Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

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Humanscale M8 Adjustable Monitor Arm


Featuring incredible weight capacity in a sleek, slim profile, the Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm is the perfect fusion of style and strength.

Through its unique construction, the M8 accommodates virtually any single or dual-monitor configuration weighing up to 40 pounds. And unlike other high-capacity monitor arms, whose bulky designs restrict their performance, the M8 offers effortless adjustment and flawless ergonomic function.

Humanscale M8 On The Table

Humanscale M8 Features

  • Accommodates Virtually Any Single Monitor From 8 – 40 lbs or Dual Monitors up to 20 lbs each
  • Built-In Fine-Tune Adjustment - Ensures dual monitors line up perfectly
  • Integrated Cable Management System - Hides cable clutter for improved organization and aesthetics
  • 180º Stop Mechanism - Prevents wall damage from over-rotation
  • Humanscale’s Quick Release Ball Joint - Facilitates fast and easy monitor installation and removal
  • Built-In Security System - Provides effective theft-deterrent for public areas
  • Optional Notebook Holder - Accommodates laptops 9” – 14” in length

    *For an even more enhanced computing experience, M2 can be paired with M/Connect™, a USB 3.0, monitor arm base and docking station that eliminates desktop clutter, conceals IT connections and provides easy access to user ports. 


    Humanscale M8 3D View

    Humanscale M8 Specifications

    Manufacturer Humanscale
    Model Number M8
    Monitor Weight Range 8-40 Lbs
    Max Arm Reach 24”
    Max Height Adjustment 12”
    Finish Options

    Polished Aluminum with White Trim

    Silver with Gray Trim

    Black with Black Trim

    Warranty 10 year 24/7

    Humanscale M8 Side View Mconnect

    Humanscale M8 Dimensions

    Humanscale M8 Dimensions

    Humanscale M8 Installation

    Setting up your M8 is easy (no tools required), but for more detailed information, please reference the Humanscale M8 Installation Manual

    Humanscale M8 Installation Manual Pdf

    1. Choose your Finish:



    2. Choose your Mount:

      • 2-piece Clamp Mount  (Universal)
      • Bolt-through Mount
      • *M/Connect Mount


    3.  Choose your VESA Plate (or mounting bracket):

      • **PLEASE CHECK YOUR MONITOR FOR CORRECT SIZING (standard is 100mm x 100mm)
      • Upgrade available to support a laptop instead of a monitor:


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Perfect complement for a sit/stand desk!

    I bought this monitor arm at the same time that I bought my sit/stand desk, which enables me to easily transition from sitting to standing. This arm makes it very easy for me to move my 24 monitor up and down when I change positions

    - Read the instructions and spend some time adjusting the tension.
    - Be careful about how you adjust the tilt/position of your monitor! In my case, I was grabbing on the side of the monitor and moving it around until I realized that I was putting pressure on the center of the monitor from the mounting bracket. I had one monitor stop working, which may have been due to me repeatedly putting pressure on it.

    - Very sturdy design.
    - The tension can be adjusted to ensure that it stays in place when you move your monitor
    - Clean and modern look that goes well with my white desk. For some reason it makes me feel more relaxed when I look at my desk setup and dont see cables or a clunky looking monitor stand/arm

    - Expensive! For some people, the nice design of this arm may not be worth paying 4 times more than a cheap generic arm.

    I had a particularly difficult mounting situation for 2 Apple

    I had a particularly difficult mounting situation for 2 Apple TB displays on an Argosy studio console. The bolt-thru option provided a solution requiring the least amount of modification to that console. I wish I would have found the M8 earlier - it would have saved me time and money.

    Great for large monitor on a recording desk

    This is the only monitor arm I've found that can actually support my Dell 3007WFP (30") monitor. It would be overkill for a lighter-weight monitor, but for this application it's the only game in town.

    Setup was easy, adjustments were fairly self-explanatory. Would be great if Humanscale did a video explaining some of the adjustable tension points, though; printed manuals can be pretty hard to follow when describing three-dimensional concepts.

    I'm frequently moving the monitor back and forth and up and down over a Mackie d8b mixing console. I would be thrilled if the arm was a half inch higher so the monitor could clear the back of the console, but it's close enough that I can always get the monitor back and high up above the level meters or pulled low and forward so I can make the most of my screen real estate.

    Would be so great, if only

    A great stand all the way up to the monitor mounts. That's where this monitor arm really falls short. It's really a shame since the rest of the arm is so nice. I have both the single and crossbar mounts on my setup, both have the same issue...

    There is so much play in the slide on VESA mounts that the monitor(s) move all over the place. So whenever you grab the edges of the screen to move the monitor the mount flexes and twists all over the place making it harder to move and it feels like I will break something. If you have the dual crossbar (I have both the dual and single mount) the problem is even worse since both monitor mounts flex. Once you get done moving the mount, you have to align the monitors again. (like a crooked picture frame).

    I really really want to love this monitor arm, but I can't believe that such a nice product has so much play in the mounts. Knowing this issue, I would have a really hard time dropping this much again.

    UPDATE: I am a little happier now that I have taken the mounts apart and tightened them. It seems like some of the play was from poor assembly from the factory. I also made a few small modifications to try to reduce some play that has helped. I am still not 100% happy, but the small changes I have made did make me feel better about this purchase.

    Works reat!

    Works just fine for me. I need to sit close to my monitor due to my macular degeneration. This puts it right in front of me.

    Beautiful with a couple of flaws

    This M8 Adjustable Articulating Monitor Arm is a thing of beauty, made of stainless steel and white enamel, finely machined and constructed with obvious care. It is heavy and looks like it will last for a very long time. For the first time, I am able to raise the monitor as high and as move it as close as I want, which eliminates the need to lean forward, putting unnecessary strain on my back.

    It supports my large and heavy 30" Dell with rock solid ease. I found set-up a bit problematic though. There are a number of adjustable allen wrench screws at each joint (all allen wrenches are included), and on the ball joint/VESA monitor holder.

    Specifically the 75mm VESA plate one attaches to the monitor has a "male" plastic "teflon" slide, that fits neatly into the "female" ball joint assembly which is the terminus of the "arm". There is play where the plate and holder attach. Quite a bit of play, to the point where the monitor was 3 degrees off horizontal. It took me a frustrating hour or two to figure out that the three screws, on the ball joint assembly, have to be delicately adjusted to hold the monitor and plate in perfect synchronicity.

    Also, if the screws aren't adjusted correctly (they cannot be too tight) the ball joint won't tilt side to side and front to back.

    Frustrated, I almost gave up, intending to send the whole thing back, but common sense prevailed, and I finally figured it out.

    Then "manual", such as it is, was badly printed with 4 point type on a single sheet of paper. Such a well made piece of hardware should really include detailed instructions on how to adjust the arm, with a much longer and comprehensive manual or PDF file available.

    Anyway, the arm, though quite expensive, does what I need it to do, which is to adjust the monitor height and position, and tilt it back or forward as needed, and hold it's position rock steady. Though the manual was very poor, the arm itself is seems well designed and fabricated with care. It is a great improv...