Winston Workstations by Innovative

Innovative Winston Sit Stand Workstations

For over 30 years, Innovative Office Products has been designing and manufacturing some of the highest quality office ergonomic products like the Winston Workstation, all designed to promote health and wellness in the work place.  Based in Easton PA, Innovative manufactures almost all of it's products right here in the USA, which means the precision and quality control of their products are unmatched in the industry.  It's hard to quantify the difference in quality of an innovative standing desk vs. another, but just wait until you have one on your desk... you'll get it.  No wiggle or error in these products.  Everything is accurate, sturdy and precise!

In recent years, much of the focus of Innovative has shifted to the fight against sitting disease - with a full offering of sit stand desks for nearly any need.  Their line of Innovative Winston standing desks include:

  • Winston Workstation - for maximum ergonomic benefit (up to 4 monitors)
  • Winston E - with electric lifting 
  • Winston Desk - a convenient "Desk Riser" style of converter


Innovative Winston Workstation Dual Monitor in an office facing left


Winston Sit Stand Workstation

The Winston Workstation is the ultimate ergonomic sit stand solution.  This column-style converter allows you to adjust the height of you monitors separately from the work surface, so it can be customized for any height, whether you're sitting or standing.  And with 18.4" of vertical adjustment, this desk converter can support users well over 6' tall.

Lifting the Winston Standing Desk is quiet and effortless, thanks to it's built in counter balance, and the careful attention put into each unit.  It also comes standard with a sturdy freestanding base - so set up is relatively easy.

Innovative Winston Workstation Single Monitor facing left

Winston Workstation Single


Innovative Winston Workstation Dual Monitor facing left

Winston Workstation Dual


Innovative Winston Workstation Triple Monitor facing left

Winston Workstation Triple


Innovative Winston Workstation Quad 4 Monitor facing left

Winston Workstation Quad



Winston E Sit Stand Workstation (Electric)

No lifting required here.  The Innovative Winston E offers all of the quality and advanced ergonomics of the Winston Workstation, with an electric lifting motor.  The Winston E features a smooth and quiet motor, and a one-touch memory keypad, for easy adjustment between sitting and standing.  And just like the Winston Workstation, the Winston E comes standard with a freestanding base, making installation a breeze.

The Winston E also features Innovative's patented focal depth adjustment, designed to allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the depth of your monitors.  If you're looking for an electric desk converter with real ergonomics... look no further!

Innovative Winston E Single Monitor facing left

Innovative Winston E Single


Innovative Winston E Dual Monitor facing left

Innovative Winston E Dual


Innovative Winston E Triple Monitor facing left

Innovative Winston E Triple



Winston Desk

If you're looking for something in the classic "Desk Riser" style, then look no further than the Innovative Winston Desk.  This Desk converter is fast and easy to set up - no assembly required.  It doesn't have all the ergonomics of the Winston Workstation, but it does come in a 2-tiered design, to ensure that your monitors are near eye level.  It also features a handy retractable keyboard tray.

Innovative Winston Desk 36 empty facing right

Innovative Winston Desk 36"


Innovative Winston Desk 42 empty facing right

Innovative Winston Desk 42"


Innovative Winston Corner Desk empty facing right

Innovative Winston Corner Desk