Innovative Winston E Dual Monitor Electric Sit Stand Workstation

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Innovative Winston E Electric Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter

The Winston E DualMonitor has all of the fantastic features of the award winning Winston E, but accommodates two full sized screens. Easily adjust the height of your desk with the push of a button. This desk is equipped with the ability to program your best ergonomic height so you can quickly and easily return to that position whenever it is needed.

This desk boasts individual movement of the monitors, further increasing the customization and making it easier to find the perfect ergonomic position for you. Each monitor has the ability to swivel to each users most comfortable position as well. Add in an expansive work station that easily fits your keyboard and mouse and you have the ideal electric sit stand workstation at your disposal.

The Winston E Dual Monitor Compacthas all the same benefits as the Winston E Dual, but with a more compact work station and a smaller imprint. This allows users with smaller desks to enjoy the Winston E Dual comfortably and easily.

Innovative Winston E Dual Features

  • Single Touch Adjustment - Turn your desk into an ergonomically correct standing desk with the push of a button. Programmable controls allow the desk to remember your preferred height.
  • Dual Monitor - Use two full sized monitors.
  • Ergonomic monitor adjustment - Both monitors move independently from the desk, allowing the user to customize their experience even further.
  • Quickly install to any desk or table - Installers can get the desk up and running in less than 20 minutes. No need to move or replace furniture.
  • Expansive work surface - A large work surface allows you to easily fit a keyboard and mouse as well as any favorite desk accessories while standing.
  • VESA Compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapter included.
  • Winston-Eis available in a single, dual, or triple monitor configuration.


Innovative Winston E Dual Compact 3D View

Innovative Winston E Dual Specifications

Manufacturer Innovative
Model Number WNSTE-2
Width 30 inches
Depth 30 inches
Required Table Depth 16 inches
Work Surface 30 inches x 22 inches
Height Range 0 inches - 18.4 inches
Loading Capacity 40 lbs.
Warranty 5 years



Innovative Winston E Dual Dimensions

Innovative Winston-E Dual Dimensional Illustration
Winston E Dual Dimensional Illustration

Innovative Winston E Dual Installation

For more detailed information and setting up your desk riser, please reference the Innovative Winston E Dual Assembly Instructions

Winston E Dual Assembly Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Monument Leasing Corp.
Outstanding product and customer service!

Standing Nation was incredible to work with! They answered questions promptly prior to purchase through delivery and set up. I purchased the Winston E Dual Monitor Compact Workstation and I am already so much happier at the end of the day! Being able to move around, standing and sitting so easily, has made all the difference in the world. Thank-you Brian & Team!

Absolutely Fantastic!

This desk has achieved what I was hoping for in converting my home office into a more ergonomic friendly workspace. By far one of the best purchases I’ve made in recent years.

Greg B
Great desk, easy to assemble and use

I am used to a standing desk at the office, so when I had to work from home all the time, I started looking for a converter. I am so glad I found this product! It’s easy to use - just one button push to go back and forth.

John Spicer
Nice system but.....

This is really a nice sit to stand desktop. Like it very much except for 1 thing - it is difficult to change the height of the monitors. Even with the know completely loose they catch/bind, especially when lowering. I put some silicone on the tracks which helped but seems like could be a better design here. Especially when dropping over $1000 on this!