IMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill

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iMovR Thermotread GT Under Desk Treadmill


iMovR's ThermoTread GT is the world's first treadmill designed from the ground up specifically for office use. Quiet operation, a high-torque drivetrain that's built-to-last, and a smartphone-like LCD touchscreen console make it the industry leader in office fitness.

Walk with peace of mind knowing that the ThermoTread GT has an industry leading warranty on motor and parts.


IMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill Features

  • The First Treadmill Designed from the ground up for the office, not the gym:
    • Small Footprint
    • Extremely Quiet
  • Smartphone Like - Touch-screen LCD desktop console
  • Built To Last - With premium components with and extensive warranty coverage
  • Doesn't Exceed 2.5 Miles Per Hour
  • Optional Imovr Cloud Station (Available 2018) - Connects ThermoTread to the Internet of Things
  • NEAT™-Certified

IMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill Specifications

Manufacturer IMovR
Model Number Thermotread GT Treadmill
Walking Belt Area 20" x 50"
Motor 3.0 HP, 4000 RPM
Deck Height Under 5"
Speed Range 0.5 - 2.5 mph
Noise Signature Lowest of any walking treadmill - 42.7 dB
Voltage 120V/60hz/15 Amp circuit
User Weight Rating 400 Lbs

Treadmill: 147 Lbs

Controller: 1.75 Lbs


3 years on Motor

2 years on Parts

1 year on Labor



IMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill Installation

Setting up your Thermotread GT Treadmill is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the IMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill User Manual

IMovR Thermotread GT Treadmill User Manual Pdf

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keith L
Good in concept, but hope you don't have any issues.

My unit is less than a month old and already squealing motor and console that will not calibrate. My first tip off should have been when I took it out of the box and tipped it up to roll it and heard stuff slide inside, like either metal or plastic or even manufacturing debris. They sub out support to Spirit Fitness and that is where the issues go bad. Long hold times, poor follow up, etc. And if you think their return policy will protect you, think again. 20% restocking and they want to shipped back on a pallet. That will eat up close to half the cost of the unit. They are smart they know once you take delivery you are stuck. When the thing is not squealing it is not bad, would be nice if the deck were 2-3 inches wider and I question how well this thing is lubbed from factory as if you don't walk dead center you can hear the belt dragging. Next time I might go with a cheap more disposable treadmill hoping to get a few years out of it and toss it when it acts up, vs. this very expensive unit that has been a hassle since day one. My experience has not been good.

Thomas H
Early impressions are very good... belongs at the top of any walking treadmill shopper's list.

I've just set up my new ThermoTread GT that I preordered months ago.

First impressions of the treadmill are it is very solid, very quiet in operation at low speeds (I haven't tried to run it full, yet). The belt appears to be thicker than the one on my LifeSpan 2000e treadmill, the construction similar in quality... which is good.

The display/control unit is bigger than I expected. (I've included a dental floss dispenser in the photo for comparison.) There is a waiver window you have to agree to & click through but that takes seconds. The treadmill is very responsive to the control box. The display is large enough to read easily, the box is heavy to stay in place.

I was able to unbox and set it up by myself as an average sized older male, so I wouldn't think most people will need to pay extra for that service. It has wheels.

So far, I'm quite pleased. The ThermoTread GT belongs at the top of every walking treadmill shopper's list.

Will update after I get it all set up and some real time on it.

Susan G
I absolutely LOVE this treadmill!!!

I absolutely LOVE this treadmill. It is "very" quiet as mentioned in reviews. It is a tad heavier than I anticipated but each time I move it, it becomes easier. Muscle building! I am working my way to a healthier me and it feels great. I have a lot more energy and it is surprisingly easy to type and talk on the phone etc. The thing I found funny is dialing the phone - that is a little trickier. Worth every penny!

P.S. I have to move it because I am still working on getting into shape and cannot make it a whole day walking.

Brad Scott
Exactly what I expected, which is good.

Update after one year: I've had no problems with this treadmill, except some minor glitches with the display. I've lubricated it a few times, as recommended, and it stays quiet as ever. I really like being able to walk while working - particularly when reading web pages or talking on the phone. My one complaint is that in January 2016 they promised software updates by the end of the year. They still have no idea when (or if) those will ever come. Also note that the cumulative times on how long you've walked are lost on every power failure.

My original review:
I received this two weeks ago, and got it set up last weekend. I needed a couple of neighbors to help get it up the stairs into my office. Once on the correct floor, you can roll it around, but at 175 pounds, even two people might have a tough time getting it up the stairs.

I'm very happy with the treadmill overall. There are some minor things they could do to allow tracking my walking time easier, and they probably will in a future update. I love that I can get new software updates. That said, the screens are very clear and and straightforward, no need to use the manual.

The size is perfect - I haven't come close to walking off the backend. I can't compare this to other treadmills for working, as I've only used this one, plus running models at the gym. However, this is quite quiet - I make more noise setting my feet down then the motor makes, so I don't even notice the sound. It does take some adjusting to walking while working. I'm not quite as steady with the mouse, and writing on a pad of paper is a bit challenging, but I'm getting better.

I had worried that a top speed of 2 mph would be too slow, but it isn't. I've been walking at 1.2 mph and 1.6mph mostly, with the latter feeling fast enough. I'm not trying to break a sweat, just keep moving. It is different walking this slowly, but I do think it is optimal for working. Just standing at my desk gets tiring after a bit, but walking is a goo...

Louanne Provonsha
Standing Desk and Treadmill

Love the standing desk the treadmill is great the only issue I am having it that the tread slides over to one side and makes a rubbing sound. Other than that it is fantastic.