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Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Standing Desk Converter

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MyMac Kangaroo Apple iMac Sit to Stand by Ergo Desktop

Ergo Desktop developed the MyMac Kangaroo Height Adjustable Desktop Workstation is designed specifically for 24" and 27" iMacs. It is meant to fill the needs of those who want to have the proper ergonomic benefits of alternating between standing and sitting but do not want to discard their existing desk. Adjust the height of your keyboard and monitor independently, providing dual ergonomics.

The MyMac Kangaroo is specifically made to handle the extra weight carried by iMac monitors. Simply place your monitor on the monitor shelf and your ergonomic experience is up and running.

The end results are high quality, made in the USA sit-to-stand desktops. Many customers have claimed using their Kangaroo has changed their lives, giving them renewed energy while working and improving their overall work experience.


Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Features

  • Work Surface And Monitor Adjust - Separately giving you Dual Ergonomics
  • Work Surface Of Our Adjustable Height Desktop - Can be raised to the exact same location by using our "stopping bolt" feature
  • Designed for iMac 24" & 27" / Cinema Display 24",27", and Thunderbolt. The newer 21.5" and 27" iMac will require a VESA adapter plate already installed from Apple for mounting purposes
  • Designed with a More Robust Guiding System - To support the weight of the iMac products
  • Holds your Apple Product on a Shelf - That measures 14" wide x 10" deep
  • Solid Steel Base
  • Made in the USA
  • All units have one stabilization leg included
  • Optional: Detachable Side Work Surfaces, Cable Management, and Keyboard Extension are available
  • Available in Black, Maple, Cherry, Putty and White


Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Front View

Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Specifications

Manufacturer Ergo Desktop
Model Number ED-MK
Width 28"
Depth 24"
Required Table Depth 16”
Work Surface 28" x 24"
Monitor Shelf Dimensions 14" x 10"
Height Range 16.5"
Loading Capacity 34 lbs
Monitor / Worksurface Adjustabilit 6.5"/16.5"
Warranty  2 yr



Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Colors

Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Installation

Setting up your MyMac Kangaroo is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Installation Manual

Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo Installation Manual Pdf

Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo User Manual

For more detailed information, please reference the Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo User Manual

Ergo Desktop MyMac Kangaroo How To Use Manual Pdf

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