Humanscale QuickStand Height Adjustable Workstation

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Humanscale Quickstand Standing Desk Converter

The Humanscale QuickStand is an intelligent rethink of how a sit-to-stand desktop converter should work, utilizing a "column-style" sit/stand design for smooth and space saving height adjustability. Quickstand has 5 key advantages over traditional standing desk converters:

  1. TAKE BACK YOUR DESK: unlike other stand up desk converters that take up valuable desk space and move you away from your desk in a standing position, Quickstand maximizes space and keeps you close to your work, thanks to its column style design.
  2. ERGONOMICS: Quickstand allows you to adjust the monitor independently of the keyboard platform, ensuring that when you stand, you're in a healthy ergonomic posture.
  3. DE-CLUTTER: no more wire madness!  Quickstand comes with pre-installed cables, housed internally.  (NOTE: be sure to select the right cables for your monitor(s))
  4. SEXY!: come on... do any other desktop converters look this sleek?!
  5. SAFE & STABLE: we know... this sounds boring.  But Quickstand is extremely stable, and thanks to it's unique counterbalance mechanism, it is height adjustable with minimal effort - which your back will appreciate!



    • Cable harness pre-installed for easy plug in & go
    • Fully integrated cable management
    • 2 USB outlets
    • 18" of platform height-adjustability
    • Monitor height adjustable a further 5"
    • Work surface clamp attaches to the back edge of desk surface
      • Freestanding base option available (+$100)

      Humanscale Quickstand Features


      Cable Options:


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Douglas Thomas

      I have corrected my previous review.
      I now have 22 and 24 inch monitors mounted and counterbalance problem is fixed. I removed the heavier (old ) 19 inch monitor and installed newer lighter weight 24 inch monitor.

      Old Review/problem-
      This is a great product with the exception the table, with dual monitors mounted (22 and 19 inch), drops easily (slides down a few inches) if I rest my wrists on the platform. Spring adjustment is at full tension and table is sensitive to dropping. An aftermarket O.E.M. retrofit brake would be a welcome addition.
      Otherwise, very well engineered product with internal cabling.

      Ergonomically Exact!

      What a great product, this is wonderful for those who would like to stand opposed to sitting at the desk all day. This piece allows you to select either positions with ease.

      Ergonomically Exact!

      What a great product, this is wonderful for those who would like to stand opposed to sitting at the desk all day. This piece allows you to select either positions with ease.

      Five Stars

      I like it does what it says very well made products.

      Too much lateral movement

      I purchased this item over a Varidesk 36" Pro because I liked that the monitor was mounted on the riser, so it wouldn't rock and shake while typing. The design is sleek, the platform is nice and wide and has usable work space, it hid the wires nicely. It goes up and down nicely, without having fixed stop points, and the monitor moves with the platform and yet raises and lowers (in a small range) independently as needed. However, the lateral movement of the platform just isn't working for me. It probably wobbles about 1/2in in either direction laterally while you are working on it - due to the space needed on either side of the track in the riser so that it doesn't 'bind' - at least that is what support told me. It makes working with it just a little too difficult, and the flex in the platform doesn't help either. For example, if I am mousing around with my right hand, the platform flexes/tilts in that direction just slightly and moves laterally in that direction as well. Not sure how that would impact over the long term, but just leaves a little to be desired. If they fix those items, they'll have me back for another try. It is worth noting that I just have a keyboard and mouse on the platform, so maybe it is a bit more 'stable' feeling if you have your entire laptop on there - but I have a docking station, and I don't like working directly on a laptop if at all possible.