Column-style Standing Desk Converters

Most Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter: Column-Style

If you're looking for the most ergonomic standing desk converter you can buy, then look no further than the column-style.  On this page, we're going to explain exactly what a column style standing desk converter is, why you should consider one, and help you find the right model for you.

What is a Column-Style Standing Desk Converter

We use the term "Column-Style" standing desk converter to refer to any converter that adjusts along a single post, with monitors attached near the top, and a lower keyboard / work surface.  Some people call these post & base converters, but there really isn't a generally accepted term for this style within the sit to stand industry.

Why buy a Column-Style Desk Converter

We love the column-style of desk converter for their ergonomics and relative styling when compared to a desk riser.  They are typically more expensive, but give you adjustability and options that will make your purchase worth while over the long haul.  Let's walk through some of the pros and cons:

Ergonomic Standing desk Converter - column style


  • Adjustable monitor height: Most column-style converters offer a separate adjustment of your monitor height.  So along with the standard movement from sit to stand that every desk converter comes with, these also allow you to customize the height of your monitors to fit your body size.
  • Wider range of adjustment:  The typical desk riser adjusts through a range of 10"-14", but many column-style converters have adjustment ranges 18" or more.  Great for taller users!
  • Take up less space:  Column style converters take up less space on your desk, and generally leave your desk looking cleaner and nicer.
  • Support for 3 and 4 monitors:  Column-style desk converters are the only models that can hold as many as 3 monitors or 4 monitors.


  • Expensive:  Compared to a traditional desk riser, most column-style desk converters are considerably more expensive.
  • Installation required:  Most column-style converters require installation.  Your monitors will need to be attached via VESA mounts, and some need to be clamped to the front or the back of your desk.


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