest your palms/wrists on the keyboard.  Most floating arm converters shake a little bit during typing, and are pretty sensitive to weight and pressure.

Pros: Sleek and space conscious, great for screen sharing, swings out of way

Cons: Less stable, shakes during typing, limited workspace





Corner Standing Desk Converters

Corner standing desk converters are specifically designed to make use of the dead space in the corner of your cubicle, or in the joint of your L-shaped desk, leaving the rest of your desk available for meetings, documents, and all the other things you need.  Whereas a traditional standing desk converter can sometimes "overpower" your desk space, corner standing desk converters fit well, and keep more of your work within arms reach.

If you have any shelves or cabinets above the corner of your desk, just be aware that those may impede your converter, so please be sure to do some measuring just to be safe.

Note: if you use 3 or 4 monitors, most Column-Style desk converters will also fit in the corner, as well.

Pros: Space conscious, fit perfectly in the corner of your desk

Cons: Only fit in a corner



Corner standing desk converters collection




Electric standing desk converters collection


Electric Standing Desk Converters

Electric Standing Desk Converters allow you to adjust the height of your stand up desk converter at the push of a button, which means there is zero strain on your body when raising your desk (very ergonomic).  Electric desk converters also typically support more weight than a traditional standing desk converter:

  • Weight capacity of most standing desk converters: ~ 35 lbs
  • Weight capacity of an electric desk converter: 45 lbs - 80 lbs.

    The only unfortunately side effect is that electric standing desk converters are slower to adjust, when compared to their manual counterparts, which can have the effect of discouraging movement between sitting and standing.

    Pros: No lifting required, zero back strain, support more weight

    Cons: slow to adjust, no memory controls





    Compact Standing Desk Converters

    Compact standing desk converters are designed to fit in tight spaces.  So if your current desk surface is a bit smaller than normal, then you're going to want to choose from this collection.

    It's important that you pay particular attention to the depth of your desk.  If your desk is less than 24" deep, than many stand up desk converters will not fit.  You'll want to explore the options in this category, and pay particular attention to the dimensions at the bottom of the product page, to make sure they will fit in your space.

    Just a few places where a compact standing desk converter can be a great fit: reception desks, counter tops, desk returns, small cubicles, etc.

    Pros: Fit in tight spaces

    Cons: Less work space, smaller adjustment range



    Compact standing desk converters collection



    Bonus: Shop by Monitor Setup

    Another important thing to consider when shopping for a standing desk converter, is your number of monitors.  Dual monitors have become the standard for most American workers, but there are also many of you out there with 3 or 4 monitors on your desk.  Your options may be limited, but we do have some great standing desk converters that will work for you.  (Note: we didn't include a page for single monitors, because almost all standing desk converters either support one monitor or come in a single monitor option.)



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