Electric Desk Risers and Standing Desk Converters

Electric Standing Desk Converters

Looking for an electric desk riser?  Were here to help!  On this page we're going to walk you through the pros and cons of going electric, and help you identify an electric model that's just right for you.

Electric sit stand desk converters have grown massively in popularity over the last few years - thanks to a rising tide of demand for standing desk converters that don't require any physical lifting, and a growing supply of cost-affordable manufacturers.  I once expensive and niche corner of the convertible standing desk market, you can now purchase an electric desk riser for as low as $229, with dozens of options to choose from.

So, on this page, we'll help you navigate the wide selection of electric standing desk converters, to help you find the model that is just right for you.  But first, let's consider if an electric desk riser is going to work for you.

Electric Desk Risers and Standing Desk Converters

Should you purchase an Electric Standing Desk Converter?


  • No lifting required
    Let's face it.  The #1 reason to purchase an electric desk riser is to eliminate the need for any physical lifting.  It's hard to hurt your back while pushing a button!
  • Reduced liability for employers
    If you're buying for an employee or organization, and electric desktop helps eliminate any concerns of injury during the lifting process.  honestly, it's next to impossible to hurt oneself while "lifting" a desk riser.  But no one can fault you for being careful - particularly for employees that have been instructed not to lift anything.
  • Higher weight capacity
    Electric desk risers typically have a much higher weight capacity than the average manual unit.  Where the average adjustable desk riser supports around 35 lbs., a typical electric desk riser will support 50 lbs or more.


  • Slow to adjust
    This might not seem like much, but slow adjustment is the #1 impediment to moving between sitting and standing.  A normal desk riser is extremely fast and easy to adjust, which means you'll be much more likely to use it, compared to an electric desk riser.
  • Jumpy motors
    The technology that lifts most electric desk risers is still a bit rough around the edges, and most models have a tendency to "jump" or "shake" near the top and bottom ranges of adjustment.  The good news is that we haven't heard of any cases where this led to any damage, but it could it spill a cup of coffee?  Maybe.
  • No anti-collision technology
    Many full electric standing desks today come equipped with anti-collision technology.  So if your desk gets stuck on anything while raising or lowering, it will stop automatically.  We have yet to discover an electric standing desk converter with this same technology.  So, be careful about getting wires stuck in the frame

With all that said, let's walk you through some of our favorite models for various situations and needs.  If none of these work for you, please feel free to scroll down to the bottom to see ALL of our electric desk risers.  Our you can click here to see our Best Electric Standing Desk Converters of 2019.


#1 Recommended Electric Desk Riser

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Converter EM7

Flexispot EM7
Electric Standing Desk Converter

The Flexispot EM7 Electric Desk Riser is our #1 recommendation because of it's quality and all around versatility for a variety of needs and work spaces.  It's easily wide enough for two monitors (as long as your monitors are 24" or smaller), and yet comes in a relatively small footprint.  The stand on the Flexispot electric desktop is only 15" deep, which means it can fit on nearly any desk, return, countertop, and more.

The EM7 also offers less shake than most other models we've tested - particularly at the bottom position where most electric desk risers demonstrate a lot of instability.

If there is one knock on the EM7, it would probably be the small upper work surface, which doesn't leave very much room for extra items (notepad, documents, phone, etc).

  • 15" height range
  • Compact footprint
  • Supports 2 monitors
  • Large keyboard tray
  • Flexispot EM7 Electric Desk Riser

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Flexispot EM7 Electric Standing Desk Converter
    After much research, I'm so glad I bought my new Flexispot EM7 electric standing desk converter! Because it's so convenient and easy to use, it motivates me to stand up frequently and minimize harmful prolonged sitting.
    A simple push of a button raises and lowers it without straining my back. It is very well engineered, top quality and stable. Great service, price and fast delivery! Highly recommend this product and the Standing Desk Nation company.
    -Tom H.