Focal Upright

Focal Upright Furniture

Focal Upright designs and builds office furniture designed to make you feel human again.  The body was built to move throughout the work day, and that's just what Focal Upright Furniture will do for you with their unique line of active seating and standing desks.

While traditional ergonomics employ the use of expensive ergonomic chairs and traditional standing desks, Focal Upright takes workplace health a step further.  Focal desks and seats remove the traditional chair altogether, and keep you in an upright and leaning position (with your hips at a 135º, instead of 90º).  This keeps your hips open and your legs and core engaged, which helps to prevent and reverse back problems.  Focal seats are also designed to pivot and move, which helps to keep the body active, promoting improved circulation throughout the body and brain, increased energy and focus, and "thermogenesis."