VersaDesk Power Pro 40 inch Electric Standing Desk Converter

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VersaDesk 40 inch Power Pro Electric Standing Desk Converter for large monitors

The VersaDesk Power Pro 40 is just like the original Power Pro electric standing desk converter, but with a slightly wider worksurface.  At 40" wide, this VersaDesk 40 is specifically designed to fit 2 extra large monitors (over 24").  If you prefer, you also have the option of adding a VersaDesk Monitor Arm, to either clear more workspace and gain further control over the height and tilt of your monitors.

The sleek design of the VersaDesk Power Pro 40 allows for straight up and down adjustment to optimize desk space.  All it takes is the push of a button to go from sitting to standing (up to 20" high).  The VersaDesk drive systems are sturdy and rigorously tested, capable of lifting up to 80 lbs, and proven to last through more than 120,000 cycles.  It's so tough, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

The VersaDesk PowerPro 40" comes with 3 built-in wire grommets (which also hold the VersaDes LCD monitor arms), and only requires some minor assembly.



VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Features

  • 40" Wide - To fit just about any 2-monitor setup (even 27" monitors)
  • Strong Electric Lift Motors - Support up to 80 lbs
  • Spacious Lower Surface - For your keyboard and mouse
  • Vertical Lifts Straight Up And Down - Up to 20"
  • Reinforced Steel Frame
  • High-Density Fiberboard Surface
  • Scratch / Dirt Resistant
  • Some Minor Assembly Required

VersaDesk Power Pro 40 inch Electric Standing Desk Converter Height Setting


VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Specifications

Manufacturer VersaDesk
Model Number VT7644024
Width 40”
Depth 24"
Required Table Depth 16”
Work Surface 40" x 24 ( Including Keyboard Tray)
Keyboard Tray 36" 
Height Range 20"
Loading Capacity 80 Lbs
Weight 43 Lbs

Optional Deluxe Control Switch

VersaDesk Power Pro 40 inch Electric Standing Desk Converter Top View Push Button


VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Dimensions

VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Dimensions

VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Manual

Setting up your Power Pro 40 is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Spec Sheet

VersaDesk Power Pro 40 Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Absolutely Fabulous!

First off, I must say Standing Desk Nation has phenomenal customer service. Started off with a demo and loved the functionality of the desk so much ordered the same model for most employees in the office. Even the employees who elected not to receive the desk converter at first are asking when the next order will be placed. Highly recommend!!

Very happy

I have had VersaDesk for over a week now and I have to say I am very pleased with it. It works perfectly and just like it was advertised to work. I highly recommend it. Larry

LM Review

Getting this desk was an excellent decision. It is smooth and easy to raise and lower. I definitely recommend the VERSADESK to anyone considering a standing option. It adjusts with the touch of a button instead of manually pulling it up which allows me to get it easily into the right spot. I show the desk to all visitors that to my office. As a full time employee and a full time college student, I do significant computer work. Now I need one at home.

Versa Desk Power Pro Corner

Desk is very versatile and sturdy and has a clean appearance. The desk can be positioned to any height. This can be equated to the difference between a manual adjustable driver's seat compared to an electric driver's seat in a vehicle. This desk is strongly recommended.


We ordered this desk for two reasons: The employee has a bad back and cannot lift the competitors version and the price. On both of those issues the desk has been excellent and we will order again!

I've used my Versa Desk

I've used my Versa Desk for 2 weeks now and am amazed at how often I'm standing. The 30" desk, which rises straight up, fit perfectly in my limited space, which could not have accommodated a desk that lifted forward. The quality of the product is excellent. Would also recommend one of the mats designed to stand on when using a standing desk, as they offer ways to shift stance, which greatly lessen the fatigue of standing. I love my new Versa Desk.