Flexispot M3B 47 Inch Standing Desk Converter

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Flexispot M3B - 47" Standing Desk Converter - Extra Large Desk Riser

The FlexiSpot M3 Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation provides an easy way to transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday, with an extra large work surface unmatched by any other sit to stand desk converter.  And unlike other popular standing desk top workstations that swing away from your desk in the top position, the Flexispot adjusts straight up and down, allowing you to stay close to your work and maximize your desk space (and avoid dangerous tipping). The Flexispot height adjustable desks offer a deep work surface, a wide keyboard and instant tablet integration; along with smooth up/down motion, twelve height adjustment settings and ergonomic monitor mount compatibility.

*Now with a new, larger keyboard tray!  (no more sliding keyboard tray)

  • Massive workspace - thanks to the largest desktop surface of any sit-stand desk converters
  • Extra large keyboard tray - will fit any keyboard and mouse, and more
  • Stay close to your desk - thanks to a straight up and down lift mechanism
  • Adjusts up to 20" high


    • Smooth adjustment with 12 height settings
    • Deeper desktop surface & wide keyboard tray
    • Straight up & down movement optimizing for compact offices
    • Smart desktop with built-in tablet integration
    • Quality assured by cycling test of 6,000 height adjustments
    • Simple one-step assembly
    • Compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts
    • Available in four size options:
      • Flexispot M1 - 27" wide
      • Flexispot M2 - 35" wide
      • Flexispot M3 - 47" wide
      • Flexispot M4 - 41" corner unit

    Brian's review of the Flexispot M3:
    the Flexispot M3 no longer includes a retractable keyboard tray

    Learn more about the whole Flexispot M Series line of desk converters:


      Desk Width


      Necessary Table Depth


      Full Depth


      Height Range

      6” – 20”

      Loading Capacity

      44 Lbs


      5 yr

      Flexispot Sit-Stand Desktop Workstations:

      Customer Reviews

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      Easy transition from sit to stand

      Seems well made, durable and very sturdy. Makes the transition very easy and fast without any worries of stability. Raise and lower with coffee on desk with no worries. My only complaint is the height at which the desk remains when in the sitting position. Sits about 6 inches higher than actual desk making sitting and using the very spacious top a little awkward. Chair is at highest position but still not high enough to comfortable view and use the table top when sitting very well.

      Thank you for the great feedback, Marvin! I want to quickly explain that the 6' height difference of the top surface actually has a very specific ergonomic purpose. When a monitor sits on your normal desk, most users have to look down to view their screen, which placed strain on your neck and spine. In order to avoid 'forward head tilt,' it's important to have your monitors at eye-level, so your gaze is straight ahead, rather than down. Granted, it can take some getting used to, but over the long haul, it should be better for your neck and spine! Let us know if it gets any more comfortable over time.
      Flexispot M3

      Love it. Easy setup and use. I am a tall woman who loves to wear heels - I do not need to take my shoes off while I work at this desk.


      Flexispot M3 - XL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation - 47"

      Excellent Company and Great Standing Desk! - Flexispot M3 47

      This standing desk is awesome! Just about everybody in our office has a standing desk, but most are other brands. This one is the largest and most space saving out there. I love it. I spent a lot of time researching and decided to go with the 47 inch from Flexispot. It easily fits two large monitors and had ample space to store papers and anything else I am working on. Recommend 100%!

      Initial Experience

      Outstanding. Very easy to set up and use. Wish I had bought it sooner.