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Focal Upright Locus Sit-Stand Desk Bundle

TheFocal Locus Standing Desk Bundle pairs Focal Upright's two most popular products into the perfect standing desk bundle.  The Locus Bundle combines the Focal Locus Desk and the Locus Chair at a special bundled price to help you save.

Locus Desk

The Locus Desk is extremely functional and well designed.  It combines high quality materials (assembled in the US), with a design that fits the human body better than the traditional rectangular desk - thanks to features like a curved front edge, tilting table top (up to 15º), built-in cup-holders - and customizable additions, like a monitor shelf and cable management.

Locus Seat

The Locus Seat is designed to keep you in an upright and active position, and promote movement.  Instead of the traditional "Ergonomic" chair, the Locus Seat puts your hips in an open 135º, to keep your hips and back loose, with naturally tall posture.  The locus seat also allows you to sway and move, keep your body active and your core just slightly engaged.  A foot rest and anti-fatigue mat are built in, making it comfortable and easy to go from sitting to standing.


  • Movement:  Never stop moving - even when you "sit"
    The science is very clear: excess sitting and a sedentary lifestyle deteriorate health and shorten life-span, and even an hour-a-day of exercise isn't enough to counteract the effects.  To be truly active and healthy, you have to maximize your non-exercise activity.  Pair the Locus Seat with your Locus Desk, and you now have the ability to move and stay active for ALL hours of your work day.

  • Posture:  That chair is killing you... try "Leaning" instead
    Even with a sit-stand desk, we all have to sit for large portions of the day.  A typical chair puts your hips into a 90 degree angle, and encourages your neck and shoulders to lump - resulting in tight hips, bad backs, soar necks, and a general loss of circulation in the body.  When you replace your chair with a Locus Seat, you gain the ability to "Lean" at a more natural position - with your hips at a natural 135º and your torso upright and strong.  Your posture will instantly improve, and your body will slowly recover it's natural condition.
  • Design:  No desk fits as well as this one
    Both the Locus Desk and Locus Seat are extremely customizable to your size and style, thanks to features like a tilting desktop, adjustable seat-base, and add-ons like the Locus Shelf (for your monitors).  The desk also includes thoughtful design features like a curved front edge and built in cup-holders, that allow the desk to function better than any standard rectangular desk can.  And it's all built with high-quality materials, backed by a bold warranty.

Locus Bundle Includes:

  • Locus Standing Desk
  • Locus Seat (with Nubuck Seat Cushion)
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat

Add the Locus Shelf for your monitor(s) to ensure that your screen is at eye level, for proper ergonomic posture


Add a Cable Management Tray to keep the underside of your desk clean and organized


Add an LED Worklight – because your eyes deserve the same treatment as the rest of your body.  Stop squinting!


Add the iMac Bracket to keep your iMac monitor in safe and secure



Locus Desk

  • Height Adjustability:36" - 48"
  • Desktop Dimensions:
    • Locus 4- L 30" x W 48" 
    • Locus 5- L 30" x W 60" 
    • Locus 6- L 30" x W 72"
  • Weight Rating:180 lbs
  • Lifting Ratio:1:2 - One turn equals 1/4"
  • Country of Origin:Desk top made in North Carolina, component parts sourced globally, assembled in Rhode Island
  • Warrenty:Limited lifetime
    • 1 Year Warranty: Desk Mat
    • 5 Year Warranty: Lifting mechanism
    • 10 Year Warranty: Desk Top

Locus Seat

    • Height Adjustability: 31" - 41"
    • Weight Rating:300 Lbs
    • Warrenty:Limited lifetime
      • 5 Year: Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip tape
    • 5 Year: Seat cushion, Piston, Wheels, Grip tape
      • 10 Year Warranty: Seat base

Anti-Fatigue Mat

    • Dimensions: L 26.25" x W 24.25"
    • Warrenty: 1 year

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Love my desk

    The desk is the perfect size. It was fairly easy to assemble. Best of all, my purchase is something positive for my health. My first day has been great. I found that standing really wasn’t tiring. The cushion is wonderful.

    Rocking my day job!

    The Locus Desk top looks great. Black Walnut is beautiful stuff.

    Loving my new desk

    I'm loving my new desk. It's been 2 days now all set up and using the thing...Thanks so much for everything, you guys are great!

    It's bad ass

    Here are my experiences so far:

    1. I feel better - I genuinely feel physically better at the end of each work day. Instead of low backache, I feel stronger from the trifecta of sitting, standing and core stabilization.
    2. I feel more creative - Maybe it's because my brother is an architect. He creates buildings that you can touch and walk through. My Locus Workstation can take on the profile of a draftsman's workbench. I prefer the slightly tilted position of the desk as if I was an architect shaping the skyline. Instead, I write, market & sell software (which I happen to love). My newfound workstation makes me feel like creating a-new.
    3. The transition from sitting-to-standing is quicker - This might seem like a minor nuance benefit. It's not. The ability to quickly jump up and walk around or change positions quickly is like Usain Bolt (he's really fast) running a tenth of a second faster in 100 meters. It's bad ass. The result is that you get up more often to move around. Instead of sitting stagnant for an eight+ hour workday, you move about more often.

    I'm an Absolute Fan!

    I am an absolute fan of my Locus Workstation!
    Born with Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome, I suffer from various joint pains. The Locus Workstation provides me with a desk that is fully adjustable to a perfect ergonomic setup. This way, I can comfortably work on my computer for a very long time. Gone is the time where I would get up from a regular office chair feeling stiff with back pain or numb limbs. Sure, this is not a cheap desk, but what a great investment!

    Flat out amazing

    Two wonderful boxes showed up yesterday. In less than 30 minutes I had both the desk and chair put together...Simply stated . . . this is the best thing since the invention of the hot tub...I am a big fan...I believe this is literally going to change the way we work...In addition, it looks flat out amazing in my office.