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Rocelco Standing Desks are the perfect sit-stand solutions for the budget-conscious user.  Rocelco Adjustable Desk Risers are all built to be simple and practical - giving you the features you need, and saving on the ones you don't.

Rocelco standing desks are lightweight and feature a small footprint, which means they are easy to install and will fit just about anywhere.  They also each come with a retractable keyboard tray, which allows for greater adjustability and ergonomics, and helps to save space when the desk is not being used.  They're great for cubicles or for using on your smaller desk return.

Rocelco also features a full line of monitor mounts for single, dual and triple monitor set ups.  Each mount is designed just like their desks - simple and practical, with all the features you need, and excluding the ones you don't.

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Rocelco Desk Risers


  • Ideal for 1-monitor
The New and Improved Rocelco ADR now features 2-handle adjustment, for easy lifting of your desk.  The ADR is light weight for easy mobility, and features a relatively small footprint that makes it sensible for a variety of spaces.  And like all Rocelco Desks, the ADR features a large retractable keyboard tray, to save space and improve ergonomics.


  • Ideal for 2 Monitors
At 37" wide, the Rocelco DADR is wide enough to fit most standard 2 monitor setups, with a little space leftover for work.  It also features a cable management grommet for better organization - which doubles as a mounting point for any monitor arm or stand.  And like all Rocelco desks, the DADR features an expansive and retractable keyboard tray.

    Rocelco Mounts and Accessories

    Rocelco offers a full line of monitor arms for one monitor, dual monitor, and triple monitor set ups.  These Rocelco Mounts feature fully articulating mounts, adjustable arms, and each comes with both a clamp mount and a grommet mount (thru-bolt).

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