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Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300

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Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300

The Taskmate Go 6300 is a sleek and affordable way to transform your regular desk into a healthy sit to stand workstation. Improve your productivity and your health, all by simply standing while working throughout the day.

This desk riser clamps in front of your desk and provides effortless height adjustment. A simple squeeze of a lever is all you need to adjust the height of both your monitor and keyboard setup. The keyboard and mouse sits below your monitor both while sitting and standing, providing the best position for typing no matter your position. Included is a small workstation that can fit any of your desk accessories for easy access.

Taskmate Go 6300 Features

  • Effortless Adjustment -Go from sitting to standing with the simple pull of a lever.
  • Two Point Clamping System -Provides unparalleled stability while sitting or standing.
  • Easy Set Up -Quickly and easily clamps to most any work surface.
  • Solid Construction -Heavy duty steel design provides an extremely durable sit stand desk.
  • Made in the USA - Proudly constructed in the United States.
  • Keyboard Tray -Built in lower tier keyboard tray ensures you are always typing at the most comfortable position. Padded wrist wrest comes included.
  • Built in Document Holder -Holds documents or your Ipod and comes included.
  • Fully Assembled -Simply take it out of the box and clamp it to your desk and you're ready to go.

Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300  3D View Standing

Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300 Features

Taskmate Go 6300 Specifications

Manufacturer Health Postures
Model Number 6300
Width 19 inches
Depth 23.5 inches (including keyboard tray)
Required Table Depth 12 inches
Work Surface 19 inches x 11 inches
Keyboard Tray 19 inches x 12.5 inches
Height Range 3 inches - 20.5 inches
Loading Capacity 35 lbs.
Weight 45 lbs.
Warranty 5 years

Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300  3D View Keyboard Tray lowered

Taskmate Go 6300 Dimensions

Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300 Dimensional Illustration

Health Postures Taskmate Go 6300 PDF

Taskmate Go 6300 Owner's Manual

Setting up your Taskmate Go 6300 is simple and requires no tools, but for more detailed information, please reference the Taskmate Go 6300 Owners Manual.
Taskmate Go 6300 PDF

Customer Reviews

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Linda Pham

I like the ease of the transition of moving the desk up and down, it's sturdy enough, easy to assemble and does not take up too much space on the desk.