Flexispot Bike V9 Deskcise Pro

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Flexispot V9 Desk Bike

The Flexispot V9 Deskcise Pro bike desk is a brand new take on how to keep active in the office.  Great for the home, common areas, or as an addition to your office - the V9 Flexispot Bike allows you to maximize movement while you work - to help improve cognitive function, increase circulation, boost energy, and burn calories.  Note: this is not an exercise bike.  The V9 is meant to be used at slow and stead speeds that allow you to effectively function in front of a laptop.  However, it does come with resistance control, so you can turn up or turn down the intensity, as you see fit.

And unlike treadmill desks which take up valuable space in the office and can be quite expensive, the Deskcise Pro takes up very little floor space, and comes in at an extremely affordable price.  Plus, you can wheel the bike out of the way when your done.

The v9 seat and desk surface are height adjustable, to fit users of all sizes - particularly important for use in common spaces.  It also comes standard with a built in height adjustable desk surface, but can be purchased with out it, for use under your current desk.  Just wheel it into place when you're ready to use it, and wheel it out of the way when you are done.

And if you don't feel like riding anymore, but still want to stand, the laptop surface slides back over the seat, turning the bike desk into a standing desk.

Flexispot Deskcise Pro Features

  • Compact and Mobile - The design of the V9 takes up very little floor space, and comes with built in casters that allow you to easily role the bike desk out of the way, when not in use.
  • Whisper Quiet- The pedal system on the V9 hardly makes a sound, so you can be sure it won't disturb your neighbors (or your work)
  • Fully Adjustable - The seat and desk surface are both height adjustable to fit users of all sizes
  • Converts to a Standing Desk - Slide the desk back over the seat, and the V9 converts from a bike desk to a standing desk.
  • 8 Resistance Settings - Allow you to adjust the intensity of your pedaling, depending on your comfort and fitness level.
  • Built in Fitness Tracking - Will allow you to effectively measure the distance, calories, RPMs of your bike time... and more
  • Easy Assembly - Assemble your bike in 1 minute or less.  No tools required!


    Flexispot V9 Desk Bike Features

    Why Buy The Flexispot Desk Bike?

    1. Increased movement and activity boosts metabolism and reduces harmful effects of sedentary sitting
    2. Boost energy, focus, and helps keep you alert
    3. More practical and affordable than a traditional treadmill desk

      Flexispot V9 Specifications

      Manufacturer Flexispot
      Model Number V9, V9U
      Width 22.8 inches
      Length 37.6 inches
      Resistance Settings 8
      Work Surface 20 inches x 22.8 inches
      Desktop Height Range 42.5 inches - 48.4 inches
      Seat Height Range 29.6 inches - 37.2 inches
      Loading Capacity 300 lbs.
      Weight 76 lbs.
      Warranty 3 years

      Flexispot Bike V9 Deskcise Pro Specs And Dimensions

      Flexispot Deskcise Pro Installation

      Setting up the Flexispot V9 Deskcise Pro is fast and easy, but for more detailed instructions, please refer to the Flexispot V9 Deskcise Pro Installation Manual

      Flexispot V9 Desk Bike Installation Manual

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Ann Jonesq
      Great bike

      This bike is easy to assemble. It can be moved around easily. It is easy to ride. I love the bike very much. I just did knee replacement and it is easy to get on the bike.

      Jesse Leyva
      Great Product

      Prior to owning my flexispot, I owned another similar product, but have found this one to be more versatile, quiet, and comfortable. I’m hoping to exceed 9,000 miles on it, which is what I achieved on my last bike desk before it pooped out. One other thing, it’s extremely easy to assemble and took me 14 minutes from opening the box to pedaling away. As a mechanically challenged person, this was a big plus and confirmation for the site’s testimonials!!

      Great desk

      I’ve only had my desk for a few days but already love it. I considered getting a walking desk but figured it might be too hard to type and loud for conference calls. The bike is very quiet and easy to work on while pedaling. I ca even work up a sweat in a few minutes of that is what you are looking for. Assembly is very easy. Took 5 minutes and did it myself. I even have co-workers that want one too.

      Easy assembly

      Love how easy this was to put together, its sturdy construction and movability. Our last desk bike lasted 15 months, so I like the 3 yr warranty, too.

      Kathy Doerscher
      Desk work while in motion

      This desk bike Is an awesome way to work at my desk while staying in motion. The unit is very well constructed, very stable, moves easily, stored easily, very adjustable to sitting and standing. I keep it next to my main desk for convenience. I find this has been very helpful to prevent stiffness in my hips and knees. Very satisfied with this purchase.